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This classic illusion is called the
assistants revenge. you’ll find out why in a minute. The magician begins by showing off his
latest restraining device. This one resembles an upright wooden rack. It’s got a stock for the neck and heavy
leather straps with chrome buckles to confine its victim. But the magician’s not going to restrain
himself. Not when he’s got pretty girls around. He calls in one of his lovely assistants and charms her into obediently stepping
into place. Looks like she’s done this kind of thing before. With her hands up against the stocks the magician begins to secure her to the
rack with the leather straps. She’s not struggling so he must be doing
something right. He certainly has a way with leather. Now for the waist. He sinches this strap tight. Two more to go. Next he heads below the belt. Ouch this one is even tighter than her
skirt. Still she doesn’t seem to mind. One last
strap to go to secure her legs though she doesn’t look like the runaway bride
type. He checks the straps one more time. Then goes for the headstock. This updated
version of the medieval restraining device will prevent her neck and hands
from any sudden movements. Just to be sure the magician padlocks
this front stock into place. And you thought your boss was tough. When the magicians assistants say they
are all tied up at work, they mean it. But this is the glamour of
showbiz. Once he’s satisfied his assistants not
able to escape, he pulls a curtain that’s designed to encircle the entire
contraption. But what’s this? The curtains still moving,
only the girl is pulling it and the magician is now locked inside. The device Good for her! Now you know why this
illusion is called the assistants revenge. Bye, bye masked man. Let’s see you get out of this one. So how did our masked magician trade
places with his bound and beautiful assistant? Here are the secrets. When the illusion begins the magician
secures his assistant to the rack with the straps. I can assure you that the straps are
real. So were the headstock and the padlocks. That’s because they never really have to
open So how did the assistant make her quick
escape? The frame of the rack is actually made of two separate halves from the
back you can see that hinges along one side allow the rear of the frame to
swing open while velcro strips along the other side. Hold it closed. Even though the assistant
is really strapped in from the front she can easily swing open the back and
step out anytime she likes. Here you can see her using her fingers
to release the velcro catch and make her escape out of the back. the magician pulls the curtain to block
our view of the assistant. As soon as she is hidden, she slips out of the frame and continues
pulling the curtain from the other side. Meanwhile the magician takes her
position. As the audience sees that the assistant
has switched places with the magician he is still slipping in to take her place. Here’s a secret view of the switch. This assistant pulls open the curtain just
as the magician snaps the frame closed and the illusion is complete. Revenge is sweet, especially when you know the secret.


  1. That narrator annoys me "run away bride type" what is that supposed to mso insulting and at d end " revenge is sweat steups outatiming

  2. The leather straps !
    The locked collar !
    The beautiful assistant !
    The old switcheroo !
    OMG Masked Magician you're such a Dirty Dog !😍😜

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