How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Basket Ride

Hi, I’m Shyra from Excel Rebels in Orlando
Lakes, Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village.
And now we are going to demonstrate a toe touch basket toss. As both of your bases,
you will interlock. You will grab your right hand onto your left wrist. You do the same
with the base on the other side. You interlock your wrist and you make a tight little square.
You squeeze down with your legs together, should width apart and you settle down in
here low as the flyer steps in. Sometimes they’ll step in with their foot and that’s
how we’re going to demonstrate it. Step in with your right foot, settle in, settle in,
and you throw up as high as you can. After you throw off with hands, you catch up as
high as you can because she will be coming down from a really high spot. Cradle out,
clean. The front spotter, you step in. You load in with your hands under the bases’ hands
and as they go up for their stunt, you wait, you step in, and you throw up. As the back
spotter, you load in with the waist. You grab the flyer’s waist, help her step in. After
she steps in, you reach under her rear, or sometimes in a co-ed stunt you’ll do it under
the feet or under the bases’ hands, but in this situation we’re going to do it under
the rear. Your push up with both hands and again catch high, cradle, and unload. The
flyer, you have to step in with your right foot most of the time. You hold on to your
bases’ shoulders like you normally would with the lift. You step in with your right foot.
You step in with your left foot. You ride up as high as you possibly can. Once you feel
like you’ve ridden as high as possible, you hit your trick, in this situation it’s going
to be a toe touch. You hit it, catch (try and catch your bases as high as you can with
your shoulders). Now we’re going to do a toe touch basket. Ready, one, two.

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