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How to Get the Cheerleader Look | Cheerleading

How to Get the Cheerleader Look | Cheerleading

Getting the look of a cheerleader takes a
few steps, but ones that make all the difference. Here are a few tips to obtain the All American
cheerleader look. For your makeup, I suggest applying eyeshadow,
lipstick, and mascara. But don’t overdo it with crazy eyeshadow colors
or really heavy eyeliner. But, you also want to remember to apply enough
so it stays on all day. On to your hair. Half-up, half-down always looks great, either
straight or with a nice wave. But, if you can’t do half-up, half-down, try
a poof pony. Always make sure that you use hair spray and
never have wet hair. Bow placement. For the game day look, you want to make sure
that your bow is on the back side of your head and that the tails of the bow are pointing
downward. To get this, you want to make sure that your
ponytail is not at the top of your head. When you’re gathering your hair behind you,
try to keep your ponytail at eye level. Uniform fit. Getting the perfect uniform fit makes all
the difference. Your uniform shouldn’t be too baggy or too
tight. Now you’re ready to hit the sidelines on game

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