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Hunter Schafer Had to Warn Her Family About Scenes in Euphoria

Hunter Schafer Had to Warn Her Family About Scenes in Euphoria

-This is very exciting.
This is your acting debut. And you found out about this job
via Instagram? -Yeah.
-How does that happen? -Casting kind of went all-out with searching everywhere
for the cast members, and I just remember seeing it,
like, on a story somewhere, and people were trying to
get each other to audition. And then I got a call
from my model agency, and they asked me to come in. -Then you got it.
-And then it happened. -The show, for people
who don’t watch — This is — It’s intense.
I think that’s safe to say. -Yeah.
-Graphic at times. And even in the first episode,
your character goes through some stuff that is
even hard to explain. With that said, those were
part of your audition, right? -Yeah.
-So those actual scenes — I did not realize that you
had to do that intense work. -Yeah, I so didn’t get,
like, full episodes at first. I kind of just got, like,
three scenes, and I have like two pretty intense scenes
in the first episode. And it was two of those scenes
and then another one about, like, a —
taking [bleep] pic tutorials. [ Laughter ] -It’s great that that’s the one
we can explain out loud. Yeah.
Just to set a baseline for you. “And then we’ll just do
the [bleep] pic ones. That’s our fun one.”
-Yeah. -Did you feel — I can’t imagine
how intense it must be to, like, sort of put yourself
out there as an audition and then you walk out —
Did you feel good about it? Did you think, “Oh,
I think I may have a chance”? -I don’t know. I didn’t really have any idea
what I was doing. But, like —
But, I mean, it just — It got kind of more comfortable
as the auditions kept going. And then, like,
five or six auditions later, I was, like,
in a roomful of HBO execs, like, doing it for them, with Jacob, who’s actually
on the show, too. So, yeah.
-Well, congrats. Do you have to warn your family
in advance? Did you give them a heads-up? Like, “Hey, good news.
I’m on a show. Also news, there’s some stuff.” -[ Laughs ] Yeah. Um, I remember describing it to
them as, like, a little risqué. -Uh-huh.
-And, uh — -That is definitely, like, a way
a grandmother would describe it. -Right. Yeah. That’s how
I wanted to present it. And then, like, when we
actually started filming, I kind of, like, gave them
the more filled-in version. -Gotcha. -Yeah, and by the time they saw
it, I think they were ready. -They were ready.
Are they enjoying it? Are you getting good feedback?
-Yeah. I think so. Yeah, they’ve been
super-supportive, and, I mean, while not
everything is easy to watch — Like, my dad just, like,
keeps telling himself, “She’s acting, she’s acting.”
Yeah. -You — This is — Having — You know, I’m fairly new
to the parent game. And this show terrifies me
in that, you know, even the — All right, ten years ago, how
much social media has changed. And this is a show where,
you know, you see dating apps and not the kind that would be on, like,
the commercial. And I am so terrified because,
again, my kids are 1 and 3. By the time they’re 18,
I’m like, “Oh, my God.
Where’s it going to be then?” I mean, did this —
Again, are you playing someone that is exactly in the same
place as you are in your life? Is the social media to you —
Does it make total sense as the way you’re experiencing
it in real life? -It makes, like, sense
in the show. I won’t say that I was using it the way my character is using it
in the show. [ Laughter ] -“Oh, thank God.” [ Laughter ] -Um, yeah. Uh, no. I definitely didn’t do
what Jules does. But, I mean, I had friends
that kind of, like, were falling in love
over social media and, like, using that as a route
to sort of — -I feel like in 15 years
I’m going to walk in on my son, like, having sex with a meme. Like, how? What is happening?
How do apps work? He’s like, “Knock, Dad!” -Do they have social media yet?
Is that a possibility? -No, they don’t have it yet.
But that’s what I’m saying. Who knows where it’s going to be
in 15 years? -Well, just don’t ever
let them have it. -Yeah, that’s true.
That’s actually like — I will say, this is —
Your show is like a public service announcement
against social media. It’s like,
“Oh, this is a good episode. Honey, give me your phone.”
Crack, crack, crack! -I don’t think you’re alone
in that reaction. -Yeah. Okay. That’s good.
You live in L.A. now. You used to live in New York.
-Yeah. -Do you miss it?
-So much. So much. Um, but, I mean, I love my job.
And my job is in L.A. And, like, I have
my own place in L.A., which is really nice, and —
I don’t know. In New York — -What? So your New York
apartment days were not — -You know, I didn’t have
the job that I have now. You know, I was sharing
my apartment with, like, four to five people and then was in, like,
a model apartment for the other portion
of my New York time. -Model apartments sound like
the worst things in the world. -They do not have
a great reputation. -Yeah.
-No. -They sound like —
Model apartment sounds like the title of an ’80s movie
that is, like, super-fun, but the reality is
it’s real bad, right? -There should be a show
about model apartments. The stories that
come out of them are — -If they’re worse than the ones
in “Euphoria,” I don’t want to see another one. Your next show has to be a
cartoon I can show a 3-year-old. -We can do cartoon
model apartment. -Okay, good. What do you miss
the most about New York? -Um, I don’t know. Like, my favorite thing
in the world is to just, like, put my headphones in and, like, take a massive lap
around downtown and — I don’t know. I don’t really
leave my house in L.A. So that’s like —
-No. When you see that — If your friends saw you
doing that in L.A., they’d, like, call —
-Well, yeah. -They’d call your family
and be like, “It’s gone wrong.” -I mean, I think they’d be like,
“She lives in Silver Lake. Why is she, like,
downtown wandering…?” -You’d get back to your house,
and they’d already put up signs, like, “Have you seen Hunter?”
-It would take that long. -Thanks so much for being here.
And congrats on everything. It’s been lovely talking to you.
That’s Hunter Schafer.

100 thoughts on “Hunter Schafer Had to Warn Her Family About Scenes in Euphoria”

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  9. Can we please stop all of the hate in the comment section, 1) if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, although, I will not stop you because we have freedom of speech, 2) if you dislike something, you have control over your body, you can click off of it and not watch it if it disgusts you

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