How To Hydro Dip Flag 🇺🇸 Custom Boots ⚽️ Soccer Gear!

hi guys Ian from the football boots team
and today we’re going to do another custom we’re gonna do hydro dipping
again but this time we’re going to add flags to boots when I’m filming this it
is 4th of July American Independence Day so we’re going to do a USA based custom
I’ve also got a yellow black custom and as you can see I’ve got lots of flags
out because it’s time for the World Cup so I have all of these flags that are
going to go on the boots to stay tuned to this video it is going to be sick
let’s get started all right so we’re gonna start off with
this yellow black and we’ll see how this goes in here and the first thing I’m
gonna do is the shin pads but this is gonna go in the water I’m gonna let that
do its thing for 60 seconds get wet get that air bubble out if we can you can
see that there it goes alright and then I’m gonna put this shin pad in and we’ll
see how this ends up looking up I’m gonna move that out but wait alright now
you’re gonna put the activator on I’m just gonna spray this on I’ve got a couple more bubbles to get out maybe that one alright here we go may give this go before it stretches out
much further oh just a tiny bit with my hand
look at that! all right let’s put the USA in here give
that a little bit of time to do its thing all right so let’s put activator on and
see what happens few air bubbles can’t do anything about
those now we’re just going to go for it Shall we do it? the water coming out of it all right I’m excited to get the tape off
that and have a look alright so time to apply this flag
design to these gloves alright first off the design into the water a bit of activator Shall we do it? three-two-one Boom! check that out and I reckon this will come up
whilst we here, let’s have a look what you reckon with those gloves? That design is going to look awesome on the boots! alright ready to give this a go we’re
gonna try the whole soleplate, put this in like that I just don’t want it to fold up on itself okay I’m gonna try and get the front and
the back in and back out again activator coming ready 3 2 1 all right Looks alright so far, it will be interesting to see
that once we get the tape off all right time to introduce the flag
graphic onto the upper of the boot so first off lets get the flag in here it’s
pretty big but I’m hoping it’ll just spread out You’re ready for a bit of activator, all she’s gone funny alright just put it in and see what happens right guys so you have seen all of the
hydro dips which is your favorite we have got the shinpad with the black and
yellow we’ve got the flag custom on the side of the boots we’ve got the USA flag
custom on the boots or we’ve got the goalkeepers gloves have a vote in the
poll card now and let me know which one you like out of these make sure you drop
in the comments below any suggestions you’ve got for future hydro dip videos
you want to see or anything else you want to see us do with a custom with
some football boots I’m gonna tell you right now my favorite is probably the
gloves it’s a flat surface it works really well but I’m also really excited
about what we managed to do with these boots because I think a lot of that’s
come out nicely as well so we’ve got some more customs coming to the channel
very soon make sure you subscribe we’re gonna do some more of this for now go
enjoy your football

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