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How to Tumble | Cheerleading

How to Tumble | Cheerleading

Tumbling is an athletic component of cheerleading. It creates excitement and adds athleticism
on the sidelines during performances and routines. Tumbling should be learned in a safe environment
with a trained and experienced instructor. You can contact your local All-Star Cheerleading
or Gymnastics facility to see if they offer classes. First up is the body awareness drill. This drill tests your core strength. Next up is the sit drill. This drill gets you ready for a back handspring. Now we’ll move on to the sit and throw drill. This drill is designed to help you with the
sitting and jumping timing of going for a back handspring. And the last drill is the safety roll. This drill teaches you the appropriate action
if you ever fall backwards while tumbling. Be sure to follow correct tumbling progressions
and master lower-level skills before moving on to more advanced skills. This will increase safety and improve technique.

31 thoughts on “How to Tumble | Cheerleading”

  1. Haha my mum us always that i need to do a sport so i want to to cheerleading this year,so i am also researching some things!

  2. i do cheer tumbling at my gym and we do sit drills and sit and throw drills on a mat against the wall its really fun!

  3. I live in Grenada where there are no cheer leading but me and my sister is trying to do handstands and backflip and other but we are just scared

  4. See's Title: HOW to Tumble *Clicks Finishes watching :NOT A SINGLE OR ATTEMPT TUMBLE WAS NEVER INSERTED IN THIS VIDEO ON "*HOWCAST*".

  5. Guys they are not gonna teach you to tumble by tumbling they are saying drills that will help you get better with tumbling jeez

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