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HUGE New Accusations Blow Up and Why People Are Pissed At Trump’s Fallen Soldier Comments…

HUGE New Accusations Blow Up and Why People Are Pissed At Trump’s Fallen Soldier Comments…

100 thoughts on “HUGE New Accusations Blow Up and Why People Are Pissed At Trump’s Fallen Soldier Comments…”

  1. Do you think that Hollywood will change after all of this? Will there be an exodus of power? What happens next? I'd love to hear your thoughts, ya Beautiful Bastards. <3

  2. Trump is the most insecure President this country has ever had. Nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is a comparison to a former President and how he is much better than said President. But then, of course, his facts are always wrong. Just do you. If you are such a good President who truly cares about his country then just worry about that. Stop making excuses, stop finger pointing and stop playing the victim every chance you get. Just stop mentioning other Presidents. Damn.

  3. Well, for a head of the most powerful country in the world, there's sure a hell of a lot of stuff Trump doesn't know… That's quite disconcerting, to say the least.

  4. Trump knows he is full of shit but he knows that more people will believe his lies than those that will know he is a liar.

  5. The hypocrisy of J-Law is massive

  6. Trump really is his own worst enemy. It's too bad he spent his whole life with only people that either don't disagree with him or just don't have the brain capacity to see through his lying.

  7. Update! Proof that former Presidents Obama, Bush etc aren't gods and make mistakes just like Trump.

  8. All the celebrities sharing their experiences yet they don't want to say any names. Looks more like attention grabbing to me. Those who refuse to name names are just as guilty.

  9. I have a question. Has Trump changed anything regarding fighting ISIS? Because since he became president I've heard more stories on how we're beating them out of places and kicking ass. I mean we probably were already doing that but now we're doing stuff like taking Raqqa. Is Trump a factor in this or is the us just finally making progress?

  10. Phil, I hope you update this on your Friday review video to look at Gen. Kelly's reason why Trump did what he did. It all make sense. I don't like Trump, but this time, I do not think he screw up (well, NOT that BAD).

  11. Call it like it is, Phil. It's not "maybe Trump is not about serving the people", it IS INDEED all about jerking his ego off. It's always been about that. Politics aside, Trump is a deranged egomaniac, and if anybody denies that they are deeply misguided about reading people's behavior.

  12. I hope more males will come out and share their stories, this would help inspire other male victims to come out not be silent.

  13. My view on the liberation of Raqqa is that the Kurds, backed by the US, may have taken the capital but ISIS is still going to fight on blindly for their twisted beliefs but undoubtedly losing Raqqa will dent their morale. However, this "last stand" could make ISIS fighters more determined to fight on despite the odds, thus leading to a long struggle, and the sad thing is that many might flee (and fight in small groups for years to come, like we have with the Taliban in Afghanistan) and ISIS will most likely be replaced by another extremist group. Additionally, they still have propaganda and other means to fight on with and so in the long run Raqqa may have a smaller impact than what we hope now as the use of Propaganda could mean they can still recruit fighters and spur the ones who remain to fight on against the "evil infidels" they see western and opposition forces as, which could prolong the bloodshed. However, I do think the end is near for ISIS and overall Raqqa should be seen as another major turning point in the international fight against them.

  14. They just need to pass a new law where movie auditions will be supervised by veteran actors, both male and female. Imagine Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep overseeing an audition, where if someone is selected, it's already final there and then. Also, every such audition should be recorded and finalized within the auditorial room, without any need to have to go to some fucking hotel room etc.

  15. Honestly, I get it how it could be humiliating to stand naked next to other women and to be compared to them, but like… It's part of your job, stop complaining about it or just find another job. There are caretakers who wipe someone else's asses, which is extremely humiliating, but it's part of their job. Just sayin’

  16. I think president trump just didn't do his research, he made a bold claim, he was debunked, you can see he kind of admits the truth half way when debunked and then defends himself again, then on the radio later basically says it "I don't know what their policies were/ I don't know if they made calls" Gotta say though this guy is playing a global scale game of chess with north korean leader and most are worried about who he's on the phone with…

  17. Its not just a problem in Hollywood it is everywhere. This is a worldly systematic problem. Women feel like they can't tell people and they are alone.

