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I Need A Cheerleader! Wow! This is True! @PWillie1

I Need A Cheerleader! Wow! This is True! @PWillie1

Willie Moore Jr. here ladies quick
question why come everybody else can see the king in yo man except you why is
it that you can notice everything that he’s gone wrong can’t see nothing that
he did right you ain’t even noticed that yo man need a pep talk from you let me
tell you why since the beginning of time your man has had a cheerleader when he played football TOUCHDOWN! Yaaaaaayy! cheerleader if he played baseball HOME RUN! YAAAAYYYY! Cheerleader If he was a basketball player DUNK! YAAAAAAAY!!! Cheerleader three years into a relationship with you BOOOOOOOOOO BOOOOOOOO boo no cheerleading.. I mean your critical self was cheerleading at one time nah girl I
can’t go with you I have to go out with craig tonight nah girl he so nice and considerate he is everything I’m looking for in a man three years in.. girl nothing he wanna go
out again but I really don’t feel like it we been doing the same stuff BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! you just messed up girl
you don’t got comfortable! relaxed some of you ladies are downright with frozen and you don’t even know that your man about to (singing)
let you go let you go you
better unthaw and cheer your man on flat out I mean last thing you want to
do is push this man away be on Instagram and Facebook and see that man hugged
up with somebody else are you gonna be on some Lord why would he do me like that! he ain’t did you like nothing you
did yourself like that but here’s the solution be quiet sometimes girl you’re talking too much have you noticed you got an
opinion on everything let the man lead sometimes I know what you saying I tried
that already he made too many mistakes he wore mistake closer to the victory flat out you better go get your pom-poms again and start cheering YAAAYYY! ladies let me let
you in on a little secret you better not tell him I told you this too men don’t know
how to communicate fear men don’t know how to communicate uncertainty we
definitely don’t know how to communicate when we don’t got jealous of somebody girl you gotta assist him into communicating his vulnerability ladies
if you say something once and he heard you do me a favor don’t keep harping on
the same thing because men are starting to move in the right direction but we
don’t want you to know that we doing what you saying I know that’s pride but
at the end of the day we want it to be our idea so when you start seeing your
man moving in the direction that you want him to move in YAAAAAAAAAY! start cheerleading flatout remember relationships are like a bank account
you can only withdraw what you deposited in you better go put something before
your account closed flatout

25 thoughts on “I Need A Cheerleader! Wow! This is True! @PWillie1”

  1. This blessed me and gave the reassurance I needed today. My husband gave himself the nick name mrhowboutdat. We have been going through a lot. But today,before the video, I gave me a new name mrmakeithappen. I went as far as putting a mirror in his face saying you make it happen and other motivational things. I said I was going to do it everyday from now on because although it started out as a joke, he lit up and held his head a little higher. I noticed he needed that. An hour later I watched this video. #lookatGod

  2. Yes brother. thank you. you said on your live show on IG that this will be one the ladies may not like. Lol. Continued success brother

  3. I may not be in a relationship currently but it's always refreshing to hear these types of things. Blessings to you and your family from So-Cali!❤

  4. This powerful truth is a nugget from the book, "His Needs, Her Needs" by Willard Harley, Jr. Every relationship needs to affair-proof their relationship and what @PWillie1 is highlighting is something that can help us all. Thanks Bruh for always keeping it 100!

  5. Willie Mo' let me get yo opinion on my situation. I am my man's biggest fan but he aint cheering for us. We been together ten years and we don't live together. I'm not sure what else I can do to prove I am the only-ist one. how can we go to the next level.

  6. You are in the vein that we were in at the relationship conference that I recently attended! #dropGodswisdom

  7. So women, after you have cheered this man to the "victory," and if he needs so much encouragement, who is going to be there to replenish you? Because clearly a man that needs so much narcissistic encouragement, is not encouraging you either. This seems like a man who only takes and drains his woman. And if he has moved on from you and moved to the next, then count it all joy. he has done what he is suppose to do as a vampire. he has moved on to the next vessel to suck empty. Most of Willie's videos I love but this one doesn't sit well with me at all.

    Yea, as a wife, you should cheer for your husband. But if he is selfishly screwing up and putting your life and well being in danger or poverty then you don't have to tolerate that! As a matter of fact, don't keep asking your husband to do something. Get another man to do it and keep it moving.

  8. Yes indeed… ENJOI'd these nuggets from this video!!! I am my husband's biggest fan and cheerleader and he's mine!!! We don't need Nobody else, our mouths​ are big enough to do it all…#FlatOut!!! Continued Blessing to U and Urs, and thank U for the sensible word #FlatOut!!!

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