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How To Get Better Cheer Jumps and Toe Touches – Kinetic Bands

How To Get Better Cheer Jumps and Toe Touches – Kinetic Bands

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32 thoughts on “How To Get Better Cheer Jumps and Toe Touches – Kinetic Bands”

  1. Pre-Teen is fine. I generally reccomend around 8 years old depending on their body size.
    I also try to evaluate how much they would actually use the bands. Some of the younger ones tend to be more distracted. Our hope is they enjoy the training and see the results. I am available for discussion if needed.
    Thanks you.

    Coach McQueen

  2. Thank you for the inquiry.

    I am working on more detailed video training.
    The short drills here, i.e. lunges, steps ups and squats, along with the Kinetic Resistance Bands work the Quick Twitch muscles in the "Core" area to build strength and power that are used to help improve jumps. Stronger legs, without bulk, help push the jump to higher levels along with control and safe landings.
    We guarantee results with just a little training with the Kinetic Bands.

  3. ok i think i get it alittle bit but how do u get ur legs higher. cuz i get the height of ur jump part. i rlly need 2 know for tryouts in a few weeks!!!

  4. The key to higher jumps is increasing strength in the "core" of your body which includes the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes or back side and hips.
    The resistance will help build this strength. Try your jumps with the Kinetic Bands on and then again with them off We guarantee you will see and feel the difference.
    By using the bands consistently each day for just a few minutes leading up to tryouts, you will improve your jumps. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
    Coach McQueen

  5. Cool, I just ordered these for my girls. Both are cheerleaders, cant wait to see how
    they do, both work some with resistance equipment, but nothing for the legs.

  6. I would like to see you get them. We are getting great results. If you are wanting higher jumps I would be glad to help.

    Coach McQueen

  7. Hello bowserfish: Yes I believe the bands would be great for your jumps. I work with Cheerleaders to help them improve the jumps and I would be happy to help. Please check out our web site and send me an email. see more info above for a directlink to the web site.

  8. im 11 years old..and ive been doing gymnastics since i was 3 and i've gotten only as far as a back walkover but ive never had any coaching..but now as i try to teach myself how to do a back hand spring i see that i cant do my backwalkovers properly i do the backbend then i have to move my legs a little..this has been a problem because now i cant to my backbends quickly enough to jump back..

    Any tips?
    Please help.

  9. you can see and purchase the bands on our web site myosource com see the direct link above under more info

  10. hi umm ur really good and i would like to know how to learn an easy way of doing a back tuck i know how to do a front tuck but my back tucks sux

  11. can you describe your back tuck for me. where are you having problems. lets start with figuring out why you feel it sucks and why you are having trouble. I am sure we can help.

  12. Please see "more info" for details and explanation of the exercise and the benefits.
    We will be coming out soon with a more detailed video explaining each exercise and the benefits.

  13. Just keep practicing. You need to somehow get stronger. If you do not have the bands, do the exercises without them.

  14. I have these! THEY REALLY WORK!
    i used to SUCK at my toe touches!(it looked like i was doing a jumping jack) once i got them, i used them for like about two weeks, and started seeing a whole lot of improvement! i do v's now when i do a toe touch!
    i recomend this to anyone who wants perfect jumps, and it'll defenitely get you a spot on a cheer team.
    but remember, not over night, but over time(:
    think about it(:

  15. My toe touches are okay… I'm not flexible, at all. 🙁 Which makes me sad, but they still LOOK good; I point my toes and hit my T and everything. Even got it all on camera. They just don't FEEL good.. Do you have any tips to improve flexibility? I'm 17, and I know once you pass a certain age then you're kind of a lost cause. But is there ANY way to improve flexibility? I can't even get a simple split. :'(

  16. @xxGRRxx92 [: It's okay. I'm horrible with toe touches too. I'm thinking it's because I can't do a simple side split? But for getting more flexible, you have to STRETCH daily. Look up some information on how to stretch for what you're trying to do[:

  17. can any cheerleader out there teach me how to do a toe touch? i'm a ballet dancer and i can do the middle splits. i can do the side split leap, but i just can't do the toe touch. my legs aren't strong enough. how many of these lunges or squats should i do and how fast can i expect progress 😀 thanks.

  18. @365DaysOfRobots you can buy them on our web site. myosource . com or see the link in the description of the video. We ship to Ireland quite frequently.
    Youtube will not allow us to place the complete URL in the comments section.

  19. @LilzMissWelches the bands help build strength in the legs , Hips, improve flexibility and balance. When you take the bands off your legs feel light and strong which helps you better perform each jump and stunt.

  20. the Kinetic Bands system directly targets the muscles in the legs, hips and core which helps with jumps, stunts , tumbling, balance and body control. You can build strength with the ankle weight however we prefer the smooth and consistent resistance you receive with the Kinetic Bands.

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