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How to Speed Up Windows 10 for Gaming (really easy)

How to Speed Up Windows 10 for Gaming (really easy)

What’s going on guy, welcome back to another brand new video, today we gonna be presenting you a gamers special episode, made especially
for the Windows 10 gamers. The exact topic we’re going to discuss today, is How to
speed up you windows 10 gaming performance. Before we start let’s see how this computer
performs now, for that we are going to run a gaming test. For a faster comparison we’re
only considering the fps rate of the gameplay, so have a look. The gameplay now you’re
looking at, is the Assassin’s creed 4 black flag. Which is one of my all time favorite
assassin’s creed game ever created Now let me show you the current graphical settings
of the game. And you can see it’s all set to high level graphics and it is ruing at 1080p. Now let’s play the game for some time, and see how much fps or frame per second. We can achieve under the current condition. Mean while you can checkout this PC’s Configuration or Specification. I’m running this game on my dell inspiron 5547 i7 laptop, which is not an alien ware
or any kind of gaming machine. It’s only a regular use laptop, but it will do the job. Here is the hardware
specification, if your interested, have a look, or you can checkout the detailed specification by going to the video description and there you will find the link to the official website as well. Ok! Coming back to the matter. After 5 minutes
of gameplay we have got the result, and which is a very disappointing one. Have a look. So let’s see, if we can increase it to any further. After applying all these tricks or methods, we will run one more test, and hope you get convinced with it. Before start explaining the methods, I
have to say you one last thing. This video is manly created for two types of gamers, one who can afford the expensive hardware and one who cannot. If you are the first type
of gamer, by apply thing video, you can get even more performance from your machine, or
let’s say the most out of it. Now the second type of gamers, who don’t have the fancy
gears and can’t afford any upgrades. But still want to play the hard core games. Guys,
this is the one for you. The benefit of you watching this video is more valuable than the first type of gamers. Because, you can play the game that you almost think unplayable. So let’s go ahead and start the tutorial, welcome to ‘Geeks tutorial’ once again. Step number 1, Power option. In this step we are allowing your PC to consume more energy to perform better, for that you need to move over to the start menu and search for ‘Power option’ Now you will see it on the search result. So just go ahead and click on it. Now it will bring you to the control panel Power option window. Here you can see your
PC’s power plans is set to balanced by default “Balanced” power plan is somewhere in
between energy saving plan and High performance. So if we need to push your PC up to it’s
maximum limits, we need to choose the High performance power plane. If you don’t see
the high performance power plan here, it’s always in the hide additional plans tab. So just go ahead and select the High performance power plan, and close the window. Hope we are done with the step number 1, so let’s move on. Step number 2, Remove unwanted programs. In this step we are going to remove or uninstall every unwanted programs from your PC, to do
that we need to move over to the start menu. Then search for ‘Control Panel’. Now you
can see it on the result, So just go ahead and click on it. Now you will see the control panel window. From here you can move to the ‘Programs’ and click on ‘Uninstall a Program’ hyperlink. Now you will see each and every programs that installed on your system. So go ahead and scroll through, find and get rid of every single unwanted or malicious programs. If you find any unwanted programs on the list. Just double click on it, to uninstall. By uninstalling all of these unwanted stuffs your PC performance will become more stable. And you can free up some space on your hard drive too. Step number 3, Disable unwanted
startup program. This step will help you to reserve more of your pc resources for your gaming. For example by disabling unwanted startup programs, there will be not a lot
of unwanted program running every time when your system startup, and also this step will help you to achieve an even more faster boot time as well. Now let’s start the instructions.