  18. Please listen to Chief of Staff John Kelly press release from Thursday. I learned alot and it was very moving. This link is in full from the official White House Youtube.

  19. Phil's target audience are nothing more than Trump Hating emotional Liberals who oppose anything and anyone that doesn't agree with their opinion.

  20. At this point, I'm pretty sure Trump is a robot running on AI. He just hears certain key words and it triggers responses. Someone says something he disagrees with = instant CNN Fake comment. Someone mentions Obama = I'm better than him

  21. He hadn’t written the letters. He was caught off guard and fibbed his way into not looking bad. In being defensive about what was clearly a shortcoming, he reached for anything that could make it seem less awful, so more fibbing and exaggerations. I’m sorry, but your country is being lead by a man who, due to the comforts given to him by his family’s wealth, and either an abusive situation or a total lack of moral consequences (maybe both), is emotionally stunted. I see Americans playing this game of “what does he really mean? Who is he really?” and it’s the same thinking that has people trapped in an abusive relationship. The answer to those questions is that it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry that you have a child as a president.

  22. Hey Phil! Just thought i'd let you know that youtube has been doing the thing where it makes people randomly unsubscribe to you, it happened to me earlier so i figured i'd give you the heads up.

  23. I try to look at things as unbiased as possible. As such I find myself defending Trump at times (people like to measure him with different sticks than they do others). But I have to say he really has to get his head out of his ass sometimes. He's so constantly posturing, so trying to prove he's the best guy evarrrrr that he makes fuck-ups like this. He could have for once, not make it a competition and just say "I personally call every single one, and express my sympathies" or something like that. It's frustrating to say the least
    That being said, is there some expectation or requirement for the president to address every loss of soldiers over foreign grounds? Especially a small group of four? The loss of life is tragic, to be sure, but is it worthy of making a statement over? Did previous presidents have to make a statement over every loss of life in the military? I'm honestly curious here. Again, I can't help but think that different sized stick is being busted out to measure here

  24. I'm so sick of people criticizing Trump. I don't support Trump but do you need to tear him down every time. We understand that he is a liar and definitely not perfect but he's our president. Get over it.

  25. I couldn't tell you how many times Obama lied about all sorts of stuff and even when proven it just got swept under the rug.

  26. You back a tiger too close to the wall, and it starts to fight back twice as hard. It’s great, amazing, that Isis has lost ground but people have to be more cautious than ever right now.

  27. So are you going to redo this video, Phil? Because this ended up being fake news. Please talk about Frederica Wilson who's laughing and calling herself a "rockstar" because she's in the middle of this. Shoulda waited for all the facts, Phillip.

  28. As far as rape and pedophilia goes in Hollywood, I don't know how to stop or catch all of those people. But as for this "position of power" B.S. between two adults where sexual favors are traded for roles; that will NEVER go away. There will always be come-uppers who are MORE than happy to do do this, people who wouldn't think twice and never be bothered by it again. For every regretful transaction there are countless ones where both parties are perfectly happy for the rest of their lives.

  29. Well general kelly is the one who told trump how to make that type of a phone call , and he is the one that told Obama didnt call him , so there you have it

  30. I said it before, and I'll say it again… This "Hollywood" thing was never about anything other than taking down Weinstein. You don't get this many people coming out against something like an entire industry knowingly harboring sexual predators, with no one else getting caught in the crossfire.
    This was an orchestrated attack on Weinstein by powers much higher up the perception manipulation food chain, that act in the shadows.

  31. "Trump is just saying stuff" no. "Never called" vs "didn't call" are not the same thing. "Didn't call" can mean "didn't call [often]" or "didn't call [at all]" and the reporter D E L I B E R A T E L Y used Trump's relaxed vernacular to make a poke at him, thus resulting in the defensive clarification from Mr. President Trump. Shame on you Phillip.

  32. I’m not a huge Trump fan, but this whole situation is a non-story. The man said something that was wrong. He does it all the time. If we are going to freak about something that Trump does can pick something more significant than him stretching the truth? Like I said, he does this ALL THE TIME. Focus on more important issues please.

  33. Hollywood won't change, because Hollywood is the tip of the iceberg – the problem is frickin worldwide and in every major market. the world will not change.

  34. Trump just always has to politicize tragic events for NO reason what so ever! He never has shit to back himself up so he always makes up lies! It’s disgusting that he says the we are politicizing the hurricanes and yet look what we have here!

