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Hello my wonderful friends! In today’s video we are going to talking about
how to talk to women confidently. If you have ever wished you knew how to talk
to girls with confidence or if you have ever wished you knew how to talk confidently to your
crush, then you are going to love today’s video Being able to talk to women with confidence
is really just a skill, and I’ve got some of my best tips for you here today. Before we get to that, if you have not yet
subscribed be sure to do that now and ring that notification bell. My name is Melannie, I’m a dating and relationship
coach for Christian men. I help you find and attract the girl of your
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up. Alright, let’s be honest. Do you know that feeling, when you really
want to talk to someone cute and you finally work up the courage to walk over to them,
and suddenly you start to like panic and freak out and you don’t know what to do and all
of a sudden you’re starting to sweat and the room gets really hot and you like freak out? Most of us know that feeling. Actually it’s a feeling that girls are very
familiar with as well. It’s just kind of a human thing, we all do
this. However, like I mentioned, knowing how to
approach someone and talk to someone and flirt with someone, really these are all just skills. I recently did this video, which is how to
flirt with women and approach them, and I got a lot of comments and messages from you
guys wondering how you can be more confident while talking to women. Now if you’re wondering specifically what
to say to her be sure to check our this video which is How to Talk to Women Mastering What
to Say. In this video we’re going to be covering more
of how to be confident throughout the entire process. The truth is, you deserve to feel confident
and comfortable during this process. And when a guy is really confident it helps
her relax a lot more and it’s really attractive. So lets get started. Tip number one is to do something that makes
you feel relaxed and encouraged and upbeat and happy and positive. Mindset really is key here. So if you go into this situation a nervous
wreck, you are going to feel like a nervous wreck And you don’t deserve to feel that way. You deserve to feel confident and comfortable. So one thing you can do, is do a little bit
of prep work. When you know you are going to be seeing this
cute gal, or maybe if you are going out to some kind of social activity and you’re hoping
to meet cute girls, do a little bit of work ahead of time. You can watch a funny show, there’s plenty
of funny videos on YouTube. You can watch one of my videos, that would
actually mean the world to me, if that would cheer you up. You can get on social media, you can read
a funny story, what ever it is, do something that makes you feel energized. This puts you in a much better mindset. Another thing you can do, is you actually
use affirmations. Now I have a quick story for you to go along
with this one. My instructor, when I was going through the
process of getting my certification to become a life coach, my instructor told us a really
interesting story about him. He said that he actually failed his first
try at college. He completely failed, like miserably. And he was in a really hard place in his life. He was going through some really difficult
things, he actually ended up living on the streets for a while, and he was just not in
a good place at all. And he decided it was time to change that,
and he didn’t want it to be that way anymore. So he decided to make some changes in his
life. And one of the things he did to get him into
a better place, is he would stand in front of mirror every day, look himself in the eye,
and say “I am a genius, I am a genius.” And he would say it over and over again. And guys, he felt like a total loser. And he felt like a failure, he felt like a
liar, and he didn’t want to do it. But he was committed and he
continued to do this. And guess what. Pretty soon it got easier,
and easier, and easier. And guys, today this man is a total genius. He now has his PhD, and he is an entrepreneur,
he owns several of his own businesses. He has served over 150,000 students from 195
countries. This man is a complete and total genius. He is successful and he is happy. Today he is very successful man. And one of the reasons he gives for this is
saying those affirmations. So, there’s a ton of power in affirmations. There’s all kinds of science behind it that
I don’t have time to get into in this video, but essentially our brains really do believe
what we tell ourselves, they really do. And there’s a specific part of our brain,
known as the Reticular Activating System, that goes to work to prove us right. So whatever you start telling yourself, “I’m
a genius.” or “I’m really good with women.” or “I am comfortable approaching women.” or “I am confident when I am around beautiful
women.” Whatever it is you start telling yourself,
your brain is going to believe. It’s going to go to work, and it’s going to
work to prove you right. And pretty soon you will realize that you
are good at those things. So one thing you could say is “I easily and
confidently approach and talk to women I find attractive.” You do this enough times, it will help you
so much, feel and believe and become someone who is confident talking to and approaching
attractive women. And now we are to tip number two, which is
body language. If you have been watching my channel for a
while you know I talk about body language a lot. And it is because it is so undervalued and
so powerful. Here’s a quick rundown. When we feel something, it is shown in our
bodies. So if you’re feeling really scared, people
can see it. And what it does is it makes you more scared,
because your body feels scared. And it makes her feel more scared too, because
as humans we tend to take on those emotions. Women in particular tend to mirror how men
are positioned and how men are holding themselves. So she is going to feel that and take that
on. Now this is obviously not what you want. However, there is something you can do about
it. When we feel certain emotions, our body shows
that emotion and takes on that emotion. However, we can use our body language to our
advantage, by purposefully placing ourselves in certain positions, and we will take on
those emotions. For instance, if you position yourself in
a nervous way, you’re going to feel more nervous. If you position yourself in a confident, comfortable,
relaxed way, you are going to feel more confident, comfortable, and relaxed. So some things you can do are keep your shoulders
back, and look her in the eye. Show your teeth, smile. And when we smile, our brain produces those
feel good chemicals and you naturally start to feel more happy. Another thing you can do as a little bit of
prep work, like I mentioned earlier, is when nobody is looking, in your own room or in
the bathroom or wherever you need to do it, stand in the Superman pose. You know it, it’s pretty iconic. Everybody knows what the Superman pose is. There is actually tons of research as to why
this is actually so beneficial. But when you do that, and you put yourself