Launch your task manager. The easiest way to open your task manager is by right click on any empty space on your task bar. And choose task manager from the right click menu. Once you are at the task manager. Go to the startup tab. And there you will see all the programs
that are started automatically start when your system start up. When you install a program
in Windows, it may add a small program that runs when Windows starts. After installing a lot of software, you may experience your boot up process could become slow. And these
programs run on the system background for ever and it cause your system performance
slow down. If there are programs you don’t use much, they probably don’t need to start
every time Windows does. So I will show you how to disable unwanted startup program to achieve a better startup speed and System performance. And you can see many of the programs
that we regularly use as well as many programs that we never use on a daily basis. Identify
them and apply this. For example. If your are not an active skype user you can disable skype from automatically start once your system startup. And let me disable number of other
programs as well, that I ain’t use regularly. And make sure do not disable your programs
published by Microsoft Corporation, because maybe these programs running your windows. And do not disable the antivirus too. That’s it, we all done here. Now let’s close the
task manger and move on. Step number 4, Disable unwanted services. In this step we are going to show you, how to disable unwanted windows services. Windows service is a computer program
that operates in the background. It is similar in concept to a Unix daemon. A Windows service must conform to the interface rules and protocols of the Service Control Manager, and the component responsible for managing Windows services. So by disabling those unwanted service we
can achieve even more performance! So let’s start the instruction. Go to your start menu
and search for ‘Services’. Now you can see it on the results, so go ahead click on it. And it will open up the service window. Know you need to disable all these services on this list. Don’t worry you can find the names of those services to be disabled, on
the video description as well. So let’s me show you how to disable a service from the windows services. First of all let’s disable ‘Diagnostic Policy Service’. Scroll through here and find it or you can keep on hitting the first letter of the service, until you find it. Unfortunately there is no other way to find the service even quicker than that. So here is the first service, we just found it, Once you find the service, right
click on it and choose properties. Now from here go ahead click on this stop button and
finally, choose manual from the startup type. So take this as an example and do the same
with the other three services as well. That’s all here. So let’s move on. Step number
5, Defragment and Optimize drives. Defragment is a maintenance task required by your hard drives. Most hard drives have spinning platters, with data stored in different places around
the platter. When your computer writes data to your drive, it does so in “blocks”, that
are ordered sequentially from one side of the drive’s platter to the other. Fragmentation
happens when those files get split between blocks that are far away from each other. The hard drive then takes longer to read that file because the read head has to “visit”
multiple spots on the platter. Defragmentation puts those blocks back in sequential order, so your drive head doesn’t have to run around the entire platter to read a single file. But if you are using an SSD also known as Solid stat drive instead of an HDD, We are strongly recommend not to perform the defragmentation. Because they don’t have any moving parts
inside, and this will not happen to them. And if you did do the defragmentation on an SSD, you are actually making it slower. So don’t try it. If in case your using an SSD,
please skip this step. To perform defragmentation on your windows machine, you need to go to
the start menu and search defragment. And click on the defragment and optimize drives.
Now you will see this window. From here you gonna wanna select your system drive. Usually
it is the c drive, so let’s select “c” and click on Optimize. Now you can see your
System drive is optimizing. The process will take a while, so please be patient, and let it complete. Once it finished you can close the window, and that’s it Step number 6,
Cleanup memory, by performing this method you can cleanup every unnecessary files on your system, may result more performance! So let’s start the instruction. Go to your file explorer. Right click on Your system drive or c drive or more specifically saying.
Where your windows 10 is installed. And choose properties from here. We are now on the general tab. Here you will see the disk clean up option. Just go ahead and click on it, and allow it to scan the files. Now you can see the Scanning is just finished and now you need to click on the clean up system files, then it will scan again. After the scan finished you will see this window. Now click on ok. And it will ask you “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these files. Click on Yes, don’t worry It will only delete the unnecessary
files. Now the cleanup process has been done. So let’s move on to the next step. Step
number 7, Delete unnecessary temporary files. In this step we are going to perform clean
up the temporary files also know as temp files. The Temporary files created by the Windows
operating system. Whereas the one’s created by the User when running any software, so as it’s name indicate this files are only created for temporarily. Once you closed an
application, most of the temp file generated by the application, will still stay on your
system, and when you launch the program again, it will create a new temp file along with
the old one, repeating this cycle may cause your system performance slowdown. So by deleting these files will
help you to free up more space on your hard drive as well as, it will give us an improvement
on the total system performance. So let’s start the instructions. Head over to the start
menu and right click on the windows icon. Then choose run from here. Now type %temp% and click on ok. Now you will see this folder, Select everything in it and delete. Now close the folder. Go to run box again by right clicking on the windows icon. Now type ‘temp’ and
click on ok. Now again a folder will appear, then select all the files in it , right click and delete. Now again go to run and this time let’s type prefetch. Now click on ok, you will find
all the command that I mentioned on the video will be on the video description, so you can just copy and use them after you finished watching as well. Now click on continue and
you gonna wanna select everything and delete after that you can Close the folder, and that’s
pretty much everything we can done here. So let’s move on. Step number 8 Reduce run
time service. Go to the start menu and click on the windows icon, from this menu choose run. And you you wanna type in msconfig, inside the run box, then press enter and you will
see this. From here go to service. Now you gonna wanna make sure, Hide all Microsoft
services option is selected or marked. That’s really important, because I don’t want you to disable any Important things accidently. So make sure you do that before going any further. Now look through the services, and uncheck every unwanted or rarely using services. For example
