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How to Prepare for a Tryout | Cheerleading

How to Prepare for a Tryout | Cheerleading

How to prepare for cheerleading tryouts. Cheerleading tryouts can be stressful, but
coaches and judges just want to see you at your best. Taking the time to prepare mentally and physically
will help you have the best tryout that you can. First, you’ll want to get in shape, start
a workout plan, and set goals for the skills you want to do at tryouts. Research the team and ask past members about
any questions that you might have. They could be really helpful in finding out
what to expect for this upcoming year. In the days leading up to the actual tryout,
there will probably be a couple of days of clinics where you’re going to learn the cheer,
side lines and chants, and the dance. You’re definitely going to want to go to this. After you’ve learned all that material, you
want to go home every night and practice, practice, practice. Do your motions in front of the mirror, and
if you can bring a blank CD so you can get a copy of the music so you can practice the
dance at home, too. On the day of tryouts, you want to dress to
impress. Make sure that your clothes are appropriate
and if you can, try to wear your school colors. If you make a mistake during the tryout, don’t
worry about it. Just keep smiling and keep pushing through. Think about your cheerleading tryout as a
job interview. You’ll be representing your school and your
community. So make sure you’re always acting professional. Show your leadership ability employs by keeping
your head up and making eye contact with the judges. And always come prepared to tryouts with all
of your documents ready to go.

20 thoughts on “How to Prepare for a Tryout | Cheerleading”

  1. beginner and mines @ 10AM on saturday. so nervous we had a week to practice the routine and the cheer… hope i make the team.

  2. I really want to try out so bad in March but I'm a sophmore and that would be for my junior year and I feel like what if they don't take me cuz I'm isn't juniors for varsity and I have no experience 🙁

  3. I have tryouts tomorrow! I want to make the team so badly. I have never done cheer before but I know some things! everyone pray for me!!!

  4. I know I’m all late for this video, I’ve seen it since last year but, I’m trying out tm for captain for jh!!!!! Fingers crossed I get position. Whoever sees this, pray for me!!

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