1. I just have football boots, football socks, vector x shin guards and Messi's Argentina Jersey

  2. The things that I have are:-
    1.a small bag
    2.a water bottle
    3.a pair of socks
    4.a pair of shin guards(optional )
    5.a pair of shoes

  3. 2 am and I’m here watching the master Netherlands soccer hand puppet master pack his bag and I’m like mmmmm ye oh nice muscle gel good idea what next?

  4. And also bring your pillows, bed, fan, refrigerator, table, water purifier, toothpaste, toothpicks, vegetables and your grandma’s old glasses………..

  5. I take a ball, soccer boots, shin pads, cones, water, goalkeeper gloves, and my socks plus the some extra set of clothes

  6. I've got in my bag 2 pair of boots, shin guard, the club trainers(if the weather is cold) and the club t-shirt, short, and a water bottle and a headset whit JACK 😂

  7. I need gloves,boots,clothes t-shirt or sweatshirt,shorts and underwear,flip flops and shampoo. That's that

  8. My football bag

    Soccer cleats

    Away kit

    Track kit

    Shin guards


    Sport glasses case



  9. All I bring is:

    One pair of cleats (depends on where my team is training)

    2 Bottles of water

    Team ball

    Team training wear

    Soccer socks

    And shin guards of course

  10. this are the thing tha i will broufht in soccer matches:long sleeve,shorts,boots,shin gaurds,extra clothing, socks, jersey, tape etc.

  11. In my football bag
    The end=)))) I like wearing my football boots from house to the yard=))) i am a simple man=)))

  12. In my football bag

    1. Boots
    2.shin pads
    3. Water
    5.Training Long sleeve
    6.Training cloth of my club..

    Thats all…!

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