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How to Do the Invisible Box Challenge

How to Do the Invisible Box Challenge

it’s the invisible box challenge the latest craze sweeping the internet people look like they’re walking on air as they step on top of an invisible box many try most fail high school cheerleader Ariel Olive R is so skilled she’s considered the number one invisible box Challenger in the USA the 11th grader from Texas sure makes it look so easy we caught up with Ariel in New York City where she showed Inside Edition producer Allison Hall how to do it so first you got to show them there’s nothing there there’s no invisible box so now you’re gonna Pat about a foot off the ground now remember where your hand is and put your foot there and so this foot you have to keep it in the same exact spot the whole time ready 1 2 3 jump it sure is [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “How to Do the Invisible Box Challenge”

  1. I like how the title says “How to do the invisible box challenge” When literally all she says is “And then you have to keep your foot in the exact same position” Like Thanks I can do it now lol

  2. Ariel is a Christian and was my my singer at a overnight camp she even taught me and my camp mates how to do it I am also from Texas

  3. Wow,that is hard and raging too i keep practising,and cant do it. wow,who taught ariel how to do the invisible box challenge?

  4. I don't think she is the number one now
    Do u know who did it littery so good it's Jimin from bts
    DONT believe me search it by yourself bts Jimin invisible box challenge
    BTW I'm 19 you don't have to say a 12 years old kpop fan is trying to roast someone but she isn't the best that's what I'm saying

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