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How to Draw A Taylor Swift Chibi Step by Step – Fun2draw

How to Draw A Taylor Swift Chibi Step by Step – Fun2draw

hey everyone this is Mei Yu the
creator of fun2draw welcome to another fun2draw tutorial today is going to
be fun to draw taylor swift as a cute cheerleader from her shake it off shake it off video sorry I can’t resist so today I’m going to show you how to
draw her with her cute ponytail her megaphone for little pom-pom and her
cute cheerleading outfit if you want simpler drawings see my Fun2draw playlist for other Fun2draw celebs and youtubers you can see
this playlist and if you want more detailed drawings you can see some of my manga videos I
hope they all help you draw all kinds of different characters and I hope they
help you improve your art in different ways alright so first I’m going to start with
a curve for part of her face like that and then underneath here i’ll draw a
smaller curve for part of her cheek and I’m glad to know that many of you told
me you true along with me step by step in my previous tutorials ok so let’s draw the cheek here and then
from here I’ll go across towards the other side of
her face so it’s just something like that in this
area let’s draw the little ear like a
backwards letter C I’ll draw a simple design inside like that and then let’s go into
the facial features so here let’s draw a very small little
nose like that and for this picture I want her mouth to be quite big she’s cheering everyone on so let’s
start the mouth right around there I’ll draw a line slightly dipping down
and then i’ll go down into a curve and then I’ll go back up like that ok for the inside part of the melt let’s draw a little curve for the tongue
and now for her pretty lips let’s draw a little curve like that above and for the lip underneath let’s just
draw another curve like that ok so we have her mouth all drawn for
those big furniture eyes coming up i’ll start with the cheek lines there we go and for this eye I’ll dot the
spot from this dot let’s go into a curve like that going to another curve on this
side and let’s draw one more for this side of the eye ok this part will be all shaded in let’s
get that in if you’re a Taylor Swift fan please share in the comments below which
of her songs is your favorite for me I like love story ok so we have this shape for the
furniture lie inside i’ll draw big pupil I’ll make her look towards you like that
so I have a big curve and a smaller curve right here for the highlight to
make it look extra shiny for the shading I’ll go up like that as a diagonal let’s shade in this area so everything underneath the highlight
until the diagonal line all right now let’s just draw three more
lines to complete the shading so there is the first line like that
secondly i will be a little bit shorter and the third line is the shortest ok excellent so we have one big furniture I
let’s go to the other side here I’ll go a little bit faster so that’s
the curve draw another curve one more and in the shading ok pupil comes next like that and then the highlight with
the extra shading in the pupil ok and then the three lines one two and three all right now for our pretty eyelashes
for this tutorial i like to add two on each side like curved triangles make
them stand out with shading ok yeah yeah ok so now we have her face let’s draw
her cute hair with the bangs in front and then her pretty pony tail with the
ribbon in behind so to start the bangs I like to take my
pen and draw a curve right above the forehead area like this let’s go into a curve like that so it looks like it’s going to meet this
part above the eye and another curve to continue the bangs all right now that we have this side of
the shape all draw let’s draw another side to complete the
major shape for the bangs I’m just drawing a nice big curve like
that ok so this shape kind of looks like a
sideways teardrop now in this shape let’s divide the space
into groups of hair so it looks more like hair and more natural I’m drawing a nice line like that I’ll just repeat that a few more times
so will be shorter than others now add a few more little lines in here yeah ok excellent so we have the front part
of her hair all done and now for the side basically from this point here i
want to draw a curve coming down towards the ear so just something like that so we have the hair on this side and i
want to add a little bit on the far side to make it look like she does have hair
on the other side of her head just something like that ok I think in this area we can add a little
bit of an eyebrow poking out from underneath the hair in front alright so most of it will be hiding
behind the hair ok so now we have the front part and the
sides of her hair let’s go into the back of the head and
then i’ll show you how to draw her pretty pony tail with the ribbon so basically just want to draw a big
curve around the head like that ok for the ribbon I’ll draw a little bit of it poking out
like a small curve so we’ll draw three of these curves to
make this part of the ribbon most of it will be hiding behind her
head under a little bit of the other side and then the end of the ribbon kind
of just comes out from behind there so now we know where the ponytail will
begin let’s draw a bunch of these curved lines inside this area here to make it
look like the hair is being pulled all the way back towards the back of the
head so like that so that’s just one line
coming in and let’s draw a few more so this is a great way to make the hair
look like it’s being pulled into a certain direction and now the ponytail
is going to be a little bit different from the ponytail i drew in my Fun2draw
Ariana video there are lots of different ways to draw
different kinds of hairstyles and I do have lots planned for you guys if you
haven’t done so already please subscribe so when I upload new videos you’ll be
the first to know ok so i added a few more of these lines
in here ok once we have this head part done now we
can go into the actual ponytail so start may be right around here in this area
