99 thoughts on “How to Spin Back Dribble | Basketball”

  1. Nice.. My friends gonna be amazed with this new cool move. thanks man. by the way,I play 5on5 every afternoon with my friends. I just thought you ought to know

  2. this move actually does work, the video is just cheesy my friend stays in that backward stance and continues to dribble it backwards then explode to the rim.

  3. Cats are late. We was doing that move back in the 90s.I seen it for the first time from Above The Rim. Cats everywhere here in Detroit was doing it. We called it the "Smitty" 

  4. If you guys stop acting like the kids that watch your videos aren't 5 and under then u would be good at this

  5. 0:53 Dance Clown,Dance!  I coach basketball and if I were to see one of my players execute this crap I'd put him on the bench.  Never turn your back on your defender while attempting a behind the back dribble.  What a joke!

  6. But they can knock it out of his hand cause you do not know whats going on in the back of you they can steal it

  7. Can you please tell me which basketball to buy if I am an intermediate player? I want a basketball with a good grip and with awesome bounce. Can you please suggest me a good basketball within 10$ – 15$?

  8. That move makes it easy to steal the ball …. I do it all the time … for any offense there's a defense … And every move has it's weaknesses

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