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HOW TO LEARN TO DO A HANDSTAND TUTORIAL – Gymnastics and Cheer Tutorials

HOW TO LEARN TO DO A HANDSTAND TUTORIAL – Gymnastics and Cheer Tutorials

So we’re going to work on how to do a handstand on the floor And once you get a pretty good handstand on the floor Hopefully you can take it over to the rings or the parallel bars or the beam also. So we’re going to start on a mat, it’s a little bit easier We’re going to start in a lunge front leg bent, back let straight both heels flat on the ground, arms by your ears and you’re going to keep your back nice and straight For the first one we’re just going to kick up a little bit and come back down and our feet aren’t going to come together Starting in a lunge and finishing in a lunge The next step, we’re still not kicking up too big we’re going to tap our feet like this And then the next step is instead of tapping like this you’re going to bring your feet side by side like this and we’re still kicking up a little smaller When you’re ready you can start kicking up a little bigger So you can do all the same steps on the floor when you’re ready So we’re also going to go over a handstand roll And first you’re going to need to be able to do a regular roll You’re going to start with your feet together, duck your head make sure that you can support your weight on your arms and stand up Before we kick up to a big handstand roll, we’re going to kind of do an in between step We’re going to kick up a little bit and hold our weight on our arms and roll from there. In the beginning when you do a handstand roll you can bend your arms it will be a little bit easier But eventually you want to do a handstand roll with straight arms And you can also do a handstand fall to a bridge if you want Or a handstand pirouette if you don’t feel like falling over. And just real quick we’ll go over some spotting For a handstand we’re going to start in a lunge, arms up and kick up to a handstand.  Sometimes on the floor I like to put my hand right here on the shoulder and try and get them to make a nice straight line Head in a little like this.  And step down. And, back up for a second You’re going to duck your head and make sure that your back is nice and rounded. Good And when you’re doing a handstand you don’t want your head sticking out like this and you also don’t want your head completely buried You want to look at your hands out of the top of your eyes keeping your back nice and straight or even a tiny bit hollow A good drill you can do is lay down on your stomach, put your arms out like you’re in a handstand Sometimes if your head’s up Sometimes people’s handstands are a bit too archy so a way you can make them feel the position is you can push down on their back and their legs Nice and hollow like that And a few exercises you can do to help your handstand strength or your position strength is you’re going to put your feet up on a mat And you’re going to try and pike, yeah just like that You’re going to put just your toes on the mat You’re going to have your back nice and straight You’re going to look at your hands a tiny bit out of the top of your eyes and you’re going to work on your shoulders like that Good.  Let’s do something against the wall You can also do handstands against the wall Whether you want to face this way or the other way which is a spiderman handstand Put your hands not all the way against the wall Kick up And do a spiderman one Or a spiderman handstand This way’s actually a little bit easier, you’re going to walk your hands in walk your feet up the wall try and keep your stomach nice and tight And hold that maybe 10 seconds at the beginning and work your way up to a minute Jackie:  That’s fun to get out of Me:  Can you just make sure I’m in the frame And a few exercises, and a few, I got something in my throat Walk your hands in

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