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How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : How to Practice Material for Cheerleading Tryouts

How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : How to Practice Material for Cheerleading Tryouts

Hi, my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village here to talk about an introduction to cheerleading. Now that we have the learning
part of our tryouts, you are usually going to be given about 30 minutes to spread out
on your own in your school area or either the community center area, wherever you are
trying out and practice and master these skills by yourself. First and foremost, I would say
go ahead and tackle your cheer. You are going to want to do that with a group just to make
sure you have your motions right. You might of learned in your cheer you might of seen
this when really the motion is this so you just want to make sure you get with a couple
of other girls. It’s best to have 3 or 4 people not too many cause that can get a little bit
too talkie so you are basically there to learn. So it’s good to have other girls once you
have practiced in a group, your cheer I would go ahead and go over your dance. Now you are
not going to be able to practice with the music cause it’s impossible for 150 girls
to be practicing with the music all at once. You are going to want to make sure we use
the counts that we talked about earlier for each beat in the music there is going to be
a count. It really helps to do that out loud even if you seem silly you are still going
to want to do 1 2 3 4 don’t be afraid same goes with your cheer. When you are doing your
cheer in your corner, you don’t want to be going “here we go team this is what I remember
from the cheer”, go ahead and be voicetrous “go team go team”, do what you learned in
the cheer. Cause that’s going to help you do a better performance in the end. Definitely
stunt that is something you need to practice with your group of girls so you are going
to have to coordinate and get together. Tumbling and jumping I would practice alone for some
girls will form a jump circle go around one at a time and get feedback on how you can
improve your jumps. Now that you have practiced, you are ready to go so you need to take a
seat and take a deep breath and get ready to perform these awesome material we just

16 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts : How to Practice Material for Cheerleading Tryouts”

  1. well i should've looked all this up before tryouts lol. i still made it though. if i wouldve looked her up, she wouldve been alot of help!

  2. 4 my team there is no tryouts u just pay $600 to join and they teach u. but im scared cause im probably gonna b a flyer….its good i have lots of friends to train me b4 summer (wen it starts) since they have been on the team 4eva…congradulations colts for winnin ur com at daytona , florida!!!!

  3. well it depends on how big your school is. there wont always be 150 girls…. at my school on like 35 tryout for 16 spots.

  4. When we try out we go in groups to learn, then for the actual Tryouts we break into smaller groups. Last year my group was last and we practices our hearts out. We me sure that we were all in count we were yelling loud we were smiling and stretching. Don't be afraid to Tryouts just cause you think you won't make it because if you try your hardest and give it all you've got there is a slim chance you won't make it. And girls don't try out just to be "cool." You're perfect being you:)

  5. My tryouts for competition r on June 3 and I feel ready but I can't be sure what the r gonna ask me to do!! I just really hope I make the team!!

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