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HuniePop Alpha Mode! #2 | Tiffany the Cheerleader 😍

HuniePop Alpha Mode! #2 | Tiffany the Cheerleader 😍

Hi, thanks for checking out my video!
Please Like & Subscribe if you’d like to see more πŸ™‚ My voice is very quiet in this video because I messed up while recording. Sorry! I hope the subtitles help. Welcome back to HuniePop – Alpha Mode! We’re going to be attempting date #91 out of 100 with Tiffany, the cheerleader. Tiffany is probably my favorite character in the game… Um… I don’t know. What can I say?
I love blonde characters with twin tails! Haha *clears throat* Shit… I didn’t plan this out very well. I don’t really have any food to give her.
So that’s going to complicate things. But we CAN get her pretty drunk, so that will help things a little bit. Obviously, I don’t condone getting girls drunk (so that they will sleep with you) in real life… But this is the world of HuniePop and that’s how the game works I’m probably going to fail this date since I didn’t plan ahead, but let’s give it a shot! And… She wore her cheerleader uniform!
(The girls randomly pick which outfit they wear on dates) We’re going to start with this power up since it gives us extra Sentiment for every match 4 or more that we get. And Sentiment is very important because we need it to use our other power ups (I think they’re actually called Date Gifts) *clears throat* I’m not used to talking while I play, so I’m sorry if I’m kind of quiet while I focus on playing. Right now I’m not really concerned with getting a lot of points. I’m actually focused on maxing out the Passion Level and getting as much Sentiment as I can before I run out of Moves. Once I max out the Passion Level and get a ton of Sentiment, I can use the Heart Necklace and Pearl Necklace power ups to get a ton of points. All the points I need to win the date. It’s pretty much the only way, that I know of, to win the harder Alpha Mode dates. So right now I’m trying to get as many Match 4s (or more) as I can so that I get extra Moves and lots of Sentiment. (You only get extra Moves and Sentiment from Match 4s if you use the two shoe power ups that I used earlier) Also, kind of an interesting and uh, creepy side note, but you can also date Tiffany’s mom! Heh Tiffany’s mom is Jessie, the porn star and cougar. It’s kinda messed up, but you can date and sleep with both mother and daughter! Haha I’m not really worried about getting actual points right now. I’m just worried about maxing out my Passion Level and getting as much Sentiment as I can. It’s kind of hard to say right now, but I might actually win this. I only have 7 moves left, but I have a good amount of Sentiment so far And I can use the Stuffed Penguin and the Gold Earrings to buy a couple more moves… *clears throat* …if I need to. And I probably will need to! I’m getting low on moves so I have to keep a close eye on what I have left. (I’ve failed dates before because I ran out of moves without realizing it. Shit’s infuriating!) I don’t see any good matches… I’m going to go ahead and use the Stuffed Penguin and the Gold Earrings to get more moves. Now I’m up to 12 moves!
It dropped my Sentiment a little bit, but hopefully it pays off. Yeah, it’s not looking too good right now…
Haha There we go! Now it looks good. All right, I’m getting some really lucky drops right now. I think I just jinxed myself… lol We’re getting really close! I have 87 Sentiment right now. If I can get it to about 100… *coughs*
then I’ll have this date in the bag. Hmm… Only 3 moves left!
What can I do? I don’t see shit… *laughs*
I don’t know… 2 moves left…
Come on! 1 move left… I don’t see anything. I don’t know… This might be a wash. Let’s cross our fingers. I’m going to use the power ups. Maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll get enough points to win, even though I have less than 100 Sentiment. OHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Look at that! Fuck yeah! “Do you want to Netflix and chill?” That’s… obviously, pretty much what she just said.
*laughs* Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh… yeah. And now… And now… for uh And now for the getting dirty!
*laughs* I’m going to have to stop here. I don’t think I can actually upload the rest of this to YouTube… *laughs* But thanks for watching!
*laughs* And if you want to see more HuniePop, or other games, Like the video, comment if you want to see more tell me who your favorite HuniePop girls are!
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