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How to Place Your Punches | Boxing Lessons

How to Place Your Punches | Boxing Lessons

Using Neiman Gracie today, I’m going to show
you precisely where to land your punches. Neiman, front and center right there. We’re going to start with the top down. First, we’re going to start with the temple
shot. Turn your head left, Neiman. Right here is a knockout punch. It’s a great way to knock out your opponent. And then, stay away from the forehead. The forehead is the strongest part of the
skull. We want to work in this area from the eyes
down. All that’s good stuff. You’ve got the nose. You’ve got the mouth. Dental bills are expensive. That’s a great place to land your shot. And if you catch the chin that’s the sweet
spot. It’s the sweet spot because it snaps your
head back. That’s surely a knockout. All right. Also, you have the jaw bone on the left side
and the right side. Right here, below the eyes, you have the orbital
bone. A strong enough punch will break the orbital
bone. Also, when I’m looking at my opponent, right
beneath the sternum I’ve got the solar plexus. So any shot delivered right in there will
knock the wind right out of your opponent. It’s important that if you take a shot to
the gut to use some muscle tension and exhale on the point of impact. It’ll save you from getting knocked down or
the breath knocked out of you. My favorite shot, of all shots to the body,
is the liver shot. The liver shot’s a devastating shot especially
when you drop your body and you’re able to send your shot just below the chest cavity
up 45 degrees and send your shot all the way up and through to the back of the spine. You’re surely going to knock down your opponent
with that one.

97 thoughts on “How to Place Your Punches | Boxing Lessons”

  1. Guys please do not do that, You dont want to have trouble with the law, when the injured person press charges against you, or you dont want it to turn into a blood bath and gangsters fight, He brings his friends you bring your friends, So only do this for self defense when some thug or anyone tries to steal something from you , or attack you for no reason at all, If you are strong enough to deliver such strong blows to a person, then you should be really careful not to put yourself into trouble.

  2. @Dan Tremayne Who do you want to smash at school tell me the whole story cause im just tryna touch up on my skills since i haven't boxed in like 2 years

  3. Is it just me or does the target guy look just like a human version of the B.O.B. target? Lol, that's rich considering that the lead guy is showing where to punch on him, lol.

  4. Don't forget the bitch niggas that like to hold too. Headbutt them in the nose with the top of your forehead and you got a KO right there.

  5. Might want to mention that punching with your index and middle finger knuckle is crucial. no one wants to break their hand.

  6. Not sure how the mouth is a figjt stopper or how the possibility of dental bills especially with a good mouth guard will stop a determined opponent. Maybe a lip bleed but hardly an optimal target.

  7. Got blindsided in the left temple over the weekend didn't get knocked out but I was stunned as a mofo nothing good happens at 2 am at a pizzeria lol

  8. after 35sec his face gettin intense, after 35sec upwards im in shitstorm laughing…. chewing a bubblegum with his intense face then getin awkward and just smiling, do u guys realize it??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  9. their both hate watch to each others HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i want their both weight in to make it official match on ufc 203 lol…

  10. How did you find the generic boxer from the first "fight night" game. He looks like the character of every game I've played before you modified it hahahahahahaha. I'm impressed

  11. i like the enthusiasm of this guys.its like explaining a piece of delicious tenderloin steak in front of him.good stuff,sweet etc.

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