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How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Toe Touch

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Toe Touch

Hi, I’m Shyra from Excel Rebels in Orlando
Lakes, Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village.
The next thing I’m going to go into is the toe touch. The toe touch is considered an
advanced jump. It’s broken off from the eagle spread, but this is considered an advanced
jump. I’m going to break it down, piece-by-piece giving all instruction. You’re going to start
in a clasp. You’re going to go back to the high V position. Your arms are going to cross
down in front of you. You’re going to dip. Your arms are going to make an X. Your hands
should come down to about knee level. Then you’re going to lift your body back up. When
your body is sitting straight back up is when your legs hit. Then your arms come down with
your legs. When you’re up here you can start in this approach position or you can start
in a high V. If you’re starting in a clasp approach, your arms are going to swing down
the same way. The clasp stays together until you’re at your knees. Then you’re going to
lift and your leg is going to come up and then your legs come down with your hands.
In this jump, you can do it consecutively so you can do just one toe touch. You can
do two toe touches and add it on to a third toe touch. To prep for this jump, you can
start here in a high V and then you can swing and do a T jump. Then you can start here trying
in a clasp approach and you can swing down and do a T jump. That’s good for getting used
to the whip. This is considered the whip when guys, when you swing down and come back up.
So that’s a good exercise. Now, I’m going to demonstrate a toe touch.

100 thoughts on “How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do a Toe Touch”

  1. Damnit -___- I need to be able to do this.. how can like a 40 year old women do this but a 14 year old girl cant… WTF

  2. Those are not advanced advanced are backs backflips and round off backflips and round off backs and even more advanced standing fulls

  3. i am a cheerleader and a gymnist, i am ALWAYS doing jumps and tumbling and things of that sort in my room. i used to be terrible at toe touches, but trust me…once you do it every day, it's easy and super fun(:
    hope it helps

  4. I am a cheerleader and have been one since I was 2 and your not supposed to put your arms in a high V at first your SUPPOSED to clap NEVER are you supposed to do a high V

  5. @chloeexlizzy the way i got mine was go on a trampoline, at least a 10 ft one& do toe touches over and over (no prep obviously) and do at least 75 in a row. I got mine faster:) also stretch daily, and work on your leg strength (mostly your thighs) to help you spring up and get more height. Also dont forget to point your toes! I hate people that do jumps with flexed feet

  6. Welchdebdw I don't know if ur joking but not to be mean at her age she's pretty flexible u might be like a younger age unless ur like 30!!

  7. You should probably not slam the ground, a good way by doing that is putting the ball of your feet down first then the rest of your foot so it doesn't make a BAM noise with all the weight coming down. I do cheer so 🙂

  8. Everyone stop hating with suggestions and negative remarks because her toetouch is amazing compared to younger people and I bet most of y'all don't have better jumps than her.

  9. straddle splits, but make sure you do squats and wall sits because flexibility is nothing for jumps without strength.

  10. @Maddie Sipes Don't say that about yourself! All you have to do is build up power! Stretch everyday to do a toe touch! CheerleaderingTips is my name, and giving you tips is my game! Hope it helps!

  11. omg i know how you feel sophmore year i made jv n i knew i had improve so i did tumbling n i moved school try out n i made jv i was so sad all seniors made varsity so i quit

  12. Some good stretches would be to lunge forwards and backwards, and to get a good split so you can kick your legs up to do a toe touch 🙂 If you need some more stretches, visit my channel soon as I am putting up some stretching videos soon 🙂

  13. Just do some basic conditioning ( Push ups, Sit ups, Crunches, Jogging, etc) and you should have it down in no time! Believe me, Ive been there but practice makes perfect! Also believing in your self helps a lot to!!

  14. you correct:)! the proper way is to keep your chest up and put your arms a little forward for you legs to go hyper exstended,

  15. damn keep your fucking chest up as a gym instructor that should be a absolute NO NO and point your toes and keep your arms in a T GODDAMN

  16. First, since when is a toe touch an "advanced cheerleading move"? And second, I was taught never to cross my arms but to bring my hands together in a squat.

  17. Im 10 and I can do higher than that and thats not advanced because im on my schools cheer team and its my sdcond year anc we do toe touches

  18. im about 99% sure you arent suppose to land on your heels and your chest shouldnt be dropping towards the floor 

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