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How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do the Bow & Arrow

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do the Bow & Arrow

Hi I’m Shyra from Excel Rebels in Land-O-Lakes,
Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheer leading on behalf of Expert Village. And now
we’re going to be demonstrating a bow and arrow pop down. As your inset base you will
hold right hand under the bottom of the foot, left hand on top of the foot, you will squeeze
as tight as possible, lift all the way up, extend, wait for your pop, pop through your
shoulders, catch high, let out clean. As your front spot you will hold both the bases wrists
with your hands, squeeze up, lift the stunt up as high as you can, keep it steady you’re
there for extra help, help pop, and catch from the side. As your main base you will
be holding with both hands under the right foot, you squeeze up, extend to the top, hold
the foot as high as possible, keep the stunt steady, wait for the pop, pop through your
shoulders, catch high and unload. As the backsplat you’ll be holding right hand on the back of
the ankle of the right foot and your left hand will be under the rear, you lift up as
high as you can, push her all the way up, squeeze on her ankle if you can reach, pop
through your shoulders, catch high and unload. The flyer will be doing a variation on the
heel stretch but instead of just holding it with her left hand she will hold her foot
with her right hand and send it all the way up and put her hand through. Right now were
going to demonstrate the bow and arrow pop down

63 thoughts on “How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Do the Bow & Arrow”

  1. the pop was "ghetto" because they freakin tried to straight cradle out of a bow and arrow. why didn't you just let her full down? that's easy…

  2. the reason your stunt is moveing is because she doesn't quite have it yet, and the reason that cradle was so bad was because seh was trying to hold the bow and arrow till the cradle rather tehn dropping it before because she doesnt have it yet.

  3. that was horrible!! the base who has the sweats on did it all wrong. she needs to be under the stunt unless u want her to get hurt. work on that cuz it sucked. i will put up wat GOOD cheering is

  4. this isn't a good demonstration or explaination, the flyer was definately not flexible enough. and the craddle was horrid

  5. that waz a terrible craddle! and this doesnt show how to do a bow and arrow. it shows wat the bases, front spot, and backspot have 2 do.

  6. I'm a flyer, i'm not a base but even I know that cradle was pathetic and dangerous!
    i'm now worried being a flyer, but I can't believe what the flyer in the video felt like:L!

  7. wat was the snapping sound at the cradle part???!! the poor flyer could have broken her hip the bases/spotters should bend their legs not arms…wow.

  8. @ErinCatherine4 ohmigawd, u described it perfectly!!! lolz, she really did, she flopped around quite a bit. THey should've made her twist

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