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How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do an Arabesque Twist

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do an Arabesque Twist

Hi, I’m Shyra from Excel Rebels in Orlando
Lakes, Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village.
And next trick we’ll be doing is an arabesque fold out. As far as the end step, you’re going
to be grabbing the foot. On the bottom hand is going to be your right hand is on the bottom.
Your left hand is going to be on top of the foot. You load up into the lift grip all the
way to the top, extend, hold as tight as you can on the top and the bottom of the foot.
Pop high for your pop, catch high, unload. For the front spot with this trick is going
to hold both of the bases’ wrists and help steady them and keep them straight up in the
air and squeeze whatever they can if anything goes down. There’s extra support. The main
base is using both hands under the foot. Normally with an Arabesque, it’s going to be done with
your right foot. So you set in, extend all the way up, squeeze as tight as you can and
pop high, catch high, and unload clean. The flyer is going to start, rather than facing
the front as you would for the lift, you face the side. Since you are using your right foot,
you’re going to open up to the crowd, so you’re going to be facing the right. You load in
with your hands on the bases’ shoulders and your right foot loaded in. You step in and,
just like the liberty trick, you hold and wait till you’re steady and then when you
extend for your Arabesque do not drop your chest low because you will fall forward. Keep
your chest up as high as possible and your head squared back. Your arms go out to your
side and when you pop, we are popping from this, she will twist down to her left. You
do not have to pop from this stunt. If you pop, you shoot your legs straight forward
and you’re basically staying in the same spot. As the back spotter, you hold the same way
as you would for the liberty grip. Put your right hand on the back of her ankle, and your
left hand on her rear. You pop all the way up, squeeze tightly, steady the stunt, pop
as high as you can for the pop down. Catch high, unload clean. Now, we’re doing Arabesque
folding. Ready, one, two, pop, one, two.

23 thoughts on “How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do an Arabesque Twist”

  1. it wasn't bad nor was it the best. She just needs to ride up the pop a lil bit more, and squeeze in her hips as opposed to relying on her shoulders to twist

  2. how does she full from that…it looks like she cant ride it because the bases don't pop her up to ride it up and then full at her peak….

  3. wow they need to learn how to keep the flyer straight cuzz they kinda almost missed her and really do need experts to demonstrate cheerleading stunts and lifts cause you guys are horrible and they think they are so good but they really freaking suck

  4. Flyers are supposed to t to the front and wait to twist thats the most important part or else it looks shitty……and they caught her sooo low thats how i got hurt!

  5. @lilrockerl717x0x0 i dont even remember commenting on this, but after re-watching the video and looking at my comment. i thought i knew everything about cheerleading but i didnt lol

  6. No offence, but I'm kind of getting sick of reading all your comments about how 'sloppy' and 'bad' it was. Sure it kinda did suck. But some of you are being show off's saying that they (the person making the comment) could do better and and that they almost dropped her. To be honest some of us really dont care and if you already know how to do it why did you look it up? (thats how most of you are putting it)

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