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How to Mentally Deal With Injury. Tips from Coach David Roche.

How to Mentally Deal With Injury. Tips from Coach David Roche.

– [Male Athlete] The point of
injuries is it’s inevitable so don’t blame yourself. This is, this is why you’re
so good at what you do. Just because you’re
willing to push that edge. So embrace it, say, yeah,
I’m injured, and that’s okay. – [Female Runner] It’s so
hard when something’s hurting or when you’re injured to stay
positive, at least for me. – [Male Athlete] I think that the key is to not try to be something, not try to feel something you don’t. If you feel sad, if you feel depressed, if you feel anxious,
those are valid feelings. – [Female Runner] Unfortunately,
it just puts a lot of that self-doubt in because it’s like, well maybe I shouldn’t be a runner then ’cause this thing keeps
happening and I can’t, I can’t find the source of it, I don’t know why it’s happening, maybe I’m just not meant to be a runner. – [Male Athlete] Injuries really suck, but that doesn’t mean that you suck. The point of an injury
is to reach the point where you fully accept your awesomeness is independent of whatever
you’re going through in that moment. – [Female Runner] This injury
isn’t gonna last forever, it will go away, and the
best thing you can do is try to stay positive and
focus on what you can do. – [Male Participant]
Setbacks make stories, embrace the setbacks along
with the other good things, because it’s just gonna
be another good story. Eventually, a year or two
from now, you’ll probably, whatever injury is like
eating your soul right now, you’ll probably be telling
some really funny story at the dinner table to your friends.

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