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How to Do a Backflip | Gymnastics Lessons

How to Do a Backflip | Gymnastics Lessons

Hey, guys. I’m going to show you some tips and some drills
about how to learn a back flip. So first, we’re going to use this cheese mat. And essentially what it is, is a lever to
use for your body, so Alyssa’s going to show us. She’s going to jump on to her back and she’s
going to roll over and land on her feet. Essentially, this helps a gymnast get over
the fear of going backwards. Alyssa, here we go. She jumps up and she rotates her body backwards
by grabbing her knees. Once the gymnast becomes comfortable with
jumping backwards on to the cheese mat, the next step is to move to a higher surface,
where a spotter can help him or her do the back flip safely, but a little bit more of
a actual progression to doing the back flip. Very nice. The next step would be to completely remove
all helping surfaces, all protective surfaces, all coaching, everything, so now we’ll see
Alyssa try all by herself. Nice. A tip that I would give to anyone doing a
back flip, would be to remember to use a really big arm swing. You really want to get your arms up and push
through the floor and put your knees into your chest, once you get in the air because
in order to get high and rotate fast, you need to use all those things. You need the arm swing, use your legs and
grab your knees.

84 thoughts on “How to Do a Backflip | Gymnastics Lessons”

  1. When you're doing the backflip you want to jump more up than backwards. Right before you reach the peak of your jump you then want to use legs and your abs to throw yourself over backwards as quickly as possible. You'll land on your hands and knees the first couple of tries but once you do it you will quickly get over the fear!

  2. Yea what does he know… not like he is an elite athlete who trains more than most people work and represents 'Merica at the Olympics.

  3. Can anyone help me? I've got the backflip/backtuck, but I keep landing on my knees or body. Any tips or advice to help me improve?

  4. please learn i am a self tought gymnast and we call the "back tuck" pls change the title thx

  5. they should have gotten someone who didn't know how to do it because she's gonna be good and that will just make us the viewers think that we can do the same thing but they have trained

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