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How To Play Basketball With Confidence!

How To Play Basketball With Confidence!

– What’s up, It’s Coach Jones
with I Love Basketball TV. I’m gonna show you how to finally
play with more confidence. Let’s check it out. All right, hey. I kid you not, the best
basketball players I’ve ever seen, ever play with, that you ever watch, have unlimited, have ultimate confidence. Sometimes it’s natural,
but if it’s not natural, how do you get it? How can you play better? How can you feel like
you are the best player on the court at all times? I promise you, to play
at peak performance, the play at your best, to have those great
games, to replicate them and be consistent with it, you got to be confident. You got to feel like
“I’m the baddest dude, “I’m the baddest girl on this court.” No matter who steps on it. All right, so how do we build that? How do we train that? Here’s now. First and foremost, you have
to put in the work, all right? We say they sleep we grind, we say that for a reason, all right? The grinding is necessary. It’s the first prerequisite to play with ultimate confidence. So, whenever you see these
videos on I Love Basketball TV, you gotta make sure that you are a doer. All right, don’t ask how
well I know a certain drill. Don’t ask how well I
know a certain concept. How well do you do it? How well do you go out on
the court and do that drill and master that drill and work until you can’t get it wrong, all right? That’s the first thing. The work cannot be substituted. You can’t just come here and watch and get a good feeling about
learning how to do this stuff. You gotta go out there and be practical. You gotta go out there and actually put in that work, that
sweat, and not leave the gym until you can’t get it wrong. So, if you want to play with confidence, you gotta go out on these courts. As soon as these videos are over, go onto the basketball
courts, go into your garage, go onto the concrete, go onto the grass. Whatever you have to go
play, go on out there and then hoopin’ and then
putting in that work. That’s the first tip to
having ultimate confidence when you get on that basketball floor. All right, so first
thing, put in that work. The second thing is realize
failure is feedback. All right, so when you’re doing a move, you’re trying to work on a crossover, up between the legs
move, you turn it over, realize, hey, you gotta start
loving that kind of stuff. That failure is feedback. Why did I turn the ball over? Why did I mess up right now? Maybe I didn’t follow
through entirely on my move. Maybe I wasn’t crisp in my footwork. Realize that stuff, practice it. When you mess up, hey, it’s just feedback. Let me get to the next thing. You gotta start loving that stuff. When I play, when I was younger, if I turned the ball over,
I had to run down a hill. You know what? I started loving the mess ups. I started loving the challenge of doing the move the right way. Even when I did it five times in a row, can I do it three more times in a row? Learn that, love that failure
because it’s feedback. And that feedback is what
champions eat for breakfast. All right, first thing. Grind, don’t sleep. They sleep, we grind, first thing. Second thing, failure is feedback. You’re gonna mess up. Man, the NBA players, you think
they got to where they are by being perfect, by not messing up? You’re always gonna mess up. You’re always gonna do a drill. You’re always gonna turn it over. You’re always gonna not do
it the way you want to do it. Here’s a tip that I want to give you, too. Whenever you’re doing these drills that Coach Rock gives you,
that Coach Bryce gives you, that I give you, make sure
you’re doing these moves with an elite defender in mind. If you’re doing a move,
you’re cruising through it, you’re feeling good, pull through and layin’ in up and jellying, look, when you get to the game, that’s not gonna happen. All right, especially when
you play an elite defender. Make sure these moves
are crisp, you’re going, they go hard, step in that cross over, if you mess up, again, failure was what? Feedback, failure is feedback. If you turn the basketball over, realize, “Oh, okay, I messed up somewhere. “Where did I mess up? “Let me go back to that
moment, let me fix that.” okay, everybody say it with me. Failure is feedback. Allright, first thing, grind. Second thing, failure is feedback. The third thing, probably
the most important thing, you have to realize that you have to stay in the correct mental timezone, okay? So, if you mess up, if
you’re shooting a shot and you brink it, shoot, oh man. First thing is failure is feedback. Realize why did I miss that shot? Was I balanced, did I have good eyes? Was I targeting like I
should have been targeting with my really dominant eye? Did I have my fingers in that
rim on my follow through? All right, did I have
my feet set up square or tilted the way I have before I shoot? Okay, that’s the feedback portion. Keep asking yourself,
