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How well does my boyfriend know RIVERDALE? | Madelaine Petsch

How well does my boyfriend know RIVERDALE? | Madelaine Petsch

It’s me and I! We’re here today to make a video about Riverdale stuff. Yeah, so hey, check this out follow you why you say it like they do an SNL with Kristin waiting forever. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! If you’re new here, welcome, I’m Madelaine Petsch from CW’s Riverdale. If you’re not new here, welcome back. This is my boyfriend Travis Mills and today I’m going to be testing him on his knowledge of Riverdale even though He’s barely seen season 1 and just watched the season 2 premiere. Disclaim. But I have a disclaimer. Alright. The only reason why I didn’t want to get through season one Cuz every time I started watching it I would just miss you because you were gone So I’m going to look at them now and ask him something. I’m gonna give you three opportunities for help Okay, one phone-a-friend. Okay, which will be Shawn yeah. One hint From me. Okay. And one pass What are Cheryl’s parents’ names? Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Blossom. What are their first names? /20 minutes later/ This is horrific Penelope and Clifford. Yeah, never would’ve gotten that. Who killed Jason? Oh, your dad. Yeah, so what was my dad’s name again? Clifford. Great, there we go. What date was Jason’s body found? What date? Yeah. How, what? Excuse me. I’m gonna give you a hint you’re not using but I’m gonna give you a hint. I was with you on this day and posted on this day the photo of Jason and I at the river because it was a holiday. Yeah, July 4th. Yeah, I mean, I basically gave it to him. What’s the name of the teacher Archie was with? Oh…oh. You saw her in the first episode. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. Grundy… Miss Grundy. Who found Jason’s body? Kevin and Moose. Correct. Who heard the gunshot the morning of Jason’s disappearance Um… Oh, Archie. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You’re not gonna know the answer to this. So you like this. What was Geraldine Grundy’s real name? Jennifer Gibson. How the hell would know that? Who dropped Polly’s milkshake in episode 11? Your mom. Correct Hey, baby, Cheryl Blossom. Which Pussycats song is Cheryl featured in? Candy. Yeah. Sugar Sugar. Yeah, Sugar Sugar. This episode. Yeah. Who is Betty really excited to see at the beginning of the first episode? Oh, Archie. Yeah, she likes Archie. How many times is Cheryl seen wearing white? Oh, uh. We talked about it last night. Oh, three times? Aah! When everyone finds out who killed Jason, who calls Cheryl and tells her that she has to get out of the house? Betty. Correct. You know, I didn’t even really know. It just seems like something Betty would do. In episode one, who was the first person we saw? Your brother. My brother, yeah. Who shot the gun on the 4th of July? Well, we don’t even really know whose character it is, to be honest. /20 minutes later/ I think it’s time to phone a friend. Phone a friend! Yeah, okay, so check this out. We’re shooting a…we’re shooting a YouTube video that I need help with a question. The question is: who shot off the gun on July 4th? Who shot off the gun on July 4th? Yeah. Uh… Talk to me over here. It wasn’t the boy scout kid, was it? Dilton Doiley. Good job. What happened to Cheryl’s father? He hung himself. There we go. Who and Betty are cousins? You, you and Betty. Cheryl and Betty. Correct. What’s written on the back of Cheryl’s cheer top? The Captain? Is it…/it’s an acronym/ HBIC? Yeah, how’d you know that? It’s very Cheryl. Bitchin. Um, what is the cheerleading team called? Oh, the Vixens. Correct. What is Cheryl’s Twitter username? Oh my god… uh. You say it when you meet Betty /no, when I meet Veronica/ like da na na na na follow me on Cheryl Bombshell. Cheryl Blossom Bombshell. No! Cheryl Bombshell. Yeah, yeah! You know, something corny like that. Where did Veronica Lodge live before she moved to Riverdale? New York. Uh, who does the dance-off? Wait, Veronica’s parents is Hermione and Harim or Hiram or something, right? on her hair or something right? Right? Are you…are you kidding? You know her parents’ names, but you don’t know my parents’ names? Uh, what two sports did Jason Blossom play? Lacrosse. I mean football. Oh, was it swimming? Uh, the water the water polo? Correct. Remember I found it ironic that he drowned. Right. What is Veronica’s key accessory? Her sunglasses? Purse. Pearls. Which character creepily sang happy birthday to Jughead? Kevin. Betty. Iconic! What happened to FP Jones? He got blasted. In the diner. FP Jones? He picked this question! He went to jail, duh. He got framed. For what? He got framed for your brother’s murder. Correct. Sorry, I confused Luke Perry and Ski. He’s Lily’s dad. No. I mean, he’s Archie’s dad, and he got popped in the diner. What’s his name? Can I get a hint? Can I get a hint? You gotta give me a hint! I’m calling a go. His name is the dad in the Flintstones. Oh, Fred. There we go. Get off your phone! My god you’ve never watched Riverdale. look, look, look, look! Do you see it? Look! Take a photo, babe. Take a pose. If you got 15 or more correct, I won’t, I won’t be mad. Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. And hit that like button if you liked it, and if you want to see more of Travis, comment below.

100 thoughts on “How well does my boyfriend know RIVERDALE? | Madelaine Petsch”

  1. I literally started watching Riverdale 2 days ago and I'm already halfway through season 2… it's sooo freakin bloody fantastic!!!! I'm literally obsessed… 🙂

  2. do you remember being on a movie called "F the prom" on netflix if you do they did not say your name on the casts

  3. Didn't Jason die on July 11th and his body was found, in like, August?? By Kevin and Moose.. heh heh…

  4. He actually got 4 more points because she accidentally wrote numbers again when he got points😂😂❤️❤️ Poor madelaine! This is not hate ❤️❤️I love you so much!!

  5. Madelaine is so cool

    try out my new YouTube channel 😏🤪😂🤣
    Storm rocks adventures! page Link down below like + subscrib👍…/UCPTyoO8BoQOm1ZlsQxk5EKg/about…

  6. i love riverdale but he could not even get past the first question which is clifford blossom and penelope blossom like DUHHHHHH #nohate #riverdale4life

  7. “How many times was Cheryl seen in white?”
    “We talked about it last night.”
    “Oh three times!”
    Dog jumps up

  8. Put a balloon type ball and put it on top of your device. Then put your ear against the ball and just hear what happens!

  9. Wait didnt he die from Penelopes poison… Or did that not come in yet… Im eatching this late sorry

  10. Ok I just want to know who did Jason die if he knows how to swim. I new it was a lie.💙

    2019 anyone?

    No just me ok…

  11. The thing that was funny 😂
    Was when Travis knew Veronica lodge's parents and not Cheryl's parents Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. In season 4 of Riverdale you guys should get Billy from Stranger Things and make him a love interest of someone

  13. The memories from so long ago lol. I still die laughing to this day and I’ve seen it a million times

  14. My entire process:
    Me: looks up Madalaine Petsch
    thinks to self hmmm Travis Mills sounds familiar
    humms to self while creeping
    Heeeyyyytheydontknownothinaboutussomethingsomething fucking with my vans oooonnnnnnnn
    finds this video

  15. You actually got something wrong you said that Charles dad hung himself but in one in the episodes, Charle says to her mother that she would tell what really happened

  16. I dont know if anyone else noticed it but the first person we saw was Alice, when she walked out of the Register

  17. Correct me if i am wrong

    Jasons body wasnt found on july 4th that was when he went missing cause apparently he died on the 11th so he couldnt have been found before he died

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