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How to Replace A Tumble Dryer Control Board (Hoover)

How to Replace A Tumble Dryer Control Board (Hoover)

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video I’ll be showing how to
replace a PCB in this Hoover tumble dryer. If you see one of our diagnosis videos and realize
that the PCB is the problem in your appliance this is how to fix it. Safety first: Always unplug the appliance
before carrying out any work. The next thing I need to do is
to remove the top of the appliance by undoing these three screws at the back. With the top removed the next step is to take off the control panel
which is held in place by these two screws at the top. With the screws removed the control
panel can drop down, and here we see the PCB or
printed circuit board in position there. Grab your new board and you can see how it fits in. So the best thing to do is to start
by removing the electrical connectors from the old
board, no need to take a photo as they only fit in one position back on
the new board. Releasing the catch on this one. With all the electrical connections removed I can now pop the board out of the control panel
just by releasing these clips that hold into place. Grab your new board and it’s worth noting that
before fitting the board the control shaft has to fit right through the circuit board so you
have to make sure the shaft is in the right position. Which is normally at the 12 o’clock position. The board just fits in on one side before clicking on to the other side. You can then refit the electrical
connections. You’re then ready to refit the control panel. There we have it one new PCB fitted to
this Hoover tumble dryer. Spares for tumble dryers and
other appliances can be found on the website. Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “How to Replace A Tumble Dryer Control Board (Hoover)”

  1. I've got this exact model, would replacing this solve a problem with the lint filter light always coming on, even when the lint collector & heat exchanger below have been thoroughly cleaned?

  2. It was working a minute ago and then I went to put a new load in and the light won't even work, I've checked the fuse's in the machine and the wall socket and I'm confused, could you help me please

  3. Hi i have followed your video and have found that a part has come off the board. It seems to be part where the start button needs to press on to start the machine. Do i need a new board or can this be solider back into place thanks

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