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Today we’re going to do a cartwheel tutorial It helps if you have a good handstand So we’re going to start with that a little bit first We’re going to use a panel mat today If you don’t have one you can do the same steps on the floor We are purposely going to make these handstands right now a little bit smaller than a handstand so we’re not worried about falling over. So we’re going to start in a lunge front leg bent, back leg straight both heels fat on the floor arms by your ears, and you’re going to try and keep your stomach nice and tight so your back is straight You’re going to kick up a little bit and come back down to that same starting position. So when we do our cartwheels you are going to start in this position and finish in this position. It’s a little easier if you make your cartwheel go a little bit skewed like this So instead of trying to go straight in the beginning we’re going to turn a little bit at this angle And we’re going to start here in this lunge arms by your ears and kick over and finish with your arms up in a lunge. And eventually we’re going to take this skewed from here and go straighter and straighter and straighter so it’s nice and straight like this. So after you do that a few times You’re going to open the mat up So for the first one on the mat instead of going exactly straight We’re going to start a little bit in this corner and aim for this corner and kind of skew like this and keep our stomach nice and tight Big step, arms up by your ears hands down on the corner and finishing kind of like this. Once that feels comfortable we’re going to skew it a little bit less and reach more over here and start about here Arms up, take a big step reach less for the corner And then we’re going to see if we can straighten it out even more We are going to try and stay in the middle big step, arms by your ears And once you feel pretty comfortable doing it on the mat you can try on the floor And you can start a little bit skewed or you can go straighter It’s up to you.  You’re going to start in a lunge, arms by your ears So in the beginning it can be hard to make your cartwheel nice and straight over the top which is why we start a little bit skewed at an angle to make it a little bit easier.  Also people sometimes have an arch in their back which causes some trouble So we’re going to make sure you’re back is nice and straight and you’re stomach nice and tigh We’re also going to make sure you’re arms are up by your ears so it’s a nice straight line and no broken angles here with your head sticking out So that’s it, I hope it helps a little bit and thanks for watching.

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