How to Play Volleyball : Volleyball Court Positions

Hello, this is Keith Sewell with Expert Village.
In this clip, we’re going to look at volleyball playing positions. In the front row on the
left side, you have the outside hitter or the strong side hitter. In the middle, you
have the middle hitter. On the right side, you have the right side hitter. In the back,
you have the right side back, the middle back, and the left back. The setter will usually
be on the right front or the right back position for defense. Positions on the court are also
numbered. Starting with 1, that would be the right back, 2 would be the right front, 3
would be the middle front, 4 would be the left front, 5 would be the left back, and
6 would be the middle back. Even though you rotate, these numbers stay the same because
they’re more of court positions. The numbers are good to know because a coach will often
times call out a number and show you a number on the hand, using their hand from behind
it. They’ll show you if there’s a weak spot in the defense on the other team, and you’ll
know where to serve it because of the number.

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