“How can I get better? “How can I make sure that “I’m focusing on the small details?” Okay, if you focus on
form, focus on the details. The result takes care of itself, okay? The third thing was stay in
the correct mental timezone. If you’re worried about the past, “Oh, I messed up beforehand. “Oh, this guy crossed me
up last time I guarded him. “Oh, I turned the ball
over in the open court.” That’s not peak performance. There’s not way in the world
you’re gonna have confidence out the wazoo if you keep
thinking about the past and something that happened
to you beforehand, okay? I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And, look, better too much
confidence than too little. That’s the quote of
the day for this video. It’s better to have too much confidence playing on this court, coming out here with swagger,
ready to take on anybody who tries to get in front of you. Better to have too much confidence than too little confidence. The only way to have that confidence is to stay in the mental timezone. If you are bringing the ball up the court, focus on bringing the ball up the court. I’m talking to you on
this video right now. What I’m focusing on is talking to you, serving you, making
sure you have these tips that you need to be the
best basketball players you can possibly be, okay? So when it’s time to get on that court, and you have a wide open shot, don’t focus on, “Oh, I’m
gonna make or miss this shot.” Focus on the form. Focus on, hey, the ball’s
in my hands, I’m low, I’m ready to go, I’m ready to explode. I’m timing my release with my jump. Those are the small nitty gritty details that you can keep focus on and that correct timezone
is going to help you play with peak performance. All right, so let’s recap. We’re out here, you see these
drills, don’t ask yourself, “How well do I know this drill? “How well do I know this concept? “Oh, Coach Rocks already
said that before.” Okay, cool, how well do you do it? How well can you go out
there and perform that move? First thing to play
with ultimate confidence is to make sure you grind,
make sure you put in that work. Number one, first and foremost. Second thing is feedback. Failure is feedback. If you mess up on a drill, if
you can’t get a move right, realize that I’m doing
something wrong somewhere. Don’t knock yourself down;
don’t beat yourself up. Realize, “Hey, there’s
somewhere I can get better.” Take advantage of that opportunity. Embrace that opportunity. Realize that that failure is feedback and fix whatever you need
to fix to correct that move, correct that drill, to guard the defender, to make that shot. For the recap, number one, to
play with peak performance, to play with ultimate
confidence like you’re the baddest dude, the baddest
girl that walks on the court every time you set foot on a court, you have to put in the work. So when you see Coach Rock,
Coach Bryce, Coach Jones doing the drill, doing a move, don’t say, “Hey, I know how to do that. “Hey, I remember him saying that. “He’s already told me how to do that.” Don’t ask how well you know something. Ask how well you do it, okay? That’s the first thing; make
sure you put in that work. There’s no substitute for it. The second thing is to
realize failure is feedback. When you’re doing a
move and you mess it up, you get a rip, you get a turnover, you don’t play defense the
way you wanted to play, that’s feedback, that’s nothing else. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t beat yourself
over the head about it. Put that energy worrying about it, focus on doing the next right thing, like my coach used to
always tell me in college. The third thing, we got making
sure that we put in the work, failure is feedback, the third thing and probably
the most important thing is to make sure we stay in
the correct mental timezone. If you miss a shot that you usually make, don’t dwell on that mistake. If you’re worried about
something in the future that has not even happened yet, you’re not in the correct mental timezone. We always say this, “When,
what’s important now? “When, what’s important now?” So, I’m shooting this free
throw and I don’t want to quote unquote choke– I hate that word. We don’t rise to the
level of our training. We don’t show our potential. Instead of not doing that,
we gotta focus on the now. What’s important now? So, I’m shooting this free
throw, is my foot on the nail? Are my eyes focused on what
they should be, a small target? Am I ready, am I locked and loaded? Do I go through my routine
that I always practice with my free throws? Am I focused on my breathing? Whatever’s important in that moment, you’ve got to focus on and
that’s how you’re going to play with ultimate confidence. Hey, thank you for liking this video. Thank you for commenting. That you for subscribing. Check us out on the next one. Let us know how we can help you out. We’ll see you soon.

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