and begin the curve for the ponytail so kind of comes out like that I’m just drawing these nice flowing
loose lines for the ponytail let’s draw a line coming down here go around and then I’ll end it like that ok let’s add a few more of these lines
inside the hair for texture okay that’s looking pretty ok excellent
so we have her head and her hair done next I’m going to show you how to draw
her cute little pose with her outfit and her props alright so first I’ll start with a
little neck area underneath the chin and then from this neck area i’ll draw the
front part of her body as a little curve like that I’ll go down a little bit more into the
waist like this and then i’ll stop right around there on this side I’ll show you how to draw an arm that’s
going out this arm will be extended and she’ll be holding her little pom-pom
which I’ll draw coming up for this trying i’m going to summarize things
like the details inside her outfit and her megaphone and pom-pom ok so I’m drawing the arm coming down
like that let’s draw the other side of the arm ok now for the palm let’s draw a curve to start it i’ll draw
another curve on the other side and basically what i want to do is draw just
these lines here to make a look like the different parts of the pump on some
would have the individual strands in there and then from this I’ll just go it well just go down as
curves keep continuing these similar-looking strokes to form the major part of the pom-pom
shape going up like that kind of look like
curved rectangles ok once we have the major shape done let’s draw a few more in the back to
make it look fuller and they do have different colors in there so i’ll just
draw very simple little boundaries for the different
colors of the pump ok excellent so we have a cute little pomp
and now let’s go back into the body here so we have her friend let’s draw the back part like that I’ll draw a curve going across the waist
and now i’m going to show you a really easy way to draw cute skirt so she’s got
such a nice little skirt I’ll draw it beginning with a line
coming out I’ll go back in just a little bit and
then this side I draw the line coming out like that so this skirt is a little different from
the skirt I drew my furniture Ariana video alright so we have these two lines
coming out and for the bottom let’s draw a nice little wave you lying
like that so it’s quite triangular for a simple design and the skirt I’ll just draw a line going across and I’ll repeat that
to make a stripe ok yeah for her top let’s go back up towards the
neck area and underneath I’ll draw a be like that and then
there’s a design coming down from around the shoulder and it goes around the arm
and in towards the back I’ll repeat the V for the design and then a
repeat this line here let’s draw the edge of the top as two little lines
going across the waist and then she has the little TS symbol on her front I’ll simplify it and because this area
is quite small i’ll just draw very simple-looking T just a very basic shape
of it and then just an indication of the S going around the T like that ok so we have her cute little outfit and
now for her nice little legs let’s draw this one coming out at an
angle I’m going to bend this knee like this so this is one easy way to draw pretty
legs so i have a bent line here to start let’s draw
another line like that I’ll draw the line coming down going down towards
the ankle and then for her cute little shoe I’ll summarize the details in here for
the shield just draw a simple ship like this yeah little curve around the ankle I’ll draw
two curves for more detail and then simply shoelaces just a little loop on either side with a
little shoe laces like that so cute so that’s one lake for the other
one it will be straight so I have this leg and then i’ll just
draw part of the lower leg because most of it’s gonna be hidden from the other
one and then the little shoe just coming up like that with a little bit of the
little shoe laces ok so we have her cute little legs let’s finish up this part of the skirt
excellent everyone keep it up we’re almost done now for cute megaphone so this is how i’m going to draw it I’ll
take my pen and start right near her cheek so she’ll be holding this megaphone by
her face and then this arm will come out and be holding it underneath it will
draw the megaphone first so we have this line the curve for the opening and then let’s
draw the bottom part and then the back to make a look round I’ll add a few curves inside so i have
this curve right here and i’ll do another curve for a simple design and to show the rim or the opening part
of the megaphone I’ll draw a little curve just right by
the edge just to show that there is an edge near the opening ok so now that we have that she does
have the little TS on the megaphone as well so let’s just draw that in i have
the tea like that I’ll go down a little bit and now i want
to draw a curved part for the s like that yeah let’s draw the other curve part for the
S extend the T let’s go down a little bit more there we go ok and now we can finish this part of
the S like that and the other part right here so this is just a simplified version of
what she has ok once we have the major part of the
megaphone done let’s draw a little bit of her fingers
underneath this part of the medical that’s worth um I just to occur for one
of her fingers which will be holding the handle of the megaphone underneath
another finger wrapped around and then the third one ok now let’s draw a little bit of the
handle so I have these two lines coming down in towards the fingers and just a
little bit showing not too much because her fingers will be going around the
handle so you won’t see too much of the handle there ok so this is part of her hand now let’s go up towards her are and then
her shoulder draw the other side and and the arm right so cute please like and subscribe if you haven’t
so you won’t miss new Fun2draw tutorials manga drawings art and other challenges there you go learn how to draw in color more
beautiful cartoons with my fun2draw ebooks and my fun2draw apps they make
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