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How to Get Fit for Soccer

How to Get Fit for Soccer

Today we are learning how to get fit for soccer.
Fitness isn’t everything, but it’s important! You don’t want to look like an out of shape
grandpa trying to play a full 90! What’s going on? Little dap! It’s Jared Montz,
former pro and founder of Online Soccer Academy. Being game fit in soccer is more then just
being running fit. Soccer is a game of changing speeds. Sometimes you are walking, sometimes
jogging and sometimes sprinting. Your heart rate is up and your heart is down depending
on what’s happening the game. The quicker you can get your heart down after having it
high, like at the end of a 40 yard sprint, the more game fit you will be.
This video is geared towards players ages 12 and up.
Key Points! Key Point One. Make fitness part of your practice with the ball.
Hardly anyone, even pros, doen’t like doing pure fitness because they want to play. So
instead of having a fitness only session for 1-2 hours mix fitness into your sessions with
the ball. If you are a coach mix fitness into your training sessions. For example after
10 minutes of ball work do a few sets of shuttle sprints. Then get back to ball work. Now you
won’t be dreading the end of session fitness for 20 minutes because the 20 minutes of fitness
was mixed into your session with the ball. Key Point Two. Start with a base fitness goal.
If you are out of shape, don’t expect to be fit in two days and go all out. This is
how you run the risk of getting hurt and pulling muscles. Instead start with small goals like
running a mile in 7 minutes. Or 8 minutes depending how un fit you are. As you reach
your 7 minute goal set a new goal of 6 minutes and 45 seconds. Do this until you get to a
6-minute mile. That’s a strong mile pace for soccer players.
Key Point Three. Tempo Runs.Tempo Runs are a great way to get your heart rate up and
down. For example create a run where you jog for 30 seconds and sprint for 15 seconds.
Repeat this process for 5 reps. The jog should be a slow jog. The sprint should be a hard
sprint. Your heart rate is up on the sprint and on the jog your breathing deep trying
to get your heart rate down. The jog is like your recovery time.
Be creative and create different time intervals for your tempo runs. Like 1 minute jog, 30
second sprint. 15 second jog, 15 second sprint. Key Point Four. Do fitness with the ball.
Mix up your fitness with fitness with the ball. Instead of doing shuttle sprints without
the ball, do them with the ball. If you are doing a 6 minute run, do it while dribbling
the ball around the field. This makes it harder and more game like. Over time dribbling while
doing fitness will greatly increase your ball control.
Key Point Five. Don’t just do long distance runs.
Just because you can run 5 miles without stopping doesn’t mean you are game fit. Soccer is
not cross-country; it’s a game of changing speeds. Make sure you mix in short hard sprints
with your long distance runs. Personally I think a 2-mile run should be your longest
distance of continuous running for soccer players.
Key Point Six. Use the gym as a supplement to your fitness.
When you are old enough and your body is ready, usually around 14 or so, start making the
gym part of your fitness. But use it as a supplement to your fitness and training with
the ball, not the core. Remember it only takes weeks to get fit. It takes years to have great
technique with the ball. For more fitness and speed training videos watch our OSA videos
here. Bonus Tip! Don’t forget to rest! If you are training and doing fitness 7 days
a week you will burn out and get tired, not matter how fit you are. Make sure you take
at least 1 rest day a week. Ideally you want to get fit prior to your
season starting. During the season you should be more in maintain your fitness mode. The
day prior to your game you shouldn’t be doing fitness as part of your training. It
needs to be light so you are rested and ready to give 110% on game day.
Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy video! Click here to watch our incredibly
helpful 200+ free videos, go here if you want a Believe in it® shirt and go here if you
are a coach and want to host an OSA Soccer Camp.
My name is Jared Montz and remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard
work, anything in life is possible. Believe in it®!

55 thoughts on “How to Get Fit for Soccer”

  1. hi jared i run 2 miles every 2 days in a week and other 3 days i do some ball work out and my season is going to start in a week so in the comming week i aint going to do any soccer activity inorder to give my body proper is this right??

  2. I've currently got a MCL injury (torn ligament in knee) and I don't know how to come back to soccer, when I come back in a few months, help!

  3. What exercises do you recommend for back pelvis muscles/lower back? I think I pulled a muscle from shooting sessions 🙁

  4. I've always wanted to ask a pro soccer player how much they could run and how fast to see how fit I need to be it would be amazing if you could answer this question for me since u where an x pro player I would appreciate it very much

  5. Yo jared i havent played soccer for a while because if school but i wanna get back into now, how do i get back into soccer?

  6. Hey Jared, I've had multiple ankle problems over a couple of years, and my most recent one has taken a big toll on my legs. As in any time I try to run or jog for even the shortest of distances, I get the worst shin splints. Do you have any tips on how to get rid of shin splints, so I can get fit again for next season without as much pain.

  7. thanks jared your advice helped me a lot to improve my confident and defense and i was super in the last game…thanks coach..!!

  8. Hey, I need some help, I'm not making the starting team for my academy, the coach says I've got great fitness, defensive skills, attacking play, incredible speed and vision but I don't have great dribbling at pace as I usually use off the ball plays to beat the defender.
    Can you give me some tips on how to improve that?
    Much appreciated,
    Love your videos,

  9. Thank you so much for this video!!!! I've been trying to get a fitness schedule for my son, but have never been able to commit due to lack of proper information. You mentioned that this is ages 12 & up. What adjustments should I make for a 9 year old?

  10. Hello, I'm turning 28 this year and use to play soccer until i got in high school 10th gradel, haven't played since, is it possible for me to get back in shape and make it into the mls? Is it possible?

  11. Loll I feel like I try to get fit but it doesn't work. I'm 20 and tried out for a team in the PDL recently skillwise I am up to par but it seems like everyone can run more than me…AND I play defense.

  12. There are soccer tryouts near my neighbourhood and my friend really wants me to go, I don't know if I should. I feel like I'll be too nervous.

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