i don’t use skype that often, as i tolled you earlier. So let’s uncheck the skype update service and disable it. You can trace and find out every unwanted services, just by identifying there names. I know you can do it. Now click on ok and we are done. Step number 9, Registry tweaks. Now I will show you how to do the registry tweaks to speed up your windows 10. The First thing you gonna wanna do Is, launch the run box again, for that head over to the windows
icon, right click on it, and choose run from this menu. Then type in regedit, and click
on ok or press enter. Now you will see this window, and form here you gonna wanna go to
HKEY Current user, by just double clicking on the folder. Then go to control panel. Now
go to mouse. Now you need go over here and double click on the Mouse hover time, and
change it’s value to 10, then click on ok. Now double click on desk top folder, Scroll
down a little bit. Then double click on Mouse show delay and change it’s value to 10, then click on ok. To experience all this changes at it’s best, you should wanna restart your
system. But we have to do some more thing, before taking a system restart, stay tuned. Step number 10, Visual effect optimization. In this step we are gonna show you how to disable your, windows 10 interface graphical performance. Both to boost your system performance, and to reserve more graphics for your gaming performance. And please notice, it won’t
effect your gaming graphic or program graphics in a bad way It will only reduce a small amount
of Graphical appearance of your windows 10 Operating system interface, for example after you done this you may feel a less detailed visual effects on your OS interface. But it will improve your system performance to the maximum level. And hope we can reserve the
graphics, that we need to boost up our games as well. So the final decision is up to you,
whatever it is, for the sake of the video. I will show you how to do it, try it on if you want. If you feel disappointing, you can always change it, back to the normal by doing
the method in reverse. So let’s start the instruction. Move over to the start menu and
search ‘System’. Now you will see it on the result, So just go ahead click on it, and you will get to this window. Now click on the advanced system settings hyper link
on the left side then you will get to this small window, and here you will find a settings
button under Performance section. Just go ahead and click on it, then you will get to this ‘Performance Options Window’. These thing are basically, everything that make your windows 10 looks beautiful, as well as these are the main things that uses your computer resources, like your Ram, Processing power, and Graphics as well. I only recommend this,
if you want the extreme performance that possible with your machine So let’s do it, click
on Adjust for best performance option. And you can see, now it is automatically unchecked
all these options. If you want you can select some of the options, that you can’t live without. For example, In my case, I would like to enable this option. Show shadows under mouse pointer. That’s it, once you done, editing that, just click on apply and ok. Now lets take a proper system restart, before getting to our most important and final trick
to boost up the games to it’s maximum. So stay tuned. I will be back in a moment. Hey guys back again, we successfully restarted the system. Now what! I know what you waiting
for, and I’m just gonna give it to you. Step number 11, Game boosting, In this step we are going to boost our games to it’s maximum performance. And it’s all possible
because of this outstanding program. Ladies and gentleman, guy and girl we proudly present. The razer ‘Cortex Game booster’. Well I’m not being a fan boy or this video
is not sponsored by razer. But I realize the fact that this program is a game changer, and I love razer products as a gamer, so razer if you hearing me, just me give me a call,
send us mail. We’re happy to promote your products here on Geeks tutorial. So guys getting back to the matter. We are now on razer’s official website. So Let’s go ahead and
download the program. You can find a link to this page on the video description. Once you are here, scroll down a little bit and click on this download button, It is a 118 MB file, seems pretty small in size, but hope it perform great. The download is just finished. So go to the download location and install it. It pretty simple, just follow the on screen instructions and do it, and
finally the installation is completed. And you can see the game booster is launched. Now you need to sign in to the app using your razer id and password. If don’t have one
it’s totally free and easy to create one. Just click on this create account button and fill your details, click on I agree to the Terms of Service and finally click on Create
Account. Then they will sent you a verification email to your associated mail address Just go to your email inbox and click on the verification link and that’s it. Now you’re just created
your very fist razer account, fortunately I already have one. So let’s go ahead and sign in. Enter the email and password that you just created! then click on login. Now the app is ready to go. So let me show you how to boost your games further more, or let’s say to the extreme
level. For that go to ‘my games’ and click on this plus sign. Now browse and locate your
game’s exe file, or more clearly saying the file you used to launch your games, and please note I’m not talking about the game shortcuts. If you don’t know where you games were installed. I suggest you to find the game path from it’s shortcut. For example let’s find the location
of assassin’s creed black flag. Go to your start menu and search assassin’s creed or your game title Now right click on the game icon. and click on open file location, now
you find the short cut of the game, again right click on it. And choose open file location,
and you can find your game exe, and up here you can track the file location as well. So
go back to the app, browse and select the game exe. Then click on open, now click on add and we just added the game to the Game booster. You can add as much games as you
want, by using the same way. Once you added a gaming, just click on it and click on start game. And it will run the game in boost mode. So let’s launch the game with razer cortex
game booster and see how it’s performs now. You can see it’s boosting the game In real
time. Know I will show you the games graphical settings once more and you can see it’s all set to same as before. So let’s test the game and see how
much fps we can achieve now. After running the game for 5 minutes we have got the final
result, have a look. You can see, we have achieved a lot better frame rate than before. So it’s a success! And that’s how you can boost your gaming performance on windows 10. And of cause the, whole process will boost up your system performance and boot time as well. If you
don’t mind, Let us know your experience by leaving a comment below. If you like this
video leave a thumbs up. If you wanna watch more subscribe to the channel, and don’t
forget to share the video, hope it would help more gamers out there. You’re watching Geeks
tutorial and this is your host Amal Rafi. Hope you have a great time, see you guys and
girls on the next one. Until then Peace out!

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