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How to Spot a Fake Soccer Jersey

How to Spot a Fake Soccer Jersey

Hey soccer fans, this is Matt from Today I’m bringing a video about how to spot fake
jerseys and how do not get burned this holiday season but buying stuff
that just isn’t official, licensed, or looks as nice or feels as good. Now, right here I’ve got two Arsenal
jerseys. Now this one right here is the official Nike licensed Arsenal jersey and this here is the fake jersey from a
chinese company which will remain unnamed. Now, the first thing you’re going to notice about
these two shirts is one has a Nike crest, the official one, and the other
does not. And beyond that one of the best ways to
spot a fake is the coloration. Now as you can see the real jersey has a navy
collar, the fake jersey has a white collar, which
is completely wrong, and you also see the fake shirt has this
kind of tag like a t-shirt tag and a chinese tag where as the license Nike shirt has a
Nike logo right here says Dri Fit on it underneath there. And it’s got the
official motto “victoria concordia crescit.” Now one other thing you can notice on
this is the crest on the fake shirt just doesn’t look the same as the one of
the real one. The letters are distorted, its a bit off, and that’s also something that’s really going to tip you off. I don’t know if you guys can see it but the material is also
different. The Dri Fit has just got a real nice feel to it, a nice soft polyester. The
fake one feels almost like lacquer paint. It’s just really not a very nice shirt at all and its definitely something that you’re not going to want to give to someone as a
gift this holiday season. Now one final way to spot the difference between these two, I’m just going to get out the sleeve of this jersey here, is the Premier official patches or name sets. Now this is a fake one and as you can see it’s just kind of stitched on there, its like a lacquery material again, and down here I have the official
Chelsea jersey from this season which we have affixed an official patch to. As you can see it’s pressed on
there with the heat press, not stitched. It’s a felt material when I scratch with my
finger and you’ll notice that the lions there are not the same at all.
And this one is just a really inferior material, so you should be able
to spot them pretty easily based on that. Generally the best rule of thumb with this
stuff for shopping online is if you see a deal that’s too good to be true, it
probably is. These jerseys retail around $85, we usually
some for about 10% off so you get a good deal with us but I got this fake Arsenal shirt for $10 and generally there’s going to be no
licensed soccer jersey you’re going to get for $10, even one from a previous
season. So you know, just bear those things in
mind. Generally stay off of sites like ebay when you’re looking for
officially licensed product and the best rule of thumb is just to buy
from an officially licensed retailer like to be sure that you’re getting the real
product from a real company with real people who can help if you have any
problems with your order. Other than that, I hope you guys have a good holiday season and thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe.

100 thoughts on “How to Spot a Fake Soccer Jersey”

  1. This is a bad video.
    You have bought a very bad copy of a Arsenal jersey.
    There is tons of fake jersey at the market, thats impossible to spot.
    Sorry for my bad english!

  2. Even "official" jerseys are made in China, so basically they're just as fake as the fake ones. The only difference is that you pay $100 for one and $15 for the other. At least with the knock offs they're telling you the truth. It costs Nike $3 to make a jersey that they sell for $100! Way to rip people off.

  3. I'm sorry I would never take Football [not Soccer] advice about anything from an American you can't even get the name right ffs. 

  4. To be honest, you bought the most obvious fake  I've ever seen.You're keeping your football jersey site alive  and lying to potential customers.People should want to buy authentic because it is authentic, not because they have no other choice.

  5. I wouldn't say it is a fake but just a shirt similar to the team I support made to support it without having to spend 80 euros. I would say it is a fake if it had exactly same colors and/or it had nike swosh on it.

  6. I bought a replica Barcelona jersey and the LFP logo,you know where the ball is,it's kinda messed up!. But it had all the Nike stuff and dry-fit and the motto that said Mès que un club. Idk please someone help!

  7. I've seen replica jersey that looks like the authentic ones. If you google for Thai quality jersey A+++, you'll see what I mean.

  8. I got ripped off… but it was for a 2006 Ronaldo kit from Man U. It was literally the only Large I could find :/ sucks though.

  9. Doesn't make sense, colors and brands all get PERFECTLY copied right now. I compared my fake jersey to a friends' real one and it's just… nobody will ever see a difference. Neither can we (besides mine is peeling faster)

  10. I see kids show off their Mexico jerseys and their Real Madrid jerseys, but I noticed there were only two stripes on the sleeves and no adidas logo on the right chest. are those fakes or nah?

  11. i am looking into buying a Black Dragon jersey for Real Madrid and i have no clue if it is fake, it is on bonanza and it is $40 and idk if it is like my cheap rip off (fake) chelsea jersey which i got from a little tent store at my soccer tournament. I really want it and it says Football Shirt and i'm wondering, is there a difference between the football shirt and the authentic one because both have adidas. 

