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How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Liberty Twist

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Liberty Twist

Hi, I’m Shyra from Excel Rebels in Orlando
Lakes, Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village.
Hello, my name is Matt. This is Kayla, Cara, Brianna, and Shyra. We’re demonstrating the
liberty twist. First part we’re going to be explaining is the first spot. Your spot is
to hold on to the base’s wrist, help lift up and secure the stunt. You’re there for
extra support. Over here, as the end step, you hold with your right hand under the foot,
your left hand on top. Use your thumbs to squeeze tightly. When you load in, go up,
squeeze the top of the foot as well as the bottom the entire time and keep the stunt
steady. When you pop, pop through your shoulders and catch high. As far as the main base, you
hold with both hands under the foot. You go at the same time as the other partner. Go
straight up, extend, and squeeze onto the foot. When you’re ready for your pop, again,
pop through your shoulders, catch high. As the flyer, you step in most of the time with
your right foot. You hold onto your bases’ shoulders and when you go in you push up off
their shoulders stand straight up, don’t pitch your trick immediately because you will fall.
Wait till you are steady, then hit your trick. As for the pop, wait until you get all the
way to the top. It goes one, two, down, up. She’s going to twist down out of this stunt.
She rides up, twists to the left, catches her bases, and comes out clean. I’m the back
spotter. I hold onto the back of her right ankle the entire time and I hold onto her
rear. We push up all the way that you can, squeeze the ankle as tight as possible, wait
for the pop, pop high, wait for the twist, try to catch her under the armpits and then
unload, nice and clean. Now we’re going to do liberty twisting. Ready, one, two, pop,
one, two, and clean.

33 thoughts on “How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Liberty Twist”

  1. umm.. Jessie?? do you really think anyone cares?? considering she got up there, its pretty good! but yea, wrists need work

  2. uhhhm excuse me why are some of them not wearing cheer shoes?? being barefoot is dangerous during thiss

  3. I always teach my bases to use their legs in the pop but to continue the momentum all the way up through the body and out through the shoulders. Yo won't injure your back this way.
    Aside from 2 of the bases not wearing shoes i thought this was a rally good demo.

  4. hey, sorry bout the comment before
    it weren't me it was my dick of a cousin
    who left that comment…coz i always
    leave my account logged on.

  5. thats no where near advanced ive done 7 years of cheerleading and im on a level 4 team and we do full up to one leg!!!!!!! thats wat u call advanced

  6. @OBDcheerleader
    when we do broken wrists in my team, our coach makes us stand in high v's for a REALLY long time, and she says we look like hitch hikers when our wrists point down…

  7. jeezzz, im pretty sure cheerleaders know how to hold the foot.. if not, then thats pathetic. these expert village cheer videos are like stupidly presenetedd.

  8. Let's not be so critical. Every coach has their own techniques, even if we might not agree with them from our own background.

  9. to all the critics, every stunt group has a slightly different way of doing stunts.
    and no one's perfect, so shut up.

    this went up VERY smoothly, nicely done !

  10. @LaLaluvs3 its actually pretty easy. okay so you pop like a normal pop cradle and when you feel you reach the top of your pop you kind of turn your hands so that your elbow is bent and one arm is in front of your stomach/chest and the other is in the back, and also turn your head. and then cradle.
    Good luck 😀

  11. what helps me (the flyer) is when going up stay OVER my foot, and make sure to put my weight in the front ball of my foot. 🙂

  12. Okay so we are trying to do a lib. And like we get it up for some what time like 3 seconds but then it falls. Like im on freshmen team and im the captain and were a really good team! Like no doubt were awesome! Its just MY hand placement. We dont do the hamburger but were gonna start Monday at practice. How do i do it on such a small top girls foot? She is a size 1 foot. I'm just scared of not having room to grab her foot.

  13. That was very helpful but coming from a cheerleading coach. You wanna do everything that you would want your girls to do and stunting w/o shoes is a safety issue

  14. Im watching greys anatomy and theres a bunch of girls in the ER from a 13 person syncronized liberty twist. Im here to see what that was about lmao.

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