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How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : How to Handle Judges at Cheerleading Tryouts

How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : How to Handle Judges at Cheerleading Tryouts

Hi my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village here to talk about an introduction to cheerleading. Now you want to be prepared
to go in and just know a little bit about the judging panel and how you’re being judged.
First of all, the judging panel is going to be usually made up of about three or four
people. These people are going to consist of your coach, your assistant coach, usually
a captain of the team, and a lot of times a guest judge will be brought in just to make
sure that everything is fair. These people don’t know you so it’s definitely giving everyone
a chance to be judged fairly. This person will usually be someone who’s chaired before,
a lot of times brought in by a college that’s around. So now that you know who’s going to
be judging you, you need make sure that you treat all of them the same. Now say the captain
of the squad is Susie, your best friend from third period math, or Susie, your best friend
from swim team, we’re not going to acknowledge that. Susie is here to judge, and you’re here
to perform, so we need to make sure to maintain that relationship. Now the judges are going
to judge you from about fifteen categories, going all the way from your appearance to
your interview questions to the way you perform your materials. You’re usually going to be
given a score of one through ten on all those categories. Your final score will be combined,
and that combination number is what’s going to get you on the squad. Usually a squad consists
of about twenty girls so the top twenty scorers are going to usually make it onto the squad.
So just make sure you’re ready. You are going to be judged on things like your appearance.
So just make sure you know that your performance is going to be first and foremost what they’re
looking for. So definitely, be ready, perform the best you can and make sure you act professional
and respectful towards your judges.

33 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : How to Handle Judges at Cheerleading Tryouts”

  1. they mean like u need to have tidy hair no chipped finger nail polish and just to look clean and presentable because you will be representing your school.

  2. this is not how they do tryouts were i live ive been cheering for 2 years and both times its UCA people usally 4 and no one that knows you so its not bias at all and most of time for high school a squad consists of 12-20 people

  3. thx so much ur tips n stuff help me make my cheerleading team so im now a huntingdon cheerleader bbut i rele need help like wat 2 do 4 ur firdt pep ralley or game will u plz do a video bout that?

  4. I have tryouts next week, i use to be a cheerleader and I dont know how to do flips and my jumps are not that good! I know I'm strong and I have great posture and I can do cartwheels and round-offs. I can yell lol and thats pretty much it… i know im gonna suck.. should i just try or no.?

  5. @expertvillage Do they usually make you do things like cartwheels and such? I can do that and some other things, but I want to make sure I have them PERFECT before I try out 🙂

  6. My tryouts will have coach, our two assistaint coaches, and the old coach who is retiering this year. Super nervous!!!

  7. Ima sighn up for cheerleading and tryouts are in april 27,and iam sooo nervous about what they might think of me!!! ;/ and what to they mean about apperance!?;?

  8. when u do cheer tryouts, i know u have a group of about 3 girls, but idk what u mean by doing a cheer together because what cheer do u do? or does the cheerleading coach give u a cheer to practice with the girls that ur with? and i also was wondering when do u know when to do the tumbling and jumps….. or do the judges tell u when to do them????? please HELP
    me i want to know because i want to tryout next year when i do cheer in middle school……

  9. Did the cheerleader coach give u a cheer to chant and moves to do at tryouts when u do it with a group? Did u practice the moves and cheer with a group of girls? Did the coach or judges give u a sign when to do the tumbling and jumps? oh and i also hope u make the team!!!!!!! just please reply i need help…… I want to tryout next year in middle school…. so please HELP me u can also make a video response of what tumbling u did and what jumping u did………….. PLEASE DO THIS 4 ME!!!!!

  10. It was great and I made the team. We tryed out our cheers, chants, and dance in groups of 8 and we practiced out stuff with our grade level. They told us to do out toetouch, pike and hurdler and I also threw my toetouch to tuck. For tumbling I threw a standing tuck and a layout. They just told us when it was out turn to throw stuff and they usually dont expect the best tumbling but they want some skill so dont fear. Good luck:)

  11. That's was good but there's a problem I'm new to cheerleading and I don't do gymnastics or anything like that ,and this fall we are having try outs for our middle school and we don't have a gymnastic gym because we have a small town and stuff like that ,and I hope a pray that I make the team I been wanting to cheer ever since I was little

  12. At my school the judges are not allowed to know our name just our number and the couch doesn't know who made it until they are picked, so it is purely off our score and not favoritism

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