  12. it actually does not say Football Shirt anymore and it is still the same price (the other one was without a name and this one has James Rodriguez #10)

  13. Hey man!!! I recently bought a ucl Real Madrid jersey gareth bale! It was 2014 patch , respect patch and 3 stripes going down.. The name in the back.. Number evrything perfect!! The only thing it dosnt have is the adidas logo on the right side ?? Dose that mean its fake?? Thats the only thing missing??? The description said it has NO BRAND .. but is it cause copyright issues?? Please respond

  14. I have a fake bayern alternate jersey and it is super soft and it really doesn't matter becaus it is begetter for my parents because kids jerseys are impossible to get with a good price I got it for obit 20 dollars

  15. I dont get why people actually buy the original ones.Look,i mean its just a jersey,you lose nothing if its fake,its just a print,its not a soccer shoes that should be original

  16. Is $45 a decent reliable price for a Juventus jersey? ill give you guys the link. Please help.

  17. You go to Argentina and buy the fake ones that are just like the original for 10 bucks… and they are dead on… bought like 10 and sold them for 60 each until now nobody has noticed… they are dead on!!

  18. They are actually both replicas. The actual jerseys are techfit or formation fit. The logos are also made of a rubbery material. So either way your getting a replica I'd go for the $10

  19. Well it is not necessarily fake because if it were fake be like a plastic thing but what it really is it's just not the official Nike swoosh Jersey but the reason why people buy "fake jerseys" is because it's cheaper.

    It's just not official.

  20. lol that kind of fake jersey is the one you buy in little shops in the street, bad comparision…Fake jerseys are really nice nowdays, can"t tell they are fake, tag, brand logo, patches are all great and they cost between 12 and 20 $

  21. ok just a little inside from a person that actually know more than most that is posting.

    The Jersey cost $5.00 wholesale
    The Lettering about 5 cents or i'll just say $1.00 to make you happy.
    now what you are paying for is the license name nothing else.

    Its cost $6.00 to make this jersey or $10 if you want to be happy. b4 you say I dont know what im talking about Im a

    screen printer
    sign maker
    oh and I have a wholesale license. on top of that that nike swoosh is in a vector everywhere for free. we buy that material by the rolls 5yrds, 10yrds,50yrds.

    main product used is

    tackle twill
    heat transfer vinyl
    htv patches or stitched (embroidery)
    or sublimation allover print. so to keep it real all them are fake even the license ones cause they dont even make it.

    all they do is remove the tag and replace it with there and there you hve it a instant clothing line or brand. nike sell's a ladies fitted shirt that silkscreen for $35.00. it cost $1.60 to make figure that out.

  22. Does the orginal youth kits have the league logo or not?

    Cuz I have a youth kit for FC Bayern that doesn't have the league logo but every thing else is perfect even the ventilation holes, is it the original?

  23. love seeing kids bragging bout their new real Madrid kit's thinking they know everything about (soccer)football. But really their "Adidas" kit has two stripes and no brand. for my school trip we stopped at a mall and there was a store selling "authentic" merchandise. kids bought shirts from there for ten dollars! what a deal, problem is there's no brand,stitching is rubbish and the numbers are just 100% fake. that's why I always buy my stuff from actual websites such as the team's or you guys. funny how fake some jerseys can be.

  24. I buy fake jerseys just cuz I'm 12 and I don't need expensive replicas… I buy GOOD quality fakes like ones that have the Nike logo and correct color but they cost about 30-40 so I prefer buying those than 75$ jerseys

  25. shitty fake comparison. gotta try to compare the REAL replica vs the real stadium/player wear. the good replicas are getting better at making knock offs

  26. Why are people disliking this video? Are the dislikes all from fake jersey producers or anyone butthurt they have fakes?

  27. nowdays the fakes are getting better n better over the closest to authentic jerseys sold in retail stores are the Original grade jerseys direct frm thailand…materials all 99.99% same down to printing etc

  28. Ok,but there is just one mistake with your real jersey,its signed with nike,the brand new original arsenal jersey is PUMA!

  29. Also, the fake Chelsea and Milan jerseys have really small logos, and the fake barca ones have only one line on the cross.

  30. You do know there are replica jerseys that don't have Nike, Adidas, Pumas, etc on the left side of the chest

  31. Lol whats the point of spending $100 dollars on a real one when you can get a fake that looks exactly like the real one for $20.

  32. I have a fake Ronaldo I know it's fake because it doesn't have adidas logo and it has no number on pants

  33. Uhm you're actually wrong about the arsenal kit yes it is fake but its not based on that kit that you have its based on the 2010-2011 arsenal kit check it out

  34. need the soccer jerseys with bigger sizes, like XXL, XXXL, and XXXXL, welcome to contact me back. Thanks!

  35. It does not matter if its fake or real as long as you support the team you will not care whether it's fake or real

  36. good afternoon soccerpro, I am reginald from Canada and i am wondering who is it i talk about this company (Classic Football Shirts : retro vintage soccer jerseys – Classic Retro … i BOUGHT A FEW JERSEYS AND THE JERSEYS ALL START JERSEYS – STARS FELL OFF – AND NOW THIS COMPANY DOES NOT WANT TO CONTACT ME BACK,

  37. Some copys are nearly identical and a third of the price.Hell,they only last a year so many fans will buy a copy quite happily.Lower the £60 prices of originals and maybe some people will buy the real thing.

  38. there are some really good fakes out there that are almost exactly accurate. this jersey was very obviously fake.

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  40. 75$ for a shirt hell no I'd rather a fake one and if the letters start coming off then I'ma buy another one cuz of how cheap the fake ones are

  41. Hey if it looks good buy it! So what if it's fake some people can't afford retail , anyway it's up to the individual .

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