I Learned How To Spin A Basketball In 3 Hours

I dreamt of getting paid to play basketball this was not what I was thinking my name is Chris I’m a big basketball fan and today I’m gonna try to learn how to spin a basketball my finger no matter how long it takes I feel like in the past when I’ve tried to spin a ball my fingers it doesn’t really go while I can get it started and it kind of just beers off I want to do at least three consecutive seconds of the ball just smoothly spinning I don’t mean like me veering around trying to keep it up I just want to be able to stand here casually and just have the ball right here spin it I know what you’re thinking at home is that three seconds is not very long but let’s just see right now let’s just time out three seconds right now today was a long time all right I’m ready to go this is the first attempt no help here we go solid 0.5 seconds probably remember I’m trying to not move that’s why I’m so stiff but I just want to nope hit myself in the face here we go this is the one I’m not frustrated at all either so this is fine not bothered that I can’t get this you’ll see that potential I have absolutely no say in what happens I just spin it and then I hope that it stays there and I think that’s probably why it’s not working out well people don’t understand either like seconds move slower when you’re doing this so irritating I admit it now it’s frustrating all right I’m gonna use Google I feel like I’m doing something incorrectly that’s probably a simple fixed all right I’m quickly just gonna hit up the office and see if there’s anyone who knows how to do this so in the meantime I’m just gonna search Google for some tips how to spin a basketball mind a basketball obviously from your nails I have trim nails so we’re good to four to stretch your fingers and arms I didn’t do that spinning a basketball too hard or too quickly constrain your wrists or even fracture your finger I’ve been out here risking it all I didn’t even know you pick up your ball and you find the point where the grooves in the ball meet at the bottom oh I was not doing that that seems very important you can Palm it in one hand and use a flick of the wrist to pop it up okay so I wasn’t doing it incorrectly I just sucked at it hold the ball up with your elbow a little above your hip I think I was probably all out everywhere and start with your fingertips pointing toward your body that doesn’t make sense cuz then I’d be like this by the time you finish to twist your wrist oh oh okay so they’re saying start with the book with your fingertips facing and by the time your you do the wrist flip to spin the ball they’ll be facing away from your body okay everyone seems to be using one finger so I’m gonna try that if I suck this time I don’t know what the next step is used Google feeling pretty confident we’re gonna give this another try there are a couple things I noticed immediately I was doing wrong I was going from this side they said you want to go from the bottom I believe so I’m gonna try to just start right at this bottom point one finger that was not any better or any worse than I was doing before feel like we’re taking a step back here nope this should not be that hard it got me looking at this like it’s a Rubik’s Cube now I’m like focus on it oh I’m gonna ruin the equipment Oh most promising spend so far I’m actually sweating now like actual sweat is formed on my face trying to spin a basketball why did it take where all of them meet I feel like that would make more sense yeah when he does throw it it’s meeting at this point of the ball so I’m gonna try something like that not the worst that was by far than not worst one when you run it back it’s probably be like 0.7 seconds but it felt good been hit in the face like 50 times by this it gets a little better and then I’m like oh I got this and then the next one is it’s been when the ball hits me in the face it feels a little bit disrespectful honestly here we go that had to be like a full second oh I’m bleeding we drew blood all that to learn how to spin a ball oh I dreamt of getting paid to play basketball this was not what I was thinking we had a little stretch where I felt like I was getting better and then I don’t know what happened hey please got some assistance please come save me okay okay well look here’s the thing just toss it up and spin oh I didn’t realize we were just supposed to spin it oh okay so I got some help she responded to my email thank you for saving me today okay do you see some stuff I see something yeah when I do it my finger kind of bends right here your hand is like so let me show you kind of how like that’s top of my fingers there we go she’s gonna slap it okay you don’t have to use this part no yeah you get a little more I like to be on the grip of it like not the lines is a little slippery okay let’s see how far we can get I’m gonna follow your pointers oh there you go see that was other things it’s supposed to closer it’s supposed to land on your finger mine kind of lands on this part of my nail I would like to say that that was because of my coaching it helps to see someone do it another thing I forgot to mention is kind of move with it like if your ball is moving you can kind of like save it a little yeah but not moving cuz I wanted to look I want to just go with it like if your ball is falling okay since we go with it helps yeah see how I’m moving with it I just went all around here okay I’ll leave you to it Wow okay all right thank you for that we’ve used Google we’ve used a person who knows what they’re doing and I think it’s time to put all that together and spin this thing real quick it’s gonna be easy jump the gun there it’s not the worst my name is LeBron James this is how to spin a basketball you said everything was gonna click and I feel like we’re getting there it’s tough to balance like where to move within the momentum dies Wow we’re getting so close okay [Music] Oh nope definitely not that definitely not that either maybe a little close have nightmares about this oh that was that’s got to be it tie me oh oh let’s see oh that’s / I’m good with that that success that’s what we set out to do I feel good about that progress it only took three hours which is a good lesson that if you just want to dedicate the day to something you would probably be surprised what you can learn this was just a few hours outside messing around with a basketball but I don’t know maybe I might go practice some other hobbies and see what I can get into

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