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How to get FLEXIBLE in ONE DAY!

How to get FLEXIBLE in ONE DAY!

@ERICALINCHER Get Flexible In 1 Day Let’s get started Arm Pulls | 10-20S Elbows | 10-20S Crossbody | 10-20S Knee Hug | 10-20S Quads | 10-20S Fallback Touchdown | 15-30S Down Dog | 10-20S 3-Leg Dog | 10-20S Center Lunge | 10-20S Shoulder Twist | 15-30S Slider Lunge | 15-30S Slider Switches | 20-30S Straddle | 15-30S Arms Back + Lean Back | 10-20S Touchdown | 10-20S Reach Left | 10-20S Reach Right | 10-20S Flex Pike | 10-20S Foldover Pike | 10-20S Hip Flexors | 10-20S Deep Lunge | 10-20S Reverse Lunge | 10-20S Split Hold *as low as possible | 30-60S For best results… Special thanks to MYX Couture for the amazing clothes! SUBSCRIBE! Bed Bath & Beyond winner: AmericanGirlDollSmiles Stretching Tutorials | VS Pink Giveaway! SUBSCRIBE!

100 thoughts on “How to get FLEXIBLE in ONE DAY!”

  1. Hi my leg will not go in the same place I am trying and trying but my back leg has a mind of its own I do not know why plz help me there has to be more to it than stretching plz plz I tried stretching I have been wanting to do a split for soooooo long plz help ??

  2. What I you can't do It
    Yeah so I can't do one of them on your video because I'm not that flexible anymore but you are a good you do a good job you are the best person to teach people to do be more stretchable so thank you for teaching me and I'm still not the still not like in the zone with my search ability and all that because a few days ago is my birthday and I haven't got and I have I haven't and you are the best hope you know that because if you teach people more and more time they are going to be so good at gymnastics and cheerleading but not least and no that's not what I'm at stretchable in your legs
    more stretchable ever again okay bye

  3. Great Video! It really helped me to stretch before a dance camp I was going to this week. My only problem was that I had to keep getting up out of a straddle to pause the video, which was a little painful. Other than that, thanks for helping me! ❤️

  4. Day 1: Some of things hurt and my split isn’t low at all.

    Day 2: I didn’t do it since I’m sick ?

  5. in my opinión the splits are easy it took long but in 2019 i got flexible and one day i just did them watching my fav show on my tv lol

  6. I did the freaking split hold (btw I’m kinda a beginner in gymnastics)

    This is how happy I am……

  7. Erica I need help
    When I did those exercises my legs the part above the knees hurts badly
    I can’t do anything

  8. 1. Exercised
    2. Did Splits
    3. Closed my eyes
    4. Opened my eyes

    Read 3 1 2 4

    Also, Anyone watching in 2019?
    Erica, Yes, It actually worked! 🙂

  9. In my opinion I feel like this didn't help only bc I feel like in order to be able to do these things you have to be flexible first and I'm not that why I watch this vid but it doesn't help

  10. Not to be like racist or put on stereotypes but like every Asian I have met that does dance is like crazy flexible

  11. I am a competitive gymnast and we’re supposed to have all our splits down and I don’t even have my left leg or middle split down

  12. this doesn't really work i'm already flexible i'm doing this for a warm up and stretch as my daily routine not always this video many others i repeat to another new video. always remember dancers flexible equals patient! all dancer should know this c;

  13. I FINALLY DID THE SPLITS! I gave up gymnastics maybe for about 1-2 years now and I didn't stretch ever since. I found this video months ago and I got back to my feet to actually do it. Thank you Erica!

  14. Yay this'll help so much! Especially since I'm already kinda flexible! I just…becoming so flexible is my dream!??

    Thank yooouuu

  15. My first ever cheer competition is coming up and I was scared I couldn’t do it but now I am confident by now I can do a scorpion and needle with no help at al! Yay

  16. Anyone who is watching in 2019 it's OK if u can't get flexible in one day everyone is different and everyones body is different. it might come faster for others. Some people are naturally flexible and some people have to work for it

  17. So me and my little cousin whos 7 were staying at my grandma's and we wanted to try to get our splits so we searched stretching videos and I've used you ever since 2017!

  18. Excuse me! I don’t know if you still reply
    But I’d like to inquire about the flexibility playlist:
    Is there a set schedule on what to follow or do you just do as you please?
    Thanks for taking time out

  19. I was already a contortionist but you made me so much better thank you this is literally my dream it’s like in living in my dream?❤️

  20. This vidro is very bad i tried like the first two minutes of it and you have to already be felxible to do most of these so this vid is actual garbage

  21. I’m only 7 and l love gymnastics ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

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