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How to Do an Extension into a Cradle | Cheerleading

How to Do an Extension into a Cradle | Cheerleading

The extension is a timing stunt that involves
two bases, a top person, and a back-spot. The lead up skill for this stunt is an extension
prep, so make sure that you and your stunt group have mastered that skill before you
try an extension. Cheerleading skills including stunts, pyramids,
and basket tosses should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult
and after following the proper skill progressions. Here are a few tips for the extension to cradle: Tip 1: Bases should generate power using their
legs to drive the top person to the top. When cradling, use your legs and finish the
pop through your hands. For the catch, keep your arms up and cushion
the landing. Tip 2: The top person should stand up quickly
as the bases stand, and keep their feet shoulder width apart. For the cradle, let your bases pop you, keep
your legs straight, and catch high around your base’s shoulders. Tip 3: Back spot should help lift the top
person, and continue to support the stunt by reaching as high as they can. For the cradle, pop with the bases, keep your
arms up, and catch the top girl under her arms. And that’s how you do an extension to cradle.

66 thoughts on “How to Do an Extension into a Cradle | Cheerleading”

  1. You guys they have different names for it. It could be referred to as flyer, top person, or even topper. Just because you don't use it doesn't mean its not right.

  2. I'm so scared to do it. I just AFRIAD to fall and stuff mental block with a full extension its like I don't wanna fall or smack my bases… 🙁 I also feel like I might not stand up straight right when I do it. 🙁 do you think I can do it? I haven't tried I chickened out. But they want me because I'm extremely light. I'm not sure do I need to be tight as a stick and all good?

  3. I'm usually a base and I love it. I thought I wanted to fly and then me and my stunt group did a elevator and I was flying and I almost fell on my face 😑

  4. Third day of tryouts tomorrow and we are expected to do the full extension, I dropped my flyer today and she fell on me, I'm so glad she didn't hit the floor

  5. This is what me and my stunt group are working on! As well as a lib-extention, half up, and perfect our basket tosswe have extention. I'm a backspot/base and on my instagram ( I have pictures of us in prep and I think one in extention

  6. I'm a back spot and when we did a pretty cradle , my flyer hut my nose and it started bleeding. Now I'm so scared to do them that I had a panic attack ! 🙁

  7. I am a side spotter and they say this girl is not heavy but they are bigger and I am like the same size as the flyer so she is heaven

  8. thats rlly easy!!!! i do cheer with dc dragons Level 7 purple reign we had a conpetition yesterday on 4/14/18 we did rlly good!!!

  9. I’m a base I feel like I can’t do a extension but I can and I’m sacred to death every time we have to do one

  10. The load in shouldnt be hunched back her bum should stick out, the bases should be close apart to make the flyer easier to hold and less weight on the joints, the backspot should be under the stunt with one foot forward one back and the backspot should never catch under the arms as this can pop out a shoulder- the should always use the palms of their hands under the shoulder blades to protect the majority of the upper body 🙂

  11. For some reason I’m too scared to do the cradle because when I first did it I made my bases bonk their heads and then the second time I hit my friend in the face with my elbow so like I’m Terrified

  12. Help!!! Every time I cradle I pike like right away even tho in my mind I'm like "push your hips out before PIking" and even if I do try to push them out I just go backwards out of control! Help how do I do a clean cradle without poking right away

  13. Wow I love how everyone in the comment section is acting like a know-it-all. Trust me, this is UCA, they know what they’re doing.

  14. Do you have any tips as to how to keep a lib-extension steady? My stunt group knows how to do them, but we struggle with keeping our flyer steady in the air

  15. Go too cupie or however you spell it. The bases werent under the flyer. Thats why they were struggling. You could see the bases shaking.

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