in that power pose, you’re going to feel more confident. Placing yourself in these confident and open
and friendly positions, you are going to feel so much better. If you want to learn a little bit more about
body language, how to have confident and attractive body language, be sure to check out this video. I will put a link to it in the description
below. Now before we get to the next tip, I have
a quick question for you guys. I’ve been thinking about doing some more videos
on confidence and I want your input. If you think I should do some more videos
on confidence be sure to type “Yes!” in the comments below. And as always, if you have any other suggestions
or recommendations, leave those in the comments too. Now we are to tip number three which is to
just kind of embrace the nervousness. Sometime we obsess with fighting off the nervousness. There is going to be a certain amount of nerves
involved in this, there just is, for you and her, because the truth is guys, can I just tell
you as a girl, yeah we’re usually completely terrified as well. So it’s normal and it’s okay. Sometimes if you just accept the fact that
you are going to be nervous to a certain point it lessens dramatically. And especially as you start applying the other
tips I’m giving you it is going to be so much easier. Where as if you try and fight it off constantly,
you become more obsessed with it and it’s always on your mind. I have another story illustrate this one. I actually really enjoy plays and live theater
and I love to act, it is one of my favorite things. As a matter of fact, when I was a kid it was
my dream to grow up and be an actress. I have not yet given up on that dream so we’ll
see what happens there. [laughter] But I still remember my very first
play. I was having the time of my life, I had a
fabulous role, and it was about an hour until curtain call. And I walked out on stage to set up my props,
I turned around and faced where the audience would be, and it suddenly hit me that there
were about to be a lot of people watching me. So naturally my brain started racing “What
if I forget my lines, what if I trip, etc.” And I started coming up with all these “What
ifs”, freaking out. And I realized, I have been waiting for this
moment for a really long time. I have always wanted to be up on stage performing
and sharing my talents with someone and sharing that with people. So I had a choice. I could either focus on this fear to the point
where it paralyzed me and forced me to forget my lines, or I could decide that I could be
really excited, because I had waited a long time for this. I chose to be excited. I made an active decision. And guys, I had the time of my life. I had no more stage fright the entire run
of the show, and I didn’t forget lines, and I just had an absolute blast. All because I made the decision to be excited
instead of afraid. The same is true when we’re with somebody
really cute. It’s totally normal to be nervous, but it’s
also really exciting. So choose to let yourself just know that there’s
going to be some butterflies and some nervousness and some shortness of breath, but you can
transition it into excitement. Because the truth is, dating and flirting
and stuff is really fun. And we are to our fourth and final tip, which
is to keep it in perspective. A lot of the reason we get so afraid when
we’re interacting with someone cute, is we really feel like it’s this or nothing. We have one shot and we either make it or
we lose it. And the truth is that’s not really how it
goes. Life is a lot more forgiving than that, people
are a lot more forgiving than that. Don’t go into the situation feeling like it’s
all up to you and it’s do or die, because the truth is, it’s just not. If something is meant to be, it will be, and
long as you are doing your best. And if it’s not meant to be, no matter how
hard you try, it’s not going to work. So, give yourself a break. The truth is, most of us flirt with, go out
with, crush on, several people before we find the right one. And that’s totally okay. Guys, I have flirted with a lot of guys who
have totally turned me down. And I have gone out with a lot of guys only
to realize that it’s not going to work. That’s not a reflection on me, just like it’s
not a reflection on you. The truth is, unfortunately this is part of
the dating / relationship process. There is only two other alternatives, and
that is to settle, or to just never try and never find someone. So, the dating process, is to go through the
process of meeting people, flirting with people, seeing if it works, and seeing if it doesn’t. So it’s not like this is your one and only
chance. Try some things, see what works, and if it
works, fabulous. You never know until you try. The truth is, it is going to eventually be
worth it, and it is going to pay off, because one of these days you are going to find that
dream girl and it is going to be amazing. But don’t put the pressure on yourself by
thinking [gasp] “Is this my dream girl? What if I blow it?” Keep it in perspective. This is just two people, chatting, seeing
if they want to get to know each other. If she is your dream girl, it’s going to go
well. If she’s not your dream girl, someone else
is so you really don’t have to worry about it. So just do your best, have fun with it, relax,
realize it’s just two people getting to know each other, and God’s got your back, He’s
going to take care of you, and it’s going to work out. Once again, with all of these tips it really
just comes down to a skill. So the more practice these the easier it will
be. And pretty soon you’re going to be a total
boss and feel so confident chatting with women. Now that you know some of the skills to be
confident when you talk with women, how would you like to know some of the skills that make
a woman fall for you and some of the skills that help you get the girl? I have put together some free training for
you on how to get the girl. All you have to do is check out the link in
the description below. It will ask you for your name and your email,
as soon as you enter that I will send it your way. And I have a special bonus as well. You will also get access to my free guide
17 Traits Christian Women want Most in a Man. Be sure to check out that link, enter your
info, and watch your inbox. Thank you so much for watching my amazing
friend! If you enjoyed what you saw be sure to give
me a big thumbs up and subscribe and ring that notification bell. Quick question for you. What do you find the most nerve-wracking about
talking to and approaching and getting to know a girl? I want to hear from you in the comments below. If we’re not yet friends on social media there
are links to that in the description as well. And if you have a friend who is struggling
knowing how to talk to girls and knowing how to talk to women, be sure to share this with
him. Friends don’t let friends struggle with relationships. That’s all I’m saying. Thank you so much again, and have an amazing
day! [blooper beep] Don’t go into the situation feeling like it’s all up to you and it’s like
you’re going to accomplish this or [laughter] Yeah! I’m good at pep talks.


