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How to Throw a Left Uppercut | Boxing Lessons

How to Throw a Left Uppercut | Boxing Lessons

Our next segment is the left uppercut. This is an important segment, and the stance
for the left uppercut wants to be, you want to have a little bit of a longer of a stance,
because what we’re going to do when we throw the shot is we’re going to have to lean over
just a little bit, to deliver that left uppercut right to the jawline, which is going to be
your sweet spot. So let’s work the left uppercut. All right, so Terry is going to lean ever
so slightly, with a little bit of pivot, just a hair, all right, and he is going to rip
his uppercut right through and catch my chin, all right, so watch the way this works. He leans and catches the sweet spot, game
over. Now I’m going to show you the Mexican uppercut. The Mexican uppercut is also delivered with
the left hand. Why? Because my liver is on the right side, and
Terry being an orthodox fighter, that’s the hand he’s going to get his liver shot with,
all right? Same principle, he leans over and packs the
liver shot up 45 degrees to the back of my spine, and he rips it through. One more time, he leans, pivots, and rips. Do that one more time and pivot the back foot
just a little bit more. Ready? Over, and rip it through. Beautiful, and as you can see, there’s no
pivot with the front foot, just the snap, a snap of a hit, leave that heel on the ground,
so if you want to follow through with your hook punch, you can at will.

50 thoughts on “How to Throw a Left Uppercut | Boxing Lessons”

  1. U pivot on every shot!!!! We throw that same body shot always with a pivot! Its not a Mexican uppercut its a shovel hook

  2. I think he is laughing in a good way cause he is his coach and he appreciates how serious he takes his job. Not a bad laugh.
    Don't try to start a black & white fight in here bro. If you want to do that do it on the only place it counts. On the ring.

  3. he is teaching right to be able to excute a uppercut punch you have to lean to the side of that punch that you are throwing

  4. YeAh, they'd being drinking houch for a few days before the video was shot. They can't even get up on their toes!!

  5. I'm no expert but shouldn't he be driving the upper cut power through his lead leg/hip as opposed to pivoting the rear foot Lmao

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