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How To Hydro Dip The World Cup! 🏆⚽ Soccer Custom

How To Hydro Dip The World Cup! 🏆⚽ Soccer Custom

[Music] Hi guys Ian from the football boots team and the World Cup is here and today you’re going to see me take this World Cup, put it in the water it’s going to come out and you’re not going to believe what it looks like! So I’ve got some gloves, I’ve got some boots, I’ve got some other things they’re going to be put in there too and we’re going to completely transform them. You’re going to see a World Cup covered in flames! You’re going to see a World Cup covered in carbon fibre, you’re going to see all sorts of stuff happen. All sorts of boots with a bit of paint thrown in too! So stay tuned let’s get into it. [Music] [Music] All right so as you’ve seen I’ve already prepped this boot I have sprayed it I’ve taped it it is ready to go and I’m going to make a little bit Brazil inspired so we’re going to have yellow as the base then a bit of green and then a little bit of blue in the middle we’ll see how it works out. [Music] All right so we’re making an attempt at the German flag little red in the middle finished with black at the top. [Music] So we’re going to try putting this goalkeepers glove in, this is an old glove from that goalkeeper hacks video. If you guys haven’t seen that check it out on the channel. Don’t worry about this, don’t need that all right. So really interesting to see what this looks like so I’m going to go this way down here we go. [Music] [Music] [Music] Right guys the last time we hydro dipped in Boots you guys really wanted to see a hand Hydro dip, so we are going to attempt to Hydro dip my hand and we’re going to put this in I want it this way up, I think. So we’ll let that start doing its thing in the water and in the meantime I’m going to put this glove on and we’re going to attempt to hydro dip a hand. Here we go… [Music] [Music] The question is what does it look on the other side? Ohh… Alright let’s get some warm water in this time. [Music] [Music] Alright so I’m going to go and put the flames in, put those down we need to allow about 60 seconds for these to do their thing. Okay so time to activate, so we put a bit on the World Cup, all right here we go [Music] You ready for this? What do we think about that? Flames on the World Cup! [Music] Alright time to put the carbon fibre in, we’re going to put it facing down. The water’s ready for us I’ll give that 60 seconds to do its thing. Now I’ve got my activator ready as you can see, we sprayed the world-cup black this time so that the carbon fibre has a chance to look the best. Supposedly a back black base is the best for that. So I’m going to get this ready to go, time for the activator. [Music] Ooh wow! The carbon fibre World Cup wrapped around way better than the flames did. I learned my lesson on that one! [Music] All right let’s get going with the paints. So start off a bit of red, bit of white. Red, green, pink, a bit of blue. Now trick is going to be to get all these colors on to, the trophy all right we’re going to give this a whirl, wish me luck. We’ll try and double dip this red side. [Music] Okay it’s probably not my favorite look of the bunch. [Music] What if we just spray? We’re going to try that [Music] [Music] All right maybe the World Cup really just should be left as it is; all gold. Better? What do you think? As it should be… All right they look a bit shabby now, but let’s see what they look like with the tape taken off. This is going to change matters dramatically. [Music] Right guys so that pretty much wraps up the hydro dip video. Which was your favorite custom in this video? Vote in the poll card now; was it this carbon fibre World Cup? Was it the paint on the World Cup? Was it the flames on the World Cup? Perhaps you preferred these boots or maybe it was the gloves let us know in the comments below. Anything you’d like to see in future customisation videos we will endeavour to do it for you. Thanks very much for watching, Go Enjoy The World Cup!

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  1. U r just ruining your boots and gloves and everything else and also you are wasting the spray paintand money in general

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