  1. Thanks for watching! Question of the Day: Should I make more videos on confidence? 🤔

    P.S. Here’s a link to my FREE training on How to Get the Girl 😉

  2. I like your last point. at age 45, people tell me that it's all my fault that I've been a life-long single person..truth is I just haven't ever come across someone who had an attraction for me the same way I had an attraction for her, and vice versa…in terms of your other points, I've improved upon my confidence and body posture. And I'm still trying to smile more.

  3. cute woman and fun personality. Great job on videos. The worst is women leading you on to be approached. You start talking to them and they go freezing cold on you like if you don't leave they'll call the cops. It does make it clear that they are rotten eggs.

  4. I've been thinking in my head for years, I wish I had a hyperalloy combat chassis endoskeleton, but it hasn't happened yet. Hashtag super disappointed 😞 not even augmented arms or legs 😥

  5. Would listening to music you like before talking help? I've been downloading music to my phone lately to hopefully feel happier as I go around.

    Also would kind of acting in a "meh, whatever I don't care about anything or much about what you feel attitude" help looking confident? I kind of acted like this in front of a girl I liked at work, she seemed slightly nervous but still happy to talk to me, even though I was kind of moody at the time for different reasons, though she did remember some trouble I was going through when I explained to her the other day on messenger. Or maybe she was feeling kind of guilty that she continues to mostly avoid replying to me soon enough on messenger, taking almost a week to reply?

    I am kind of feeling tired of being a "nice guy", and that I seem to get women's attention more from other countries, but talking to them does seem like good practice.

  6. Excellent advice! But honestly…….if all women were as chill and nice as you are, it would be SO MUCH easier! 😂 Keep it up Mel, you're doing great with these vids!

  7. Hello Melannie , yes please !! More videos on confidence . I am 62 and still to this day I get very intimidated/shy around women I find attractive . I freeze and my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything to say . Your videos are excellent and have given me more confidence but yes please more on confidence . Thanks so much for sharing your time with us !! Your knowledge is so appreciated !!

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