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How to Improve Your Footwork in 4 Minutes – Soccer Tutorial

How to Improve Your Footwork in 4 Minutes – Soccer Tutorial

what’s up guys today we’ll show you a few exercises to increase the speed of your feet when you’re on the ball inside feet using the inside of each foot lightly tap the ball back and forth between your feet start slowly then as you improve gradually increase your speed drag and slide using the inside of one foot begin dragging the ball across your body as the ball slides across jump to the outside and stop the ball with the inside of your other foot then repeat the exercise in the same direction or return back the other way inside-outside move the ball back and forth sideways using one foot tap the ball sideways with the inside of your foot then use the outside of that same foot to tap the ball back the other way start slowly moving your foot behind the ball between touches as you improve practice moving the ball wider and faster with each touch outside feet use the outside of one foot then the other to tap the ball quickly side to side across your body outside in use the outside of one foot to tap the ball to the side of your body then stop the ball with the inside of the same foot use the outside of your other foot to return the other direction following the same steps then repeat future Oh I’ll get the sutures yes

100 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Footwork in 4 Minutes – Soccer Tutorial”

  1. I have an excecuitve function test, which tells you for the most part if you have what it takes to be a great soccer player

  2. literally gotta just get touches on the ball. smh i should've taken soccer more seriously back then. im 19 tryna relearn to play smh

  3. My own coach says that my dribbles aren't good because I'm too slow with my feet, let me prove him wrong 😉

  4. hello brother i need a help when i do all your excersise inside feet or inside outside the ball goesinfront it is not adjusting on my foot like you are standing at the same position and doing all the stuff while i have to move in the whole place to do this excersise

  5. if you really want to improve your soccer wach this video and buy it it really works and its profesional

  6. These look really good. Can you show or explain how to use them in the game? I could see that in one of the moves. I'm an adult soccer learner.

  7. Why not get the fukc out on field with some pals and play. Ask them to teach you some things ( or join a local club)
    Is it that hard.
    For you socially awkward well football might not be for tou very well.

  8. Can someone tell me if this works? I know it won’t work overnight and takes a while. I haven’t played football since school and I’m trying to get back into it

  9. thanks bra it works and have improve my skill performance on and off the pitch my coach started asking questions how I do it

  10. Man..when i dribble without shoes i do great dribbling but wgen u wear football Shoe i feel heavy with my feet and can't dribble… Gelp me.

  11. Just another way to improve your footwork and ball mastery !! just wanna help , hope that helps as well 🙏🏾

  12. I do this all day before start playing. At the tournament game it happen like automatic when u got pressure 😊

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