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  1. Here is an easier way.
    1) Get black paint and a white belt.
    2) Paint the white belt.
    3) Let it dry and you now have a black belt!

  2. well the belt has no true meaning, no one practices karate for a belt, the knowledge pass down is far more important, but you probably already know this I hope.

  3. If you really want to learn real martial arts, first off find a way to become Asian. The things they're teaching at your local dojo is level cartoonist. Insider info, super saiyan and preforming a 'hadouken' is real. Now call me a liar before the dragons catch wind.

  4. Real way to get a black belt in karate.
    1. Stop watching this video
    2. Go practice karate with a real trainer

  5. in my dojo we would have the tests once every year to ensure that you also grow spiritualy and become ready to use the power we developed. We'd go through the belt grades white, yellow, red , green, purple, 2 browns and then the first black. So about 8 years to your black belt.

  6. it took me 2 years to get my first degree black belt than 2 and a half years to get my second degree black belt and 3 years to get my third degree. so have been doing taekwondo for a little over 8 years

  7. its not that easy, a first degree black belt in taekwondo or karate is gong to have your name in korean and english

  8. Karate is more art then kicking ass ,pretty pre planned moves now MMA is real thats where you learn how to fuck somebody up bad ,Judo is good too and so is regular boxing lessons but karate is bullshit moves look nice but bogus and kungfu is a joke too.MMA ,judo,and boxing will prepare you for all out brawl street fight.

  9. have you ever had more than at least 3 years of experience in doing karate, cause i bet you'd be fucked up against a 9th dan blackbelt. akarte isn't just
    some art shit" which is actually referred to as kata in japanese. it has two parts to it, kata which is the routines you learn to help get you to the next belt and the second part is sparring which we all know, jabs, kicks, coutner, flips, punches, hooks etc. YES MMA is good but if people are looking for a method of self defence why not go

  10. for karate as it contains the essence of true MARTIAL 'arts' and the practicality. don't start start talking as if you know everything wehn you don't

    SOURCE: 4 years experience in karate, Brown Belt 2nd kyu.

  11. I love when people say stupid shit like this, considering there's quite a few successful MMA fighters that have their main martial arts base in Karate.

  12. lol for all the world to see:


    Re: Reply to your comment on: How to Earn a Black Belt in Karate

    Hey I kickbox and streetfight and I dont care for your 2 cents punk,I call the shots now sit down and shut up.

  13. IMO Bell, I was a student a long time ago and learned quite a lot. We did not have belts or ranks but we did have Kata.. What it taught for me was that through Kata your muscle memory reflex was built to counter most situations that are presented, and through that be able to defend and counter attack when the situation provided a opportunity to do so. Sensei please correct me if I am incorrect, but through Kata a student should able to effectively defend 90% of any melee situation. Much respect.

  14. Karate is in mind, karate is in heart, karate is never around hips. Even though you might feel proud about your new degree, which I have respect for, you shouldn't tell it so widely because that would mean you only give it a physical and superficial importance wether than a spiritual importance. Belt is used as a guideline in karate to know where the student is in his learning and a belt will always be used to hold pants.

  15. so what!!!! u guys don't need to give him so much negative vote seriously congrats him alittle bit >: ( can't believe this

  16. Really ??? Noone in this planet practises karate to earn just a belt.I personally learn karate because I think is a better way to waste energy rather than playing computer games.Belt doesnt matter….!

  17. 5 years to become a biginner in Karate: that really sucks :). Other styles teach you efficient techniques and you get the System in approximatevely 3 years. If you Need 5 years to get the Basics, there is something wrong with either the teaching method or the Systems of techniques it self

  18. The belt system is totally different in Norway, in Shotokan Karate. We have White(0.kyu) first, then White(with a yellow stripe)9.kyu), then Yellow(8.kyu), then Orange(7. kyu), then Green(6.kyu), then Blue(5.kyu), Then Purple(4.kyu), then three brown belts(3-, 2- and 1.kyu), then 10 black belts(1.dan-10.dan). And I am a brown belted "kyu(pupil)," with the first brown belt(3.kyu).

  19. As my sensei said : the black belt is only for not let the kimono pants fall off . The black belt is what in your head . And im a blackbelt πŸ˜›

  20. Hi guys I do karate if you don't believe me I'll tell you what order belts go in ok white yellow orange green blue red brown brown brown black that's what my class belts go up thank you for reading

  21. I am training for 9 years right now and got my 3th Brownbelt (first kyu) and im preparing right now. so when the actuall tast takes place it will be close to 10 Years of training 2-3 times a week

  22. Its 3 years now to join karate and my coach said to me that i hav to practice hard and i may get the black belt in the next year!:)
    In my karate school theres brown belt hav 3 ..they r called 3rd kyu,2nd kyu and 1st kyu..Now i m in 2 nd que

  23. Rubbish i did all of this and still failed. But they passed the guy next to me who couldnt do anything. Its not what u know its who u know.

  24. I just started karate today and it was fun. I’m not going for he belt I’m just watching to improve my skill and get used to karate.

  25. How to get black belt today: give mcdojo $600 for "garaunteed progress".

    How you should get one: Train. Everyday. Forever. Fight your self, not your wallet .

  26. Achieving your black belt is not the peak of the mountain, but the base of the mountain. Your kyu grades are the path to the mountain. A black belt is a white belt who never quit, no matter how long it takes. Always look to your next lesson, not to your next belt, train hard and the belts will come. Achieving a black belt does not mean that you can destroy others, it means that you have created yourself.

  27. People seem too concerned about time… 10 years, 4 years, 2 weeks πŸ™„ Its about the time u put into it like anything else. U train hours & hours many times a week, u can get there faster… u do less takes longer. Why is this hard to understand πŸ˜‘

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