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  1. i think your beard looking trim is way sexier ;p having it too big makes you look like a viking… i guess some people prefer that kind of look meh lol!

  2. I just followed you. Amazing. I can't find tahini in a hundred mile radius of middle of nowhere Texas either. Just saying…… enjoyed this thoroughly!

  3. Earth Balance and Justin’s products contain palm oil. For me, it isn’t ethical, it isn’t helpful to animals or the environment. “Sustainable palm oil” is as big of a marketing gimmick as “humane slaughter”. Just my thoughts on it.

  4. i think miles said his tahini is sweetened with grape molasses, which would make it less bitter
    personally, as an arab, i love tahini in all its magnificent forms 😍

  5. Actually, you don't need to stir peanut butter every time you use it. Only the first time. The first time the peanut butter will be very runny. After you refrigerate it, it will be just like regular peanut butter.

  6. For me, the flavour of Tahini grew on me. Miles got me onto it as well and the first time I had it I was like whoa that's such a strong smokey, bitter flavour….but now I'm addicted haha. Potatoes drizzled in tahini and sweet chilli sauce = The Bomb.

  7. Great video! Totally agree on the tahini and avocado toast! I refuse to ever buy avocado toast from a restaurant! 👎🏼😂

  8. Ever since I can remember I've eaten avocado toast so what's weird for me is that it's a thing now and everyone for years would make fun of me

  9. Google "Middle eastern stores near me". That's where I've found delicious tahini, that is runny and NOT bitter. Tastes so much better than tahini you find at regular grocery stores. Makes all the difference. You should eat like Vegains next!

  10. Tahini is hard to find here too. Definitely, like it better with sweet things like sweet potatoes or fruit.

  11. I usually find it in, for lack of a better term, the ethnic food aisle at Loblaws. Loblaws usually has some in the organic aisle too, but those tend to be way more expensive, not particularly runny, and definitely tend towards the bitter side.

  12. Hahaha I like the point you made about avocado toast being an incomplete sandwich! Great video! Look forward to more fr this series!

  13. Cool I’m going to assume you’re friends with James Aspey also, since Carly is in this vid? Didn’t realize she lives in Canada unless she was just visiting 🙂
    Would def be cool to see you film with him sometime too 🙂

  14. I believe tahini is found in the ‘natural foods’ section of real Canadian superstore. I think I’m Ontario it’s called Zehrs? Both are owned by Loblaws anyways.

  15. Tahini makes recipes like Hummus really creamy… Also you will know the hype of avacado toast when your taste buds heal from animal products

  16. Avocado toast is such a tradicional breakfast in some places of southamerica! And we don’t understand why you put a bunch of stuffs on in. Jajaja

  17. Tahini can be a little bitter but if it's rancid it will taste horrible and really bitter. Maybe that's what happened.

  18. No no no, you must stir the nut butters. If not, the nut butter Gods will strike you down with lightning on a clear day.

  19. Awesome video!!! I love these!!
    A tip for the tahini, try a tahini dressing with tahini, lemon juice and coconut aminos! So good!!

  20. It’s gotta be “proper Arabic tahini” lol I got one from like Whole Foods and died because it was so nasty! My mom found one at a Turkish store I think & it was amazing!! I too think avo toast is overrated (& should only be eaten seasonally) lol

  21. to make no stir you have to put crap in it – or palm oil which alot of people are against – so it's a trade off

  22. Could you do a video sometime about how your teammates perceive your veganism? I'd be interested to hear if you've changed any hearts/minds.

  23. I really recommend mixing the tahini with lemon juice, water, salt and garlic! Maybe some paprika or some chopped parsley if you like 🙂 It is amazing!
    Love your videos!

  24. put maple syrup and lemon juice in your tahini and mix it with a bit of water to thin it out. also sometimes i add tamari and maple syrup in tahini and put it on baked tofu with veggies and potatoes.

  25. awesome vid!!!! but boy’ don’t buy the unrosted stuff – you need runny’ Arabic tahini . . . THATS! the liquid gold 😍 y’ll love it 🙂

  26. If tahini is bitter that means that Sesame seeds isn't good
    tahini is nearly mild
    Add to it lemon ,cumin,salt,paprika and some vinegar
    and adjust the consistency by adding water

  27. I dunno what you looked like before the beard but looks good. And I love healthy crazy cool. You should do some of his more recent vids. they are a bit diff but just as good with the foods.


  29. If you go to metro in the international isle. In the i believe is the Mediterranean section. There's a big'ish white jar with orange writing. The writing is in a different language so I couldn't even tell you what it's called. Hahaha!!!! But it's sweet and not bitter at all. I actually eat it by the spoon full. So good.

  30. Why would you put berries on bread? lol so weird.. I'd rather have a big porridge with all those berries, some nuts, etc.

  31. I like the shorter beard for sure!! And as for the tahini, I am on the same page as you, always think it is too bitter, but maybe I'm not buying the right brand…

  32. avocado toast was actually plantation food in Hawaii where avocados are plentiful and bread is cheap (compared to everything else). The fact that it is a hippy food cracks up all the old aunties in Hawaii

  33. You can stir nut butter the first time then store it in the fridge upside down. Never stir again.

  34. You look good with or without the beard😁and tahini is a bitter product. This is why always put something sweet with it to off set the bitterness.

  35. Keep it 5' clock shadow, you have a strong jaw line that's covered up with beard but I'm not a dude who activity grows facial lmao so if you like it you do you boo lol

  36. As an Israeli vegan girl, tahini is the BEST!!! you should mix it with fresh lemon juice, a little bit water, to create the texture that you like, salt and black pepper. Hope you enjoy it! ❤️

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