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How to Use Poms, Signs & Megs | Cheerleading

How to Use Poms, Signs & Megs | Cheerleading

Poms, signs, and megs are the best props to
use to get your crowd on their feet and yelling with you. Here’s how to use them. The first thing is, never let your poms drop
below your waist. You always want to have them right in front
of you ready to go. Also, when you’re doing high V’s and touchdowns
and punch motions on the sidelines, put some footwork in there like jumping up and down. As you change your motions at the top, think
about changing your footwork at the bottom and that will make you look exciting and engaged
in what’s going on with the game. Up next is signs. Signs are a great way to get the crowd to
yell at you because they tell the crowd what to yell, and when to yell it. While you’re holding the sign, you want to
have the sign right in front of you and you want to hold it in the middle. When you’re putting it above your head, you
want you arms to be straight up, and you also want the sign to be touching you forearms. You want the sign to be pointing straight
forward. If the sign is tilted up or if it’s tilted
down, the crowd can’t see what you’re holding up. Let’s practice one time through with the signs. Here we go with U, C, A! U, C, A! One more time! U, C, A! Megaphones are used to project your voice
into the crowd. U, C, A! U, C, A! You can also pump the crowd up using your
meg by pumping it in the air or hitting the side of it. And that’s how you use poms, signs, and megs.

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