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How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Stretch Before Cheerleading

How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Stretch Before Cheerleading

Hi, I’m Shyra from Excel Rebel in Orlando
Lakes, Florida. I’m going to be doing advanced cheerleading on behalf of Expert Village.
Now I’m going to go into stretching. It’s important to stretch before you do any exercises,
especially in cheer leading. You utilize different muscles, so it’s very important. First, we’re
going to go down to your right leg and we’re going to hold this stretch probably about
ten seconds. Then you’re going to travel to the center section, pushing down as much as
possible, totally stretching your hamstrings. Each section, you’re going to go to your left,
you’re going to hold about ten seconds. Then we’re going to bring our feet together, pull
down, grabbing the back of your ankles, head down trying to get your head in as close as
you can to your knees. Then we’re going to stand up slowly and step out, legs apart,
and you’re going to lean over bringing your knee right over the top of your toe. Each
of these stretches we’re also going to hold for ten seconds. Then back up to the center.
We’re going to switch over to the other side. This is a lunge position, side lunge position.
Then we’ll go back up to the center, turning to the side. Then we’re going to pull down
to a running lunge. Make sure you keep your knee directly over your toe. Then we’re going
to pull straight back. Keep your heel off of the floor so you can stretch your calve
at the same time. You’re going to come back up and go to the other side. Running lunge
on this side. Make sure you keep your knee directly over your toe. Then we’re going to
pull back, stretching out your hamstring again. Then we’re going to go down to the floor.
We’re going to stretch out our wrist for tumbling, doing both sides. Then we’re going to bring
our arms across. Take one arm straight over, the other arm is going to pull this arm back
stretching out your back and your shoulder. Then take your arm behind your head, grab
your elbow and pull back it should be stretching out the back of your arm. Then we’re going
to come down onto the floor and press up in an arch position, stretching out your back.
Then pull back, you’re going to stretch out your shoulder, both of your shoulders, and
then back up again to the arch position. Then we’re going to come right here and we’re going
to roll out our necks, and each of these exercises, make sure you’re holding long enough to stretch
you out for your exercise.

26 thoughts on “How to do Advanced Cheer Leading Moves : How to Stretch Before Cheerleading”

  1. Hold on !!!
    I dont go to cheerleading
    but i go to a dance school
    And we strech for half an hour or a hour
    and we hold the streches for much longer than
    10 seconds !!!!
    and strech much more parts of the body
    Now i thought that if i need to strech that
    much just for dance … Surley you'd
    strech ALOT more for cheerleading weres
    there much more difficult stuff?

  2. it's true… But she is just showing how to do it fast…. And she has made some other videos about more difficult…

  3. i did cheerleading a few years back. i live in the states and we did the same thing, starting with upper body and holding stretches for 30-60 seconds, sometimes repeating them later. This thing isn't exactly that great.

  4. Oo God Calm down dont have a little fit im just saying if i go dancing and i strech and awful lot more in more places aswell then surley you'd need more for cheerleading whens there summersults involved. They may be "The real deal" but she should at least say Hold this position for so and so minutes or do a part two to this were there is more strechs 'tis all im saying.

  5. i just started trying to do one about 2 weeks ago and now ive got my side splits down. you hvae to stretch for a good 20 mins, and run in place or something for about 5 mins to get your muscles warm and ready. and practice your splits for about 40 mins everyday and youll be able to do it eventually.

  6. i luv cheerleading in skool we in fourth grade and i make the cherrs up for the footbal team its called firestars

  7. I am 10 and startin cheer team in august and I have done gymnastics (for about a year) before. I am pretty flexable and could do this in my sleep. I am REALLY not trying to brag, but I found this way too easy. Anyway u could post a more advanced stretch video?


  8. @chloeagnew4ever

    Why don't you make a video yourself if you're so good? These videos are for people who are beginners, not for people who can "do it in their sleep".

  9. I like this video to benefit me to be a little more flexible also to get me ready for cheer tryouts i always tryout for dance but i think cheer is for me so others wanting advice look some smiliar videos such as this

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