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How to Make the Cheerleading Squad

How to Make the Cheerleading Squad

How to Make the Cheerleading Squad. Got school spirit? The cheerleading squad’s the perfect place
for you. Here’s how to make the team. You will need Exercise A willingness to learn
A lot of determination A full-length mirror Workout clothes in your school colors Recordings
of last year’s cheer routines and a video camera to record yourself practice. Step 1. Start getting in shape – cheering is a real
sport. If you want to make the squad you’ll have
to condition your body for a full season of jumping, tumbling, and running. Begin your training at least four months ahead
of tryouts by doing cardio, stretching, and working your core three to four times a week. Strengthening your core builds your abs and
your diaphragm muscle, which is essential for shouting cheers. Step 2. Cheering requires flexibility, hand-eye coordination,
and a strong foundation in gymnastics. Cheerleaders who can tumble have an advantage. In the months leading up to tryouts, take
gymnastic classes along with a combination of yoga, ballet, or dance classes. These activities will help prepare you. Step 3. Introduce yourself to the squad coach. Not only will this make a positive impression,
but you’ll also learn the exact requirements for tryouts, as well as answer any general
questions you have about the squad. Step 4. Befriend as many current and former cheerleaders
as you can. No one will give you better advice about practicing,
technique, and how to impress the coach and squad leaders. Step 5. Start practicing basic cheer moves and routines. Find routines online or rent or buy cheerleading
DVDs to learn the basics. To familiarize yourself with your school’s
cheer style and difficulty level, ask the squad coach to borrow old game footage and
study the routines from last season. Besides practicing in front of a full-length
mirror, record yourself with a video camera so you can identify and fix mistakes. Step 6. On the day of tryouts, wear comfortable exercise
clothes, pull your hair up and out of your face, eat a small, high-carbohydrate meal
two hours prior to tryouts, and put on your brightest smile. Wear your school colors. Step 7. Hit the floor and give it your all. Be prepared for anything, especially learning
a new routine on the spot. If you make a mistake or take a fall during
your tryout, don’t give up – keep smiling and pick up where you left off. Did you know According to one study, 83 percent
of cheerleaders carry at least a B average in school.

70 thoughts on “How to Make the Cheerleading Squad”

  1. why the fuk is howcast trying to be funny? im fuking unsubscribing. useless videos, retarted humor, and a whole lot of crap. they are prolly medically retarted.

  2. we dont have chearleaders in the netherlands but from what i hear isnt it more about your attitude then your skills ?

  3. 1~you dont even know what i look like
    2~im not jealous
    3~i like my schools uniforms, one of the reasons i wanted to try out
    4~i quit gymnastics recently and i still want to do somethin similar. i tried out for the competitive one
    5~im pretty popular in my school
    so you shut the fuck up. you dont know a thing about me

  4. #1, #2 and #5. That's what they all say rofl. Also if they're all true want to tell me why you didn't make the team? I doubt a popular kid would be on youtube ranting over why they didn't make the team on a video like this.

  5. You just contradicted yourself. You said it wasn't my business until i replied. But i did so how isn't it my business anymore? Also don't post a comment if you don't want other people to reply.

  6. No offense, just my opinion. I see Cheerleading more like dancing/singing/acting/drawing, its more of an art form not a sport. Just my opinion here!

  7. i dont get y people call cheerleading gay, i dont do it, but if ur a guy and you do it, its you and a bunch of girls spending time and lots of physical contact… doesnt sound too bad to me

  8. i dont think cheerleading is a sport when theyre actually cheering at games.
    i only think its a sport when theyre actually competing against other cheer squads in competition

  9. *1 mayB gay wats wrong wit dat(yeah all u who think gay is wrong will prbly h8 this)
    *2 hey its only high school..ILLEGAL(in america)..and eww. creepy but funny
    *3 HELL YES cheering is a sport, if its not, wat do u call it? yeah thought so. it takes SKILL. im a cheerleader, it is HARD. u try learning dance routines, flipping through the air, handle broken or twisted body parts, lifting 120 lbs girls, wearing a short skirt and chanting at the top of ur lungs
    *4 yeah they might. pends on the guy

  10. Cheerleading is a sport! I'm on a competive team and let me tell you its hard work! I'd like to see you try and atempt a triple full!

  11. you know the way at the end of the video it says cheerleaders carry an average of an A in school? well they have to other wise their kicked of the squad !

  12. Why are they using a guy in short shorts ? I'm not entirely sure if this video is a joke or is supposed to taken seriously

    BTW some of your comments are really "classy" You do know kids go on this site right?

  13. I think all this video is about is serious tryout tips and the guy is just for entertainment, not insulting the sport or any of that

  14. i made my hs cheer squad and im alright..but i do wish i did some of this before, even though i made it, if i did this i would be better off.
    also if you have to do a cheer or dance make sure you smile and are really tight because if you mess up just act like you meant to do that 🙂

  15. Cheerleading is 100% a sport! in foot ball you lift a football not even past ur chin! in cheerleading you lift a human above your head! try doing a backhandspring WITHOUT BREAKING YOUR WRISTS! Its hard cause you let all your body weight on your arms! not much support there! Try going out on a field and Chanting as LOUD as you can so A WHOLE STADIUM can HEAR YOU!! pretty difficult! So if Cheerleading isnt a sport than i dont know what is!

  16. Who said cheerleading isn't a sport? Howcast said it WAS one. And who the fuck brought up Football? Not soccer, not basketball, but Football. Like wtf? Football is a sport people. Believe it or not they do more than "lift a ball not even past their chin". Which they do do EvaAndBentley. They're both sports. We get it. Shut up about it already! You're acting like people are too stupid to understand that after reading loads of people say the same damn thing! Go find something else to bitch about!

  17. I'm In High School And We Work Out More Than Our Football Team, Actually My Coach Bases How Hard Conditioning Is Based On The Football Team.

  18. Anyone who says cheerleading is not a sport, needs to be a cheerleader. I am NOT a cheerleader but im going to be next year so i've had my friends (who cheer at my school) teaching me cheers and i will tell you that i have never been so sore in tired in my life! So cheerleading IS a sport! It works you just as hard as volleyball, softball, or soccer!

  19. Cheerleading isn't an actual sport. I am a cheerleader and I know how hard it is okay I mean people think just because they are harder than other sports doesn't mean it is an actual sport just letting that out there.

  20. What the heck?!? Guys can be cheerleaders, too! Not just girls. Guys can do the same thing girls can. And girls can do the same thing guys can. And that is kinda sexist saying that only girls can do cheer!

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