  35. Why did jennifer lawrence say she doesnt have to smile when a MAN makes her uncomfortable? Even though it was a female producer asking her to lose and calling her fat

  36. if 'acting' is your passion, you need nothing more than yourself. You don't need to film it, or a big set. If you want to be a celebrity, ah . "Degrading and humiliating lineup" and yet that girl does it anyway. Because she wants to be an celebrity. You can act with a camcorder. Thing about film industry is, it's not a job of necessity- you don't need films, or actresses- it's entertainment. Neither do you need act. She worships herself, worships money, worships adoration, worships being famous, so that's what she decided on.

  37. is the film industry even true employment? models get paid for nothing but the fact that they exist and that they have attractive genetics, much of the film industry is like that, and even if in the case of acting skills, they don't need acting, they don't need producers, the film business is for entertainment- aren't they mostly private businesses? an individual whether corrupt or not, whether they give sleazy offers, that is not the same thing as forcible rape, so I hope people make distinction.

  38. @6:16 no philip, the reporter said that trump said they never make calls, trump didn't say they never make calls, trump stated that they don't make calls, a general statement, it doesn't mean they don't also make calls occasionally. rule of thumb, doesn't make calls- as kelly said, that's not really what you do, but if you call them, that's like a personal gesture, not presidential mandatory obligation, based on whatever context they were on about.

  39. hard week for women in hollywood….. and the world of cos.. (hollywood first, world second.. Their petty lives first, women who actually get oppressed in some other parts of the world second.)

  40. Name names and boycott those names or you don't care and you're culpable for future abuses by those people.

    I didn't vote for Trump, but generally I'm a Trump apologist, those comments aren't excusable. Best I can do is sigh that's Trump. If you want to critisize Trump, that's a legit criticism, calling him a Nazi supporter is not.

  41. So that is why all those Hollywood people go on and on about rape culture. They created a culture of rape. Well this might be news to you people, but that is not generally how the rest of us live.

    I find it likely Trump was told that the president does not normal call….because they were trying to get him NOT to call family's. He has a bad habit of saying something stupid at the worst possible times, so the less you can get him talking to people, the better.

  42. Wait someone sexually harassed Terry? that person must have been very very brave. Hes lucky Terry was more worried about what would happen to himself if he decked that guy. I think Terry would have been fine if he did deck the guy anyway.

  43. You are definitely NOT afraid Philip to tackle tough subject matter…….i seriously RESPECT that!!! Thank-U for having BALLS!!! =D

  44. take this with a factory of salt, but im glad guantanamo is still open, I'd personally pay for daffy dump's one way ticket even tho im in debt and might be homeless soon. I am a less than 20 year old engineer, ill sell everything (not much left, ive got peanut butter and ensure nutritional drinks and thats all the food i have left for next 6 days) to see that less evolved homo-Dicwadicus, pretty sure its a few stops down from the neandertals but have not fact checked yet.(whoops looks like google says the orange guy is called DONALD Dump, wanted to apologize I told an unintentional lie) see its not hard to admit when your wrong when your iq is above -800 by only .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 okay i cant remember how to add the _ above the 0. (lied again, just lazy! at least I will admit when I am wrong) Back to lurking, seems safer than hearing what a mental asylum patent painted orange (the color of a target eh im colorblind to an extent) disgrace the country both of my grandparents fought for and one of them died. please someone do the right thing and put someone 3rd grader in there instead. Damn feesl good to vent, and tell the true somthing dump cant do (meaning whenever his mouth is open he is lying,ignorant or just plan misleading us) my family didnt fight for that. they didnt die for that. Ill say good test of our democratic system. the biggger the threat the more united we stand. all the rasict shit like a wall for our brothers we share borders with, god i need to stop typing before i say somthing id regret ( ah another lie im pissed at the mas lack of morals, ive ment kinder sociopaths) time for me to disappear before an angry tweet pops up about something irrelevant like hatespeak on a celeberity, or just another lie.

  45. Hey Phillip about the KRACK attack it is also important to know that the attacker has to be within a certain radius or within the bandwidth of the internet. For example say you are at Starbucks a guy or girl could be in the parking lot or next to you stealing information. Its not just some guy or girl from across the country or state.

