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How to train like a professional boxer featuring Martin Murray

How to train like a professional boxer featuring Martin Murray

I only turned pro at 25, I think it was a
week before my 25th birthday I had my first fight, and I knew that I had a lot
of I had a lot of time to catch up on. Because I knew I was pushing it in pro boxing terms at 25 starting out. So it was kind of, with me, it was about
working hard, really putting the graft in and having no regrets. Martin Murray started boxing at just seven
years old started sparring aged ten, and had a successful amateur career before
turning pro in 2007. In that time he’s had 44 professional fights to date, he has won a range of domestic, European and interim titles and competed at the
highest level of boxing including challenging for a world title on four
different occasions. Martin is currently training for his next fight which is
just one week away and I spent some time with him behind the scenes to find out
more about how he trains and prepares. So I’ve just arrived at the VIP boxing gym
in Astley and to be honest I wasn’t a hundred percent sure I was actually in
the right place. It’s in a very inconspicuous spot in a very industrial
part of town but I’m just seen a sign saying “boxing gym entrance” so I’m gonna
see if I can head inside. Once I was through the main door, a more familiar
boxing environment was revealed. This isn’t like your typical branded or chain gym
that has lots of creature comforts in mind, it’s a very simple no thrills but
practical gym designed for putting in some serious physical work. I met it with
Martin as a he was starting his warmup. So is this a typical warm-up for you? Well, yeah. With me now, with me fighting next week, it’s just about a warm-up here, and obviously I’ve done a bit of skipping and now do a mile or two on here – it’s just fat
burning you know cuz I’m weighing in next week so. Like my work load, as in, like fat burning
runs and stuff like that, I get more of them, bu the intense work now will start tapering off with it, you know what I mean? Trying to save it all for next week. Starting from the basics, what does a typical training day look like for you? How is it structured? When
you’re starting out you need you need to get all that work in the banks so, you could
be training like three four times a day up at the crack of dawn, training. And then your
training when I was at Oliver’s it was like get in there after 9:00
and then your strength and conditioning, then there was physio, training at night it
was it was non-stop. But now I just always try and get me good bit of graft in. Three minutes worth of graft and a minutes rest. And you train in those cycles, so you train in three minute bursts? Yeah. Years ago at Oliver’s we used it we
did everything we did three and a half minute rounds with 30 seconds rest. Four-minute rounds with a minutes rest we done it all but just the three minutes
with with a minute rest. So that’s kind of the cycle that I work on. Does that help
with your natural kind of internal clock when you’re actually fighting as well, if you’re
used to those three-minute bursts? I mean it yeah it does. Like we have a thing, where say we’re doing tempo bag work work so Jamie will go like one, and one’s
kind of like were you’re having a breather dodging defending getting hit back, and
then two is like where you’re counter punching and then three is like where you go all out. So then you shout one, two, three you
know what I mean so when you kind of in a in a fight he could shout one and
you’ll kind of know what the one means and two and three and so on. But yeah it
does, but naturally now through the years of doing it, me body’s built on like kind of like a three minute, three minute round and a
minutes rest so I kind of know when the three rounds is nearly up unless you’re in a hard fight it then it feels like ten minutes. It’s the same with recovery with the minute. It’s the last week now so, that’s kind of like me last hard session really. I’ll have a few sharpeners next week, but that was where we kind of like went at it you know what I mean, 3 minute rounds a minutes rest. It was a at a good pace mate, and I’m
feeling good, looking forward to it now mate looking forward to fighting and getting back on it. And did you get Nigel’s ribs on purpose? I always ask him “where does he want it?” Because he changes it from round here or to up here, but usually… on purpose a little bit! So I think something that might get lost in translation in this video is the power of those punches. It’s one thing seeing them on video but when
you’re right here and you’re seeing them do the pad work and the drills and hear
the noise that those punches make when they connect I can tell you I would not
want to get hit by any of those Over the years I’ve done that many
different kinds of weights like getting where it’s getting big doing kind of like
bodybuilding training, then I’ve done specific weights and that’s kind of as
I’ve gone on as I’ve got more knowledgeable and who I’ve worked with
I’ve realized who actually was good and knew what they was on about you know
what I mean I think it’s when you’re doing weights,
and strength and conditioning that that’s the idea its conditioning to your
sport. But I just do me own now. Like I said I’ve worked with quite a few
strength and conditioners and you know there’s been a lot of it where it’s
been quite time-consuming for me but but I mean I wouldn’t have changed owt, but now l just do it on my own and I kind of know what I need to do what my
body needs, do you know what I mean? Well when you’ve been a pro for 12 years you probably know
pretty much what to do! Yeah I know me body better than anybody so I know now
what what what I need needs to do what’s strength and conditioning, and weight
training is right and what’s wrong. So how many different coaches do you
actually have? I mean you used to have a strength coach, you say you now train
yourself… I saw you training with the with a pads a second ago doing your
drills, how many actual coaches do you have then? Just Jamie and Nigel. Oh really? Do you still have a nutritionist as well?
