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How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Heel Stretch Pull Down

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Heel Stretch Pull Down

Hi, I’m Shyra from Excel Rebels in Orlando
Lakes, Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village.
And now we are going to demonstrate a heel stretch pull down. As your end step base,
you are going to hold with your right hand under the foot, left hand on top of the foot.
Your flyer is going to load in. You lift up, hold it up as high as possible. Squeeze the
top of the foot and the bottom of the foot. Wait until the stunt is ready to be popped.
Pop through your shoulders. Catch high. Unload clean. As the front spotter, you will be holding
onto both bases’ wrist. You lift up as high as you possibly can. You squeeze their wrist
and help steady the stunt as much as possible. You are there for extra help. Your help pop,
and then you catch from the side. As the main base, you are going to be holding with both
hands under the foot and you’re going to lift up all the way. Squeeze the bottom of the
foot as tight as possible and keep the stunt as steady as you can. Pop up as high as you
possibly can. Catch high, unload clean. As the back spot, you will be loading in like
you normally would for a lift. Grab your right hand on the right foot in this situation,
I’m sorry, the right ankle. And then you lift up under the rear. Push all the way up. Squeeze
both hands on the ankle if you can reach it, if not hold onto the bases’ wrist and squeeze
there. After she’s done hitting her trick, she will pop from there. She twist down. You
catch. You unload clean. As the flyer, you’re loading in with your right foot. You go all
the way up and like any other trick, you wait until you are steady in the air to hit it
and you hit your heel stretch, which is where your left foot is extended all the way up
to here. You hit your high V with your other side. We will be twisting down from this.
When you twist down, you pop, kick down with your left foot and go over. Complete your
twist. Unload clean. We’re going to do a heel stretch pull down. Ready, one, two. Pop, one,

47 thoughts on “How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Heel Stretch Pull Down”

  1. just curious. why do u drop your shoulder, bases? arent u supposed to just bend your knees and push the flyer up using your energy collected at your legs, knees, foot.

    logically, if you drop your shoulder off and push the flyer up again and cradle, i think it is really hard. because as far as im concerned, bend a lil using your knees and push the flyers hard. that is the correct way and more easy compared to if u drop your shoulder. maybe.

    correct me if im wrong. 🙂

  2. no your right you should cradle with your legs but some squads use arms for w.e reason even though you dont get as much pop

  3. Thaat waz….guudd…but the funny part was @ the end when they all popped up togther…lol NICE JOB

  4. Ok sooooo…. Those of you who said that was a bad full down! You all must not be very experienced! That was a perfect execution of a full down! The pop really doesn't need to be any bigger for the flyer to rotate fully! Although pop helps ALOT! The flyer should be able to complete the rotation with almost no pop!

  5. ughh… shira or watver ur name is..ur vid of 'how tos'..mostly suck…coz the demonstraters suck…good news…the steps n skills of how to r good..but still=demonstarters suck…

  6. that was a good stunt. but the bases need to catch the flyer higher, and also.
    why do all teams have front bases!?
    these stunts are easy enough with three.

  7. thats just becuase u dont bend ur arms when ur dismounting with a cradle, full or double, ( when you fall) u need to keep ur arms straight and use ur legs just to pop, so it not too much.

  8. Question, can please anybody awnser?
    Could you possibly do this with like only 3 people? 2 lifters and 1 flyer? Because im a new cheerleading captin for a squas im forming and i was wondering if 3 people is safe…. Thanks!

  9. @KelseyAnnful Depends. If all bases and flyers have correct technique, it's no more dangerous than if you had 4 people underneath you. It's all about technique, and visual contact, and making sure you know what you're doing

  10. its not a heel stretch pull down its a heel stretch twist down U PPL ARE HORRIBLE THE ONLY GOOD ONE IS THE FLYER!!!!!!

  11. If you think about it, the hand on top of the foot does nothing what so ever to help the stunt go up. It can actually prevent it from going up well. When my school went to camp we learned that one hand should go below the foot like where the arch in the foot is, and the other hand grabs the other bases rist to help push the stunt up, it works a lot better!!

  12. just curious, one of the other flyers on my squad is having a lot of trouble with this stunt and i was wondering if there is anything imparticular to do with a heel stretch to improve the flyers balance?

  13. Ok seriously why do they call this user expertvillage, they're not even experts. first of all, this guy dont know nothing about cheerleading second of all, they need a new coch and he's teaching it really wrong!!!third, he need to think what he needs to say

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