  46. It sounds like Trump was saying that he has been told that past presidents didnt always call (not that they never called) and it sounds like this may be correct. Dont get outraged because you misinterpret what he said.

  47. I can't help but think of all the innocuous to mildly offensive things that must have come out of the mouths of past leader, but got virtually zero coverage because the modern media/internet didn't exits or wasn't this all encompassing. For the sake of playing devils advocate, do you thing prominent leaders might possibly be a bit better at their jobs, if they didn't have to worry about the reproductions of every word they said in a public setting, or does hanging on every word serve a more important purpose by keeping them in check?

  48. I think it was an incomplete sentence, he simply said they didn't make calls, that statement is technically partially true….if you take at face value as an absolute, then it is false, but when he adds the extra info later, that others at the white house during conversations told him of how they rarely saw them ever making those kinds of calls,(which makes you think they times they did were just for appearances) then you now realize what he was saying, they didn't care for, they barely made calls, they were so few that you might as well say they didn't make calls.

  49. Well… as long as woman keep being sexualized by both men and woman themselves, no change in sight sorry. Just more hypocrisy.

  50. When it comes to Hollywood, its like every few months, a new reason to hate each other starts… whether be racism and "wash washing"; and now all of the sexual abuse/assaults that happened years ago. I do not want to accuse anyone of lying or exaggerating, but I feel like people are coming forward with their stories only because it started with the Harvey Weinstein story. I even wonder if some of them were really abused. Maybe they were given sexual advances, but its one thing to make an inappropriate advance; but to call it abuse, or even assault may be pushed. Assault means an act of violence; like rape. I am sorry but if people in Hollywood were truly raping others within the industry, I think people would have spoken up way before.

    Also, when I heard of Jennifer Lawrence's story, its definitely fat shaming, but sexual abuse? No, they were a bit aggressive in their request for Jennifer to lose weight, but that is what Hollywood has always been about, whether men or women… to go and call this any kind of sexual abuse is pushing it.

  51. If you can get rid of someone like Weinstein why not Drrumpf, and what about Bill OReilly who just got a new contract with Fox. It seems double standards exist across the board so long as you have powerful friends.

  52. Trump, sweetie… this is NOT kindergarden. I'm surprised a sixty-something year old PRESIDENT is showing that much immaturity… and as an 18 year-old I feel so proud of myself and much more superior to him 😏🙄😂😂

  53. In the producers defense. They can hire any size chick they want. Saying pics of herself should be inspiration is a bit much though haha

  54. I know all presidents lie. I won't even make the claim that Trump does more than the others. But one thing is for sure: he is easily the worse at it

    "I do a combination of calling and letters."
    Minutes later
    "I've called every one of them."

    So which one is it? You don't need to even dissect his words carefully, the kids are readily apparent to anyone with two brain cells to run together

  55. Trump could shoot the mother of a Trump supporter, witness the whole event, and would still blame their own mother for standing where Trump was pointing the gun.

  56. ive been assaulted, if your true to yourself you will name names regardless of your career. if you dont, then dont even bother. youre worthless to the cause to change things.

  57. An important fact to remember is that sexual assault/ harassment is not only prevalent in Hollywood, but in every industry. Sexual exploitation of woman, men and lets not forget CHILDREN is a billion dollar criminal activity. If this stops one person from feeling ashamed and alone then I'm all for the cause, if this stops one person from ever abusing another again then I'm for the cause, and if this could help expose and destroy the sex trafficking rings all around the world (USA included) then I am all for the cause. I support everyone speaking out no matter what.

  58. Yes it was fucked up trump name dropping everyone except for the 4 soldiers, who deserve only to be remembered for their bravery, however trump is suffering from the same problem as always, not specifically saying what he means and making very broad statements. "They don't call" does not have to mean they have never called (other presidents). Again to bring other presidents up is very messed up, but we did not say 'never called'. He could've meant "don't call" as much as he does, he could've meant "don't call" as in don't call as much the people expect them to call, or he could have literally meant "don't call" as in they just "never call". He should have been more specific if he's going to bring up the entire fucking past line of presidents, but none of us know exactly what he meant and it's not ok to act like it.

  59. The first story is fake, That is clearly Reece Withoutherspoon!

    Philly D you're promoting fake news!!

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