No I’ve worked with nutritionists, but again… you know your body… I know me body yeah. I know what I can have what I can’t have, when I can and can’t have it, I’ve done everything honestly. I’ve done
working around the clock with with physios with strength and conditioners with,
nutritionists, taking body fats twice a week, just yeah, you it’s been intense from
that side of things I’ve done it all but now I don’t need it all. I’m not not saying that I know everything I just
know that I know my body, you know what I mean so now we’re doing the conditioning
meself and just train here with Jamie
Nigel. I was looking some of your older videos
of you training and it looked like you were training like a madman it’s
like non-stop, and then today looked a lot more strategic. Yeah yeah it was it
was … yeah I look back I was like a man possessed. So kind of
I’m going into my thirteenth year as a pro starting… or is it me 12th I don’t know! Yeah it’s your 13th, you’ve done 12 and this is your 13th now Haha thanks, so yeah starting 13th year now and I think the fact that I’m still going after 13 years Not many people can say that. Yeah and
still educating meself with it I think it’s the fact that I’ve done all that
work previously so what I don’t regret it, but I did used to train like aman
possessed. I would just go in the gym, throw my bag in, didn’t talk to any one, said hello,
that was that. Got changed, did my session said goodbye and then I’d be gone. It’s really interesting because
with you having fought for like world titles and things I always kind of
imagined it was people like in Rocky 4 was like scientist with clipboard
standing around you and like nodding their heads and stuff whereas actually
it seems like you do a lot of it almost by intuition and experience. Yep I do now
right but like say for example when when I when I fought Golovkin and the
training camp for Golovkin I went to Johannesburg, you know altitude training before that fight we went there for five-week yeah and we
took a proper nutritionist over who who sorted all our meals same with the
conditioning, they were doing body fats and it was obviously not Rocky 4 type thing,
but it was very very scientific like that. Right and you like that approach or do you prefer what you do now? Definitely prefer what I’m doing now.
yeah. I heard you had some some pretty intense spars with Jamie Moore many years ago
when you were at Oliver’s gym as well. yeah oh yeah they was heavy. It was hard.
It was one of them with me where I’ve always every time I’ve got in with somebody I’ve
always felt all right, I’ve always been able cope you know no what I mean. No matter what level they are I’d spar everybody but I’ve always managed to be alright
yeah so I thought in my head I thought I’ll be all right. Even though he’s a pro
and this was me just before I first turned over but prior to that
I’d sparred many pros and been alright so I thought with Jamie I’d be alright … but he punched me head in. Oooh proper. Honestly and he he took me
to school and when, after the spar with him I kind of knew that and I’ve
got to do what he does I’ve got I’ve incorporate a bit bit of his fighting
style into my own keep my own style as well and that’s what Oliver did he got
me fighting on the inside he got me working the body. He got me pressuring people but um Jamie was very clever Jamie, was amazing at educated pressure. It’s like it was there but he wasn’t but we had some some heavy spars,
but as time go on obviously I got better and the spars, I mean he did he give
me some had times, but then they started getting like you know a bit more even
and there was some days where Oliver would say lock the gym, you two are sparring so
nobody was in there and it was just me and Jay and Oliver and we proper went at
it, and there was heavy heavy spars but the only stood me in good stead. I’ve got
all yeah I’ve got a lot to thank Jamie and Jamie Oliver a lot, I learned a hell of a lot from them both. And if there’s any kind
of aspiring boxers watching this video now or amateurs that are thinking about
turning pro what advice would you give them from a training perspective. Work hard. Oh just work hard, yeah. Just go in a gym and graft. I look back now and maybe over trained a lot I think I did, but I wouldn’t change it. Just go in there, graft and work hard, and just dedicated yourself to the sport. So I’ve just been speaking to Martin about his training and what interested me the most
is that he seems to do everything pretty much himself and he bases what he does a
lot on experience and on intuition. Now the internet would have you believe that
you need all these really sophisticated coaches and approaches to training where
he just focuses on hard graft consistency and just listening to his
own body. Martin’s next fight is on the 15th of November in Liverpool and a
victory should set him up for some big opportunities and fights in 2020 you

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  1. always liked Martin, and I'm not just saying that because he may see this comment lol. He showed so much heart in the Golovkin fight 🙂 he came across really well on camera I thought 🙂 was that because you bought the best out of him lol.
    nicely done man, brilliant video 🙂

  2. Like this new type of vid Luke gives people a insight into how a different type of athlete trains I've seen Brian Rose train who is a local fighter to Blackpool and yes you don't wanna take a shoot from a pro fighter MINT

  3. (Interesting fact – one of Luke's designs inspired one of Martin's biggest tattoo's…!) Awesome interview matey, Martin is so down to earth! I thought I was going to see you actually training with him though (i.e. get the crap beaten out of you in a spa match..?! -1 point for that!! ?)

  4. Great video Luke! You got some great shots there in a short amount of time. Good luck to Martin Murray for his next fight and boxing career!

  5. Love it. No fancy tech or elaborate training, or movement gurus and entourages. Just honest work hard work from a real boxer !!

  6. Excellent video, I was a decent level amateur boxer and I wish I'd had the confidence to listen to my own body and use my experience to know when I should graft and when I should go easy, old school 10 rounds hard sparring 3 days before a fight is probably not the best thing to be doing haha

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