How to Prepare for a Competition | Cheerleading

Competition season is exciting, but there’s
a lot to think about. Tip one is go over the competition score sheet. Judges are looking for something specific,
so you need to make sure that your routine has all of those parts. Tip two. Review all of the rules for time, boundary,
and legality of stunts. You want to make sure that everything in your
routine is legal. Tip three is back up copies of your competition
music. Once you know that your music is within the
time limits, and you’ve tested it on several different players, make copies of the music
and hand it out to different people on your cheerleading squad. Tip four, is perform in front of a crowd. Have a showcase night, and invite friends
and family so you can actually perform your routine in front of a bigger crowd than just
at practice. Tip five. Create a packing list. Think about everything that you need for the
day of competition and the practice prior to your competition. Hand out this packing list to each person
on your team, so everyone is prepared for competition day. Tip six is have fun. Work as a team, and rely and lean on each
other. Remember, competition should be fun.

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