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How to Draw a Maid & a Cat Girl | Manga

How to Draw a Maid & a Cat Girl | Manga

Maids and service workers are very popular
characters in manga, and they’re often glamorized. That’s the case with the maid, very glamorous
with a frilly outfit, and they combine with catgirls often, in order to make a character
like this, very appealing. Now, we’re going to learn a few tricks about
drawing the maid catgirl. First thing we want to do is draw the ears,
obviously. And the ears, on most mammals, not human,
start at a diagonal, like this, rather than on the side of the head, go off on a diagonal
on the head. The inner flap is rounded, to give it life. If you draw it straight, it doesn’t look quite
as convincing. I’m going to darken the interior, and then
the tail, we want it to be perky, because a catgirl actually has some of the qualities
of a cat. So, we’re going to make this one kind of perky. To do that, we curve the tail, make it curled,
into the bottom of the spine, rather than making it straight or hanging down, sort of
droopy. And most of the tails on catgirls are thin,
like this, but curvy. Then we draw the apron. Now, to draw the apron, we have to follow
the contour of the dress. See the dress is rounding here, like that? So, the apron is going to round off here. And as far as the bottom of the apron is concerned. This dress is rounding off this way at the
bottom, so the apron also rounds off this way. We put some flounces or curls right here,
a nice bow. Add a little contour to it. Add a little depth. A second bow up here, and a knot back here,
hiding back here is a knot. And so those are some tricks to drawing a
maid catgirl.

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  1. YOU Guys this is not porn your just stupid it's fUUcking drawing now stop being baby's and no not all of the 12 year olds think this is porn because I'm 11 and I know [email protected] well this is not porn. And thank you this was helpful.

  2. @AfroBenevolence soo…. does that mean allthe disney drawers for little mermaid,aladin and cinderella were all porn artists?

  3. Hello u said youll teach us how to draw a maide cat you just toldvus about the tail and ears not the body

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