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How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Creating Spin or Swerve in Soccer Shots

How to Kick a Soccer Ball : Creating Spin or Swerve in Soccer Shots

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village and we are going to take a look at shooting the
soccer ball, and more specifically how we create swerve on the ball. By looking at the
soccer ball here, we want to make contact. If we think of the soccer ball as having a
equator, we want to try strike the ball across the other side of the ball to allow the ball
to spin. So it starts in old say traditionally and comes in, and it is a very deceitful shoot
to fool the defenders. If we show that on the ground, our toes are pointed down, we
place our non kicking foot beside the ball, and as we come through, we actually make contact
on the outside of the ball with our toe pointed down, locked ankles to spin the ball away.
Let’s show that with our demonstrators. So just to recap, creating swerve on the soccer
ball is used to try and send the goalkeeper one way and have the ball finishing the other.
We create spin on the ball by striking towards the outside of the ball with a locked ankle,
our toes pointed down, and we follow through to create a spin, so traditionally the ball
starts moving outward and then bends inwards. And that is swerving the soccer ball.

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  17. Thanks For Posting This Video…It Has Really Helped Me With My Accuracy On The Ball And It Has Helped Me Score Alot Of Goals…Once Ahain, Thank You Very Much!

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  29. This way works, but it's best to hit it from running at a 45 degree angle, also you want to hit it with the part of your shoe pretty much in the area where the side of your